Can a plant survive in an office with no windows?

Can a plant survive in an office with no windows?

Fortunately, yes! There are many plants that thrive in an office without windows such as pothos, spider plant, snake plant, ZZ plant, etc. They’re able to survive without natural sunlight with the help from artificial light sources like fluorescent and LED bulbs.

Is sitting by a window good?

Yes. A 2018 study at Cornell University found that natural light from a window reduced eye strain, headaches and drowsiness. And a 2021 study at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, found that workers in open-plan offices were most productive when sat at window desks.Feb 5, 2022

What do I do if my office has no windows?

Aside from lighting, mirrors are one of the most effective solutions for brightening a windowless space. Choose a floor-to-ceiling mirror to enhance your office design, and include well-placed mirrors that will best reflect sources of light for added brightness.

Can you work in an office with no windows?

Is an office with no windows legal? There is no known rule that an office needs to have windows. However, light and air is important for healthy well being of the staff. But, they must have proper light and air facilities for the healthy well being of the workers.Jan 4, 2021

Can low light plants survive in an office?

When looking for an office plant, go for something low-maintenance that can withstand low light conditions, blasts of heat and cold air (depending on the season), and some benign neglect. Because, even with the best intentions, it’s possible you’ll forget them for a week or so when you’re up against a deadline.

Can plants survive in an office?

The truth is that most plants tagged for indoor and office use do well, especially the foliage plants. In fact, the whitish blue light that fluorescent lights give off is fine for most plants, particularly foliage plants that are good for indoors.

What type of plant is good for an office with no windows?

The first plant we recommend if you have no sunlight to work with is the ZZ plant or zamioculcasi. This plant has small leaves with a waxy texture and plenty of foliage. What is this? It’ll boost your mood when you come into the office each day, and, even better, you can’t really mess up its care.

Can plants photosynthesize with office light?

Yes, your indoor plants can photosynthesize even if their light sources passes through a glass windowpane. In fact, your plants aren’t particularly discerning about what light source they use, provided the light is sufficient for photosynthesis.

Is it healthy to work in an office without windows?

Typical office workers spend about a quarter of their day inside — and if your workplace (cubicle, warehouse, laboratory, home office) has no windows, your body goes into “hibernation.” Lack of sunlight can produce nasty side effects such as depression, lethargy, heart disease or decrease in productivity.

Is office light enough for plants?

Sunlight is the perfect balance of wavelengths necessary for plant growth and blooming, but you can also use artificial light to help your plants along. In fact, low-light foliage plants (such as pothos and peace lily) can grow quite nicely in windowless offices with enough artificial light.

Can artificial light hurt plants?

To put it bluntly, yes, too much light can eventually kill your plant. The light intensity can produces increasingly severe damage to your plant to the point where it dies. It can also dry out the plant to the point where it no longer has the water it needs for growth and photosynthesis.

Can plants survive in office light?

Are there plants that grow well using indoor light? The truth is that most plants tagged for indoor and office use do well, especially the foliage plants. In fact, the whitish blue light that fluorescent lights give off is fine for most plants, particularly foliage plants that are good for indoors.

How do you keep a plant alive in an office with no windows?

Air Plants need bright, indirect light or full-spectrum fluorescent lighting to grow. Don’t forget to soak them for an hour or two every week and let them air dry after. Look for well-ventilated pots and containers for your Air Plant.Oct 6, 2021

Should you work near a window?

Alan Hedge, a professor in the department of design and environmental analysis, and commissioned by View Dynamic Glass, found that workers seated by a window that optimized natural light reported an 84 percent drop in symptoms of eyestrain, headaches and blurred vision — all symptoms associated with computer vision

Is it healthy to work in a room with no windows?

Health and sleep Studies have found lower melatonin levels in night-shift workers and day workers in windowless workspaces; both groups sleep worse than workers with access to daylight.

Can plants photosynthesize with desk light?

You can make a plant grow by using a desk grow lamp but a standard incandescent bulb or an energy saving light bulb probably won’t do the job. Sunlight contains the right balance of light wavelengths to make plants bloom and artificial light usually doesn’t have the same spectrum of light waves in it.

Can plants grow in windowless office?

Aglaonemas are one of the best indoor plants for windowless rooms. They love low light and do well in home office lighting. Commonly known as Chinese Evergreen, these beginner-friendly plants come in many colours and are capable to brighten up any corner of your home office.Oct 6, 2021

8 Plants Best Suited To Offices Without Windows – Welp

Peace lilies are a great plant option for offices with no windows as these plants still smell wonderful and even filters out toxins from the air. Buy or learn more AMERICAN PLANT EXCHANGE Cast Iron Plant Pet This product was recommended by Nathan Thompson from Pavilion Broadway Cast iron plants are the perfect choice for low light spaces.

Plants That Grow in the Dark – Houseplant Care Tips

I have personally grown the following with no windows and using just fluorescent ceiling lights. Here are my top 5 desk plants that don’t need sunlight: Lucky Bamboo Lucky bamboo is probably the easiest plant that you can grow, ever. See the picture below. They are normally sold growing in containers that are filled with only water and rocks.

6 Low Light Plants You Need to – Plantiful Interiors

This is an excellent desk plant for an office with no windows, or place it on top of a filing cabinet to liven up the workspace. If you work from home and have pets, this plant is ideal. It’s non-toxic and slow growing so it won’t overcrowd your space and won’t harm your furry friends. Parlor Palm Plant Photo Credit: FrondandFolia SHOP NOW ON ETSY

Office Plants No Natural Light: Best Low-Light Plants for

These rhizomes store water that the plant can depend on when you forget to water it for a while. 7. Snake Plants ( Sansevieria) For succulents in office with no window, snake plants are among the very best. Also called mother-in-law’s tongue, snake plants are some of the best for purifying the air in your office.

Indoor Plants For Artificial Light – What Are Best Plants

Plants for Windowless Rooms There are several foolproof, classic plants for offices and darker homes. Among these include: Snake plant, or mother-in-law’s tongue, with sword-like, stiff leaves bearing attractive green and often gold markings. Cast iron plant is a quirky plant that can get up to 24 inches (61 cm.) tall.

12 Best Plants for the Office – Low Light Plants for

Costa Farms $20 AT AMAZON If you happen to sit near a window, then this double-duty succulent is your best bet. Place it somewhere where indirect light hits and water it every two to three weeks.

Best Indoor Plants for Your Home or Office

Low-maintenance succulents like jade plant, zebra plant, burro’s tail, aloe and ponytail palm are considered low light to moderate light houseplants and office plants. Most low light succulents will do fine with artificial lights or whatever sunlight can reach them indoors.

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The 10 Best Plants for Your Office or Desk

Office plants can increase the humidity around a desk, purify the air, 1 and add to your workspace decor . 01 of 10 Snake Plant The Spruce / Alonda Baird The tough nature of Sansevieria, also known as the snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue, means that it might continue to grow until its owner retires.

Low-Light Wonders: The Best Low-Light Plants For Offices

The Snake Plant. Voted by Nasa as one of the best air-purifying plants, the Snake Plant is also one of the hardiest indoor plants around and can survive with virtually no natural light.. Pro Tip: There are many varieties of Snake Plants, but the yellow variegated type (Laurentii variety) is the strongest in terms of air-purifying powers.

14 Best Plants for Windowless Bathroom – Balcony Garden Web

This is a plant to have if you want a tropical setting in your bathroom. It does well in a humid environment with artificial light, but like every plant on this list, you’ll need to replace it with another plant once you start to see symptoms like pale leaves, thin stems, and no growth. For interesting bathroom plant ideas, click here! 12.

Top 10 best plants for your desk at work – Greener on the

Commonly found in dry, harsh deserts, the cacti plant is one of the only plants that actually thrive on neglect. It can contain a huge amount of water enabling the plant to withstand even the most forgetful office workers. Cacti do prefer higher light levels, so if you are lucky enough to have a window desk they will thrive.

9 low-maintenance plants for the office – Inhabitat

The Pothos is easy to care for and can survive in very low light. ®Jack Lyons Peace Lily Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum), are another classic indoor plant you’ll recognize from hotels, malls, and other

5 Easy Plants for a Dark Classroom or Office – The Gifted

Best Plants for a Dark Classroom with No Windows (or Few Windows) Snake Plants for a Dark Classroom (Also called Mother-in-Law’s Tongue) Pros: This plant (Sansevieria trifasciata) does well in low light to bright light. I had some in my dark windowless classroom last year, and they did very well.

The 6 Best Plants for Cubicles, According to Plant Experts

Snake Plant (Sansevieria) $24 “The snake lant is similar to the ZZ plant,” says Creed. “It’s a good low-light plant, and it’s a succulent so it doesn’t need to be watered often.” Also, the snake

How to Brighten an Office With No Windows – WOW 1 DAY

Plants can really help make your room feel bigger and brighter. However, when you deal with a lack of natural light, you need to choose your plants carefully. Look for specific varieties that do well in low light areas and don’t need much light. A few suggestions are snake plant, prayer plant, and some varieties of ferns and palms.

Help with plants for office with no windows!? : houseplants

level 1 fecklesslytrying · 3y Pothos might do okay. I have a windowless office with pretty mediocre fluorescent light, but my pothos is somehow not dead after a month. The lights are even off on the weekends. I feel so bad for him, but a coworker brought him to me and I would feel bad removing him unless he was dying. 3 level 2 brianbruzzi Op · 3y

24 Windowless office ideas | office plants, fake window

– Explore Syra Porter’s board “Windowless office ideas” on Pinterest. See more ideas about office plants, fake window, work office decor.

How to Create Sunlight in an Office Without Windows

Other Windowless Office Solutionsu001a One option is to swap out your conventional tube fixtures for their modern LED equivalents. Those are comparable in lifespan to regular fluorescents, though a bit shorter than extended-life tubes, and they’ll use less power.

The 8 Best Low-Light and Low-Maintenance Office Plants

8 Great Low-Light Office Plants That Are Low Maintenance Spider Plant Snake Plant Cactus Bamboo Palm Gerbera Daisy Lemon Balm Aloe Pothos In this article, we’ll be breaking down the properties and (minimal) needs of these eight plants. The spider plant is easy to care for and has air purifying properties. 1 / 2 1. Spider Plant

Plants That Are Good for Windowless Offices – Garden Guides

The heartleaf Philodendron (Philodendron scandens) is the ultimate windowless office plant, growing well under fluorescent lights and withstanding severe neglect. Water this plant only when the soil is very dry, and it will last for years. Yellow leaves or dead growing tips are signs of overwatering. Lucky Bamboo

Desk Plants That Do Not Need Sunlight | Home Office Plants

I have put together a list of some of the best plants to grow on your desk. These desk plants are easy to care for and will do okay under fluorescent lights and indirect light from office windows. These plants, of course, are not the only plants that you can grow on your desk or in your cubicle but they are some good choices.

Plants that Grow without Sunlight | 26 Best Plants to Grow

My office has no windows at all do you know of any plants that can survive without any natural sunlight? Thanks! Reply. Kathleen At 1:09 pm. Hi Jackie, The Zamioculcas Zamifolia (ZZ Plant) is perfect for your office, it really requires no natural life to grow. I had one that grew quite large…it was in a corner of my apartment

Top 9 Best Air-Purifying Plants For Office That Are

Ideally, if you place your Chinese Evergreen in medium to low light with room temperature of 60-72 F, but this bright fella, if necessary, will endure even temperatures of 50-55 F. Water it moderately, give it some love, and it will purify your office air free from all the chemicals in turn! Care guide:

8 Ergonomic Lighting Design Tips for Windowless Office

This is particularly important for an office with no windows—since stale indoor air can become quite toxic. Keeping the air that you breathe fresh and clean is obviously a vitally important aspect of staying happy and healthy in a windowless office. Tip #6: Include an Abundance of Indoor Plants in Your Office Space.

Design Tips for Offices Without Windows | Future Fitouts

Consider dividing up the rooms of your office with internal windows, glass doors or glass dividing panels rather than walls. This can really help open up a space and allow each room to share the light in the space. For moments when added privacy is needed in a room, a set of blinds or curtains can easily be pulled across the glass windows or doors.

23 Best Office Plants to Boost Workplace Productivity

Office plants matter, just like team building games and other staff morale strategies. According to a study from 2014, plants boost productivity and help companies retain employees.. In the study, people in workplaces with plant densities of one per square meter also performed better on memory tests and other basic skills assessments. According to another study from 2011, “indoor plants in

14 Best Office Plants – Easy Plants to Keep on Your Desk

Peace Lily Spathiphyllum in 6 in. Grower Pot; $15.36. Snake Plants: Also know as mother-in-law’s tongue, sansevieria have become increasingly popular, and rightly so. With their striking lines and hardiness, they’re the houseplants even black thumbs can show off. As a bonus: they also act as air purifiers to improve your office’s air quality.

How to Grow Succulents in a Windowless Room or an Office

Jade plants live for a very long time and can grow up to a whopping 5 feet tall. Jade plants will do best at a temperature from 65 to 80 °F (18 to 27 °C). Water it about once every two to three weeks, pot it in a well-draining soil, and that is it! If you do not have a Jade plant, you can easily propagate one with a cutting from a friend. 4.

Ultimate Guide to Office Plants – Ambius

Anthuriums – a popular indoor and office plant because of the colorful blooms that come with them. Dracaena – there are about 40 species within this genus and are closely related to another plant on this list, the Sansevieria. Some species are large and tree-like, but some are shrub-sized and make great office plants.

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10 Best Plants for a Bathroom With No Light – MyDomaine

Soil pH: 5.5-6.5. The cast-iron plant ( Aspidistra elatior) is one of the most indestructible houseplants you can own. It can thrive in very, very low light and is drought tolerant, as well, so if your low light bathroom is causing a problem for your other plants, the Cast Iron Plant can withstand it. If you have a bathroom with no light

Can you grow plants in a room without windows?

Also, what plants can grow in an office with no windows? Spathiphyllum (such as Peace Lilies) Pothos. Philodendrons. Sansevieria. Aglaonema. ZZ Plant. Which plant can grow in Room? There are many plants that produce oxygen at night. Some common ones include aloe vera, the areca palm, the spider plant, snake plant, and the peace lily. Find here

Ideas For Office Plants – Choosing Plants For The Office

Just be sure to keep it located where no one is likely to be stuck. There are many types to choose from, all of which are certain to spark conversation. Best Office Plants for Reducing Pollutants. Some of the best plants for an office are those that reduce air pollution. Good ideas for office plants that will help purify your surroundings include:

8 Cubicle-Friendly Plants to Green Your Workspace

6. Snake Plant. Snake plant, also known as “mother-in-law’s tongue,” is a sharp-leaved plant that naturally filters out carbon dioxide and formaldehyde. It also provides a slight oxygen boost, which can be a pleasant upgrade in your cubicle. It thrives with low light and only needs to be watered every two to three weeks.

The Best Plants for Offices with Florescent – Planterra

Not all offices have big windows that allow for a plethora of natural sunlight. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all the benefits office plants bring. Indoor plants are not only beautiful, but they are known to improve air quality, reduce stress, increase productivity and just make you all around happier. Work with an interior plantscaping expert to reap all the rewards of office plant

20 Plants that Grow Without Sunlight – Garden Lovers Club

This is a plant that can survive with artificial lighting, so it will do well in rooms without windows such as a bathroom. Typically grown in zones nine and above, the foliage of this plant forms a cup that helps retain water so that it can survive drought-like conditions. 6. Spider Plant

12 Best Office Plants for 2022 – Plants That Will Thrive

BUY NOW $18, Also known as Devil’s Ivy, this sprawling plant is incredibly easy to take care of. It can tolerate the darkest cubicles and the brightest, window-filled offices with ease

40 Best Indoor Plants that Don't Need Sunlight – Joyful

While these shade plants don’t need direct sunlight to survive, they do need indirect light (which can come from the smallest of windows.) In fact, many of these plants can be harmed by direct sunlight, so be sure you place them in a place where they aren’t too close to a window with direct light. I hope you’ll get one or two and experience the feeling of life they add to your space!

20 Unique Indoor Plants That Don't Need Sunlight to Grow

The peacock plant is also known by other names including the zebra plant, cathedral windows, and rattlesnake plant. The name is derived from its beautiful foliage which can be likened to the multicoloured peacock’s feathers. Peacock plants are no light plants that require delicate care.

How to Decorate an Office with No Windows – Up to Date

Hello and welcome to our windowless office reveal!! I’ve been participating in the New Year New Room Refresh challenge with 16 other fantastic bloggers for 5 weeks. I transformed a small square room into a bright and beautiful office, guest room, and den with some blood, sweat but no tears thank goodness. How to Decorate an Office with No Windows

30 Indoor Plants for Low Light | Best Houseplants That

Many ferns, including button, Autumn, rabbit’s foot, maidenhair and more, are good options for low-light situations. Give them consistently moist soil and low to medium light. Yucca cane plants tolerate low indoor light but will grow faster in bright, indirect light. Don’t worry if you forget to water them.

Best Plants for a Windowless Bathroom | Apartment Therapy

But, at the end of the day, plants need light to live. Getting that lush outdoor-rainforest-shower feeling means you might have to move some ferns around during the day—or just get creative. Erin Johnson. Contributor. Erin Johnson is a writer covering all things home, plant, and design-related. She loves Dolly Parton, comedy, and being

18 Plants that Don't Need Sun – ProFlowers Blog

10. Peacock Plant (Calathea makoyana) The peacock plant is known by many names: cathedral windows, rattlesnake plant or zebra plant. These names originate from its beautiful foliage that some say resembles the beauty of a peacock’s feathers. Peacock plants are known for being very showy and for being particular with their care.

15 Plants that Grow in Fluorescent Light – GardeningBank

15 Plants that Grow in Fluorescent Light. 1. Zamioculcasi (ZZ Plant) The ZZ plant is a tough plant to get rid of. It has leaves that are waxy and beautifully green. The lush foliage makes it a wonderful decorative plant for the home or office. This is one of the plants that you can grow with fluorescent light.

10 Of The Best Indoor Plants That Don't Need Sunlight

Known to grow anywhere between 8 inches to 4 feet in high, these plants can be found in most office or home spaces. Bonus; silver queens are considered an extremely hardy and durable plant, making it a perfect choice for plant novices.

30 Office Desk Plants to Brighten your Small Business

20. Peace Lily. The Peace lily plant allow you to add some growing flowers to your space that last longer than cut flowers. They also purify the air in your office. They’re fairly low maintenance — perfect for busy professionals. 21. Aloe Plants. Aloe plants like the varieties pictured can be fairly low maintenance.

Best Indoor Office Plants for Working At Home

If your office is in a room without windows or natural light, you’ll want to choose a plant that doesn’t need a lot of light to thrive. If you do have good lighting, be careful where you place a plant that doesn’t like direct sunlight.

The 20 Best Office Plants to Make Your Cubicle Suck Less

In no particular order, here are the 20 best office plants to make your cubicle suck less. 1. Aloe. Aloe vera. Shutterstock. Aloe vera (paid link) contains a gel that has been used everywhere: from cosmetics to skin lotions and beverages to food. It also serves as first aid kit for minor burns.

The best plants that will survive on your office desk

No matter how wonderful your job is, all office buildings have drawbacks. The air-con is always too cold, the computer monitors too bright, the windows too far away for you to enjoy any sort of sunlight, and if your office is open-plan, the noise can be deafening. Looking for more houseplant ideas? Watch the video below.

Do Orchids Do Well at the Office? | Home Guides | SF Gate

Orchids need plenty of bright and indirect light, so if you work in a dark cubicle with no windows, an orchid probably isn’t the best plant for you. All orchids need high humidity in addition to

15 Best Houseplants to Grow by Your Windows – MyDomaine

East-facing windows get weaker morning light, so they can be good for plants that do best with bright, indirect light but could sunburn in a south-facing window. Meanwhile, north-facing windows get the weakest light, making them perfect for plants that do well with less indirect light or even dappled shade.

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7 Vastu Plants for Your Office – FlowerAura

7. Snake Plant. Well, no list of office Vastu plants can be complete without the mention of snake plants! A virtually indestructible plant that can accommodate in any environment. Snake plant is a hub of positive energy according to the Vastu Shastra and is one of the best air purifying plants according to NASA.

14 Best Indoor Shade Plants for Low-Light Rooms

Direct light makes their leaves turn yellow, and no one wants that. 6. Spider Plants. You may not like spiders, but I guarantee you’ll love this plant. The spider plant is known for being one of the easiest full-shade indoor plants to maintain, and it can put up with a lot of climates and conditions.

Can Plants Photosynthesize Through Glass – Indoor Plants

Which windows are best for plants? If you look at all the windows in your home, apartment, or office, you notice some get more light than others. You don’t want to cut off your houseplant’s supply of sunlight, so which window should you put them by? While it can vary, southern-facing windows are a pretty safe bet.

Plants & Herbs That Grow Well in an Indoor Office

Spider Plant. Spider plants will appreciate at least some light from a window, but grow decently under indoor lighting, too. Spider plants grow well in air-conditioned offices, since they thrive in cool conditions, and display best when hung from the ceiling, which in turn saves precious desk or cubicle space.

5 low-maintenance plants that can purify the air in your

Harmful pollutants are not confined to outdoor spaces, and they can be found in homes and offices. However, plants can help to improve indoor air quality and clean the air you and your family breathe.

9 mini succulents from your desk that will survive your

9 mini succulents from your desk that will survive your dimly-lit office. Sheila McClear But it won’t be able to survive in a room without windows). 4-inch tall Aloe Vera Plant in 4.75

10 Houseplants That Don't Need Sunlight – Leedy Interiors

This tropical foliage plant is one of the most durable houseplants you can grow, tolerating poor light, dry air, and drought. Snake Plant (Sansevieria trifasciata) Caring for the Snake Plant is very straightforward. These plants can be neglected for weeks at a time; yet, with their stripy leaves and architectural shape, they still look fresh.

Best 20 Indoor Office Plants – Small Business Trends

Better yet, it can grow even in low office lighting. The peace lily is ideal for an office space that lacks big windows. 4. Chinese Evergreen. Chinese Evergreen, or Aglaonema, makes a great office plant because it requires very little maintenance. It can also thrive in low light and remove toxins from the air. 5. English Ivy

Dying Peace Lily? Expert Tips to Grow and Revive Your Plant!

Peace lilies are one of the few plants that I would ever recommend for an office or room with no windows, provided that you have artificial light on for several hours of the day. Be sure not to miss my blog post on the lowest light plants for no-window spaces for other recommendations other than peace lily!

How To Grow Succulents In the Office, Indoors or In Low

Just say you need it for your plants to survive. An added benefit of having windows is you will get a better view and it will put you in a better mood. But what if you’re stuck in a windowless office? Or maybe the window is too far away from where you are to have any beneficial effects. If there are no windows nearby, there is still hope.

What Plants Are Cubicle-Friendly? – Lifehacker

For further reading on office-friendly and low maintenance plants check out some of our previous plant-related articles like three plants for better indoor air, five hard to kill houseplants, low

Which indoor plants are best suited for an office? | Metro

Spider plants – spider plants flourish in indirect light, so they can survive an office that doesn’t have massive open windows. When spider plants grow they produce pups which can be cut and

17 Best Indoor Trees (and Tropical Plants) to Grow in Your

This robust, easy-to-grow tropical indoor plant can grow up to nine feet. Needs: Bright light, and 11 inches on either side of the plant so the glossy leaves have room to grow outward. Water weekly.

7 ways to ventilate spaces without windows – homify

In a kitchen without windows, if one of the walls allows creating a vent to the exterior, then installing a fan or ducting that connects to the extractor above the stove is the best option. If this is not a possibility, then, you need to learn how to work with what you have. One option is to fix a ceiling fan and leave the kitchen door open to allow it to flush the air out to the adjoining

Office Plants That Require No Sunlight – Garden Guides

Office plants have to endure more fluorescent lighting than in houses, for example, so houseplants that can live in shade are best. Grape Hyacinth. Grape hyacinth, or Muscari spp., is from the Liliaceae, or lily, family. It is a fragrant, easy to grow perennial of which there are 40 different species. Strap-like leaves and flower stems hold

Wandering Jew Plants – Growing Tips, Care & More!

Pruning. Wandering jew is a plant that grows very fast, and if left untamed, it could grow to an undesirable size. To keep the size of your plant in check, cut its stems back often, trimming them back to the nearest joint. Pruning also encourages the plant to grow fuller and wider. To prevent legginess of your plant, pinch back its stems

The 13 Best Houseplants for Growing under Artificial Light

If your current houseplant collection is expanding and you’re looking for strategies to increase your growing spaces, artificial lights are a great option. They allow you to keep houseplants in places without windows or lacking in natural light. The trick to maintaining these plants lush is knowing which are the best houseplants for artificial light.

How to Bring Good Feng Shui Into Your Home Office

In feng shui, parts of your home represent areas of your life.Your office and desk, for example, are connected to your career. If you want to give your work life a boost, you may want to take a look at what’s going on in this part of your home, and make some shifts so that it is more supportive of your intentions.

The Best Grow Light Options for 2022 – Tested by Bob Vila

Photo: Glenda Taylor. When it comes to plants, all light is not equal. Unless you have a greenhouse or an unlimited number of south-facing windows, grow lights are your best option for providing

Impact of Windows and Daylight Exposure on Overall Health

While there were no significant differences between workers with windows and workers without windows in sleep onset time (21:46 versus 22:04), sleep onset latency (10 min vs 19 min), sleep efficiency (91% vs 89%), wake after sleep onset (30 min vs 37 min), and sleep fragmentation (19 vs 22) on workday nights, the averages point toward better

Can Succulents Grow in Low-Light Office Environments

Jade Plant. A popular indoor plant, the jade plant (Crassula ovata) can thrive in a low-light office provided two requirements are met: The plant must be at least 10 years old, and the amount of

Sick Building Syndrome: Is Your Office Making You Sick

Sick building syndrome. More common than illnesses with a traceable cause, however, are complaints of “sick building syndrome” — a constellation of symptoms that usually includes fatigue, headache, dry, itchy skin, and irritation of mucous membranes in the eyes, nose, and throat. Unlike building-related diseases, these symptoms tend to

Why Your Snake Plant Ha