Can be measured with a thermometer?

Can be measured with a thermometer?

A thermometer is an instrument that measures temperature. It can measure the temperature of a solid such as food, a liquid such as water, or a gas such as air. The three most common units of measurement for temperature are Celsius, Fahrenheit, and kelvin. The Celsius scale is part of the metric system.

What is the most important use of thermometer?

Thermometers are used to measure the temperature and this is a very important part of weather forecasting. Many thermometers come in a glass tube that contains a liquid, usually mercury or alcohol. The liquid expands when it’s hotter and contracts when it is colder.

Can we measure heat with thermometer?

Measuring Heat With Thermometers Medical thermometers can measure body heat. The most common type of medical thermometer goes into the ear and stays there until the thermometer gives a reading.

Do you add a degree with infrared forehead thermometer?

When should I add 0.5 degrees to the temperature? Only add 0.5 degrees to 1 degree if the temperature is taken from the forehead. Forehead temperature may vary from the temperature taken from the mouth.04-Aug-2021

What is considered a fever with forehead thermometer?

The following thermometer readings generally indicate a fever: Rectal, ear or temporal artery temperature of 100.4 (38 C) or higher. Oral temperature of 100 F (37.8 C) or higher. Armpit temperature of 99 F (37.2 C) or higher.

How does a Class 7 thermometer work?

(7) There a thin silvery thread of mercury in the narrow glass tube of the thermometer. The upper end of this mercury thread (or column) tells us the temperature of the object in which the thermometer bulb is placed.

What Cannot be measured by a thermometer?

Mercury thermometersMercury thermometersThe mercury-in-glass or mercury thermometer was invented by physicist Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit in Amsterdam (1714). It consists of a bulb containing mercury attached to a glass tube of narrow diameter; the volume of mercury in the tube is much less than the volume in the bulb. › wiki › Mercury-in-glass_thermometerMercury-in-glass thermometer – Wikipedia cannot measure temperatures below this point. Alcohols, such as ethanol, boil at about 78 degrees Celsius (172 degrees Fahrenheit). They cannot be used to measure temperatures above this point. Mercury and other liquid thermometers cannot be used to measure temperatures in kelvins.

How accurate is forehead temperature?

An armpit (axillary) temperature is usually 0.3°C (0.5°F) to 0.6°C (1°F) lower than an oral temperature. A forehead (temporal) scanner is usually 0.3°C (0.5°F) to 0.6°C (1°F) lower than an oral temperature.

How many types of class 7 thermometers are there?

Here, we will discuss the two types of thermometers, namely, clinical thermometer and laboratory thermometer.

Can a forehead thermometer be wrong?

Drawbacks. Forehead thermometers must be positioned accurately and according to the manufacturer’s instructions, or they will not provide the right reading. Readings can be affected by external factors, including drafts, wind, indoor heating, and direct sunlight.

What is importance of temperature?

Temperature plays a crucial role in medical care (both humans and animals), food, beverages, and agriculture. Our overall health is often reliant upon temperature in many ways as well. Maintaining proper temperature levels in medical cold storage areas is critical.

Is a forehead thermometer accurate?

Forehead temps are the next most accurate. Oral and ear temps are also accurate if done properly. Temps done in the armpit are the least accurate. Armpit temps are useful for screening at any age.

Why forehead thermometers are not accurate?

The FDA writes that a draft, direct sunlight, or a radiant heat source could affect the temperature reading and make it inaccurate. The reading could also be inaccurate if a person has been wearing a head wrap or headband before taking it or if they have sweat or dirt on their forehead.15-Sept-2021

What kind of thermometer is most accurate?

Digital oral

What is class 7 digital thermometer?

Digital thermometers are an advance to the existing clinical thermometers; Due to high toxicity of the Mercury present in clinical thermometers and difficulty in its disposal in cases when the thermometer breaks digital thermometers are manufactured that can measure the accurate temperature without the use of mercury.

Do you add a degree when taking temp on forehead?

A temporal thermometer will read at about 0.5 to 1 degree lower than an oral thermometer, so you need to add 0.5 to 1 degree to get what your temperature would read orally. For example, if your forehead temperature read as 98.5°F, you could actually have a low-grade fever of 99.5°F or higher.

What is a thermometer Class 7?

Thermometer is a device which is used to measure temperature. Thermometer is made of a long narrow glass tube, with a bulb at one end. The narrow tube appears as a continuous silver line, because it is filled with mercury. thermometer

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Thermometer on the App Store

‎Handy, quick and accurate : the best thermometer for your iPhone / iPad The n°1 thermometer in the App Store, with over 5,000,000 downloads! @Thermometer is the most accurate application in the App Store (down to a tenth of a degree). Since 2009, @Thermometer is the ONLY application to give you t…

Thermometer – Wikipedia

A thermometer is a device that measures temperature or a temperature gradient (the degree of hotness or coldness of an object). A thermometer has two important elements: (1) a temperature sensor (e.g. the bulb of a mercury-in-glass thermometer or the pyrometric sensor in an infrared thermometer) in which some change occurs with a change in temperature; and (2) some means of converting this

Temperature | Thermometers| Ashcroft

Thermometers Ashcroft ® bimetal thermometers and gas actuated thermometers provide easy-to-read temperature measurement on a dial indicator. Both operate without the use of mercury. Bimetal thermometers are actuated by a helical bimetal while gas-actuated thermometers use expanding or contracting gas in a closed bulb and capillary system.

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10 Types of Thermometers: How to Use Them? | Linquip

Types of Thermometers – A thermometer is a device that detects temperature or a temperature difference (the degree of hotness or coldness of an object). A thermometer has two important components: (1) a temperature sensor (e.g., the pyrometric sensor in an infrared thermometer or the bulb of a mercury-in-glass thermometer) that fluctuates when the temperature changes, and (2) a mechanism of

Infrared Thermometer – The Home Depot

General Tools Laser Temperature Infrared Thermometer Gun with 8:1 Spot Ratio, Max Temp 608 Degree with Backlit LCD display

Interactive Thermometer

Interactive Thermometer The Interactive Thermometer. Drag the slider, or use up and down keys: Quick Conversion Guide

️ Thermometer Emoji – Emojipedia

Depicted at various angles with a red liquid risen from the bulb to various levels on the scale. Commonly used for content concerning high temperatures, including warm weather, illness ( having a fever ), and various slang senses of hot. Thermometer was approved as part of Unicode 7.0 in 2014 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

Thermometers | Electrical Health & Diagnosis – Boots

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Best thermometers of 2022 | CNN Underscored

In our search for the best thermometers, CNN Underscored tested 15. Aside from evaluating the readings, we also considered ease of use, speed of readings and other nice-to-have options, ultimately

Thermometers & Hygrometers – Weather Tools | AcuRite

Shop a variety thermometers and hygrometers to find the right weather technology for outdoors or inside your home. Our basic thermometers can be placed in the backyard or around the house for quick temperature checks and rainfall calculations, while our digital thermometers come equipped with features such as multiple remote weather sensors for up to 4 rooms, programmable alarms to alert any

VWR Traceable Thermometers | VWR

VWR® Traceable® Extreme-Accuracy Digital Thermometers. Supplier: VWR International. Description: Absolute high-precision thermometers provide the exact readings necessary for critical requirements, quality control checks, and routine measurements. Certificates. ,89094-752EA,89094-756EA,89094-758EA,89094-754EA.

Thermometers in Indoor/Outdoor:Outdoor | eBay

104-114 La Crosse 13.5″ Indoor/Outdoor Dial Thermometer with Key Hider – White. 4.5 out of 5 stars. (54) 54 product ratings – 104-114 La Crosse 13.5″ Indoor/Outdoor Dial Thermometer with Key Hider – White. $19.95.

The 6 Best Oven Thermometers in 2022 – The Spruce Eats

Rated for commercial and home kitchens, it is hard to find a more dependable oven thermometer than this one from Rubbermaid. It is constructed from durable stainless steel with a shatterproof display and provides readings between 60 and 580 degrees Fahrenheit and 20 to 300 degrees Celsius.

Thermometer – Indoor & Outdoor – Apps on Google Play

Thermometer – Indoor & Outdoor. Thermometer app measures the ambient room temperature or outside temperature acquired by your local meteorological station*. If features real vintage thermometer look with analog and digital readout, Celsius and Fahrenheit scale and Indoor / Outdoor option. It also has an animated weather background option

Fever Thermometer – Microlife AG

A high temperature is a reaction to disease specific stimuli. The body responds by increasing its temperature to assist its defences against specific disease mechanisms. Product Finder Find your fever. thermometer. Forehead, ear, ambient.

Termometri – mimovrste

4. 2022 oz. do odprodaje zalog)! Ušesni termometer Braun IRT6520 vam omogoča hitro, enostavno ter natančno merjenje telesne temperature. Termometer ima tehnologijo nastavitev za različne starosti ter LCD barvni zaslon. Pri dobavitelju. 121x. 63,90 €. 63,90 €. 2.

Thermometer Definition & Meaning |

Thermometer definition, an instrument for measuring temperature, often a sealed glass tube that contains a column of liquid, as mercury, that expands and contracts, or rises and falls, with temperature changes, the temperature being read where the top of the column coincides with a calibrated scale marked on the tube or its frame. See more.

thermometer – Wiktionary

An apparatus used to measure temperature. 1835, John Ross, James Clark Ross, Narrative of a Second Voyage in Search of a North-west Passage …, Volume 1, pages 284-5: Towards the following morning, the thermometer fell to 5°; and at daylight, there was not an atom of water to be seen in any direction. 1992 March 2, Richard Preston, The New Yorker

Get Thermometer – Microsoft Store

Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Thermometer.

Termometer – definition of Termometer by The Free Dictionary

Termometer synonyms, Termometer pronunciation, Termometer translation, English dictionary definition of Termometer. n. An instrument for measuring temperature, especially one having a graduated glass tube with a bulb containing a liquid, typically mercury or colored

Termometer Pilihan Terlengkap & Produk Terbaru – Harga

Omron MC246 MC-246 MC 246 Digital Thermometer Termometer. 15%. Rp65.000. Rp55.000. Medan Huggy Baby. ( 295) Tambah ke Wishlist. Thermo Gun Thermometer Infrared. Rp120.000.

definition of thermometer by The – The Free Dictionary

thermometer. ( θəˈmomitə) noun. an instrument ( usually a thin, glass tube with eg mercury in it) used for measuring temperature, especially body temperature. The nurse took his temperature with a thermometer. termometer ميزان حَرارَه термометър termômetro teploměr das Thermometer termometer θερμόμετρο

Termometer – Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas

Termometer atau disebut juga pengukur suhu adalah alat yang digunakan untuk mengukur suhu (temperature), ataupun perubahan suhu.Istilah termometer berasal dari bahasa Latin thermo yang berarti panas dan meter yang berarti untuk mengukur. Prinsip kerja termometer ada bermacam-macam, yang paling umum digunakan adalah termometer air raksa.. Jenis termometer

THERMOMETER | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

thermometer definition: 1. a device used for measuring temperature, especially of the air or in a person’s body 2. a device…. Learn more.

(PDF) Termometer | achmad abroori –

TERMOMETER 1. Pengertian Termometer Termometer adalah alat yang digunakan untuk mengukur suhu (temperatur), ataupun perubahan suhu. Istilah termometer berasal dari bahasa Latin thermo yang berarti bahang dan meter yang berarti untuk mengukur. Prinsip kerja termometer ada bermacam-macam, yang paling umum digunakan adalah termometer air raksa.

Thermometer – Apps on Google Play

Thermometer. Thermometer since 2009, with over 15,000,000 downloads! Thermometer gives you the outside temperature to the nearest tenth of a degree, in line with your exact location, throughout the world and in real time. To achieve this, Thermometer uses multiple data sources from your surrounding environment and combines them together thanks

Thermometers – Shop – Vicks Humidifiers

Gentle enough to use on a sleeping child, our no-touch and non contact thermometers provide easy, fast and percise readings. Vicks No-Touch 3-in-1 Thermometer is designed to be fast, gentle and easy to use.

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Best thermometers 2022: How to take your temperature at

Many infrared thermometers measure temperature on the forehead or in the ear, but not both. The iProven DMT-489 is a dual-mode device that lets you switch between the two as needed, depending on

The History of the Thermometer – ThoughtCo

Thermometers measure temperature by using materials that change in some way when they are heated or cooled. In a mercury or alcohol thermometer, the liquid expands as it is heated and contracts when it is cooled, so the length of the liquid column is longer or shorter depending on the temperature.

The Best Digital and Smart Thermometers for 2021 | Digital

Investing in a digital thermometer is a wise move, especially in this day and age.Digital thermometers are typically more reliable and safer than conventional models — and smart thermometers add

Bimetal Thermometers from Cole-Parmer

Bimetal thermometers read motion created by two dissimilar metal strips that change in length when the temperature rises. This reading is represented by a needle on an analog dial or by a digital measurement.

How Thermometers Work | HowStuffWorks

The thermometer in the backyard tells you how hot or cold it is outside. The meat and candy thermometers in the ­kitchen measure food temperatures. The thermometer in the furnace tells it when to turn on and off. The thermometer in the oven lets it keep a set temperature (hot). The thermometer in the refrigerator lets it keep a set temperature

Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer – Yummly

Take the guesswork out of cooking. The Yummly wireless meat thermometer sets you up for cooking success. With convenient app-based cooking assistance, timers, and alerts, you can be confident in your cooking — even when you’re multitasking.

Galileo thermometer – Wikipedia

A Galileo thermometer (or Galilean thermometer) is a thermometer made of a sealed glass cylinder containing a clear liquid and several glass vessels of varying density.The individual floats rise or fall in proportion to their respective density and the density of the surrounding liquid as the temperature changes.

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Termometri – mimovrste

shumee Nature Zunanji stenski termometer, aluminij, 3,8 x 0,6 x 37 cm. 85 €. 81,18 €. Ta aluminijasti stenski termometer Nature je primeren za zunanjo uporabo. Ta aluminijasti termometer je primeren za namestitev na zunanjo steno. Ima lahko odčitavljivo gradacijo in temperaturno območje od -30 °C do +40 °C. V košarico.

Thermometer: Main Parts and Functions – Life Persona

It is used in the mouth, armpit or rectum. -Thermometer : Are used mostly in industry to measure the temperature of confined gases. -Pyrometer : Type of thermometer whose function is to measure extreme temperatures, can reach temperatures higher than 600 ° C. It uses infrared technology and is used mostly in the metallurgical industries.

5 Best Thermometers For Dogs In 2022 — Non Touch, In Ear

5. Mcaron Infrared Digital Thermometer. No products found. The Mcaron No-Touch Digital Thermometer is designed for pets only. Its accuracy makes it one of the best items out there. It is, in fact, an ideal choice for pet owners who still prefer to use rectal thermometers for their dogs.

Walgreens 30 Second Digital Thermometer | Walgreens

Walgreens 30 Second Digital Thermometer at Walgreens. Get free shipping at $35 and view promotions and reviews for Walgreens 30 Second Digital Thermometer

Termometer – Wish

The Wish termometer collection has everything you want for a price you’ll love.

Thermometer – Definition, Meaning & Synonyms –

A thermometer is a tool that measures temperature — how hot or cold something is. Thermometers are used to see if you have a fever or tell you how cold it is outside.

How to Turn Your Smartphone into a Thermometer – Gizbot

Thermometer Free. Having an ambient sensor installed on a smartphone is an added advantage, else the device has to be left for about one hour in stand-by mode to get proper data.

A soft, stretchable thermometer: Self-powered sensor can

A soft, stretchable thermometer Self-powered sensor can be integrated into soft robots, smart clothing Date: Source: Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

10+ Jenis Termometer Beserta Fungsi & Gambarnya

Termometer ini tidak menggunakan zat atau logam, namun menggunakan perangkat digital atau sensor elektrmagnetik. Cara kerja termometer digital yaitu dengan mengirim perubahan parameter listrik yang terjadi akibat perubahan suhu. Kemudian diknoversi menjadi sebuah nilai yang karakteristiknya tepat dengan suhu yang dimaksud.

Termometer Adalah : Jenis, Fungsi, Bagian dan Cara Memakainya

Termometer ini secara khusus digunakan untuk mendiagnosis penyakit dan umumnya penuh dengan merkuri atau alk0hol. Termometer ini memiliki kurva ketat di atas wadah yang digunakan untuk menjaga suhu yang ditampilkan setelah pengukuran tidak berubah setelah termometer dikeluarkan dari tubuh pasien.

Asal Mula Terciptanya Berbagai Jenis Termometer – YouTube

Sejarah awal penemuan termometerSebelum ada termometer, dulu termoskop merupakan alat yang digunakan untuk menunjukkan perbedaan suhu. Termoskop dapat menunj

Jenis & Cara Kerja Thermometer Suhu – Kalibrasi & Metrologi

Termometer ini terdiri dari strip bimetal yang berbentuk spiral, melekat pada dial yang dikalibrasi ke skala suhu. 3) Bellow sealed. Jenis bellow sealed diisi dengan gas, uap atau cairan, yang merespons perubahan suhu dengan variasi volume dan tekanan yang menyebabkan ekspansi atau kontraksi. Temperatur Seal Bellow.

Buy Thermometer Online at Low Prices in India – Amazon

00. ₹2,200.00. Dr. Odin JPD-FR202 Non-contact Infrared Forehead thermometer for Body & Object Temperature Detection with °C and °F Switchable Function, 1 Second Reading, 3 Color Screen, Dual Scale, 20 Reading Memory, BPA & Latex Free, Auto Power Off (White & Black, CE & ISO Certified, FDA Approved) 334. Quick look.

Termometer – Harga Terbaru April 2022 | Blibli

Untuk termometer ketiak, Anda perlu menempatkan ujung termometer di tengah ketiak dan lalu dekap dengan lengan Anda. Ada juga termometer plaster, yang digunakan dengan cara ditempel pada dahi. Selain itu, untuk termometer arteri temporal, Anda harus menodongkannya ke arah dahi. Jenis-Jenis Termometer

Termometer Photos and Premium High Res Pictures – Getty Images

Browse 24,439 termometer stock photos and images available, or search for termometer icon or termometer cold to find more great stock photos and pictures. thermometer simple – termometer stock illustrations. thermometer icon vector design on white background. – termometer stock illustrations.

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termometer – Wiktionary

termometer ( plural termometer-termometer, first-person possessive termometer ku, second-person possessive termometer mu, third-person possessive termometer nya ) thermometer: an apparatus used to measure temperature.

17 Jenis Termometer, Gambar, Fungsi, Kelebihan dan

Termometer ini ditemukan oleh James Six dan Bellani pada akhir abad ke-18. Termometer ini sering digunakan oleh pengamat cuaca untuk mengetahui suhu tertinggi dan suhu terendah dalam jangka waktu tertentu. Termometer maksimum dan minimum ini terdiri atas pipa U yang masing-masing kolom berisi alkohol dan raksa.

Cara Kerja Termometer dan Jenis-jenisnya |

4. Termometer Empeng Digital. Termometer empeng digital biasanya untuk bagi anak kecil dan bayi. Cara pakai termometer ini cukup mudah karena bentuknya mirip seperti empeng atau dot, hanya perlu dimasukkan langsung ke dalam mulut dan tunggu 2-4 menit sampai hasilnya muncul. (SFR)

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Termometer – Wikipedija, prosta enciklopedija

Bimetalni mehanski termometer. Termométer je priprava za merjenje temperature. Delovanje termometrov temelji na temperaturni odvisnosti neke lastnosti snovi (npr. prostornine, električne prevodnosti ipd.). Termometer je naprava, ki meri temperaturo ali temperaturni gradient. Termometer ima dva pomembna elementa: (1) temperaturni senzor (npr.

termometer in Slovenian – Western Frisian-Slovenian

Check ‘termometer’ translations into Slovenian. Look through examples of termometer translation in sentences, listen to pronunciation and learn grammar.

Termometer – Wikipedia

Termometer. ‘n Termometer is ‘n toestel wat die temperatuur of temperatuurgradiënt meet deur van ‘n verskeidenheid beginsels gebruik te maak. ‘n Termometer het twee belangrike elemente: die temperatuursensor (bv. die bol van ‘n kwiktermometer) waarin ‘n fisiese verandering plaasvind wat verbind word met die temperatuur, plus ‘n manier om die

Jual Thermometer Air Raksa Terbaik – Harga Murah April

Daftar Harga thermometer air raksa Terbaru April 2022. Harga Termometer Air Raksa Lotus / Termometer Badan Manual / Thermometer. Rp78.000. Harga Termometer ketiak air raksa KOMPLIT. Rp80.000. Harga termometer ruangan bahan dari kayu demgan tabung air raksa. Rp18.000. Harga termometer ruangan air raksa. Rp17.000.

High-Quality termometer –

termometer are scratch proof, have a high accuracy level, and are easy to calibrate. termometer are easy-to-read and are safe to use thanks to remote measurement features. offers a great deal of termometer options at amazing prices. Purchase these affordable termometer from verified suppliers and manufacturers on the site. They are

Termometer – Wikipedia

En termometer mäter endast sin egen temperatur. Temperaturskalor. Temperatur kan mätas på flertalet sätt, nedan följer ett urval. Celsius, °C – Den vanligaste temperaturskalan för vardaglig användning. Fahrenheit, °F – Vanligt använd temperaturskala i USA, även om Celsius är den officiellt antagna.

termometer photos on Flickr | Flickr

Termometer untuk memastikan bahwa suhu konstan, maka harus ditempatkan di dalam area penalti dan kandang inkubator. Dalam kasus pria dan kawin, jika ditempatkan sebelum seorang wanita dapat mengharapkan untuk melihat tanda-tanda telur atau sebulan untuk menunggu hingga beberapa minggu. Dan Anda dapat melihat kontur putih telur terus melalui kulit.

Termometer – Pengertian, jenis, fungsi dan Gambarnya

Termometer klinis atau nama lain termometer badan. Termometer ini sering sekali dipakai oleh para dokter dan perawat pada rumah sakit untuk mengukur suhu badan manusia atau demam. Cairan yang dipakai dalam mengisi termometer klinis yaitu air raksa. Skala pada termometer ini sekitar 35°C sampai 42°C.

10 Jenis Termometer (Beserta Fungsi dan Gambar) | Hedi

10 Jenis Termometer (Beserta Fungsi dan Gambar) Termometer adalah perangkat yang dapat mengukur suhu atau perubahan suhu. Termometer digunakan secara luas dalam bidang industri untuk mengendalikan suatu proses, studi cuaca, dalam bidang medis, dan dalam penelitian ilmiah. Karena penggunaannya yang beragam dan luas, maka termometer terdiri dari

GitHub – Lucioid/IoT_Termometer: IoT termometer using

IoT termometer using NodeMCU, DHT sensor and MQTT. Contribute to Lucioid/IoT_Termometer development by creating an account on GitHub.

Sebutkan macam macam termometer?

Sebutkan macam macam termometer? – on Suhu di kota malang saat ini 24°csuhu di kota mekkah dapat menjadi 2°c kali lebih tinggi dari suhu di kota malang pada musim panas.suhu di kota tokyo dapat menjadi 50°c lebih renda

Berbagai Jenis Termometer dan Cara Mengukur Suhu dengan

Ada beragam jenis termometer yang bisa digunakan untuk mengukur suhu tubuh. Berikut beberapa di antaranya: 1. Termometer digital. Termometer digital terbuat dari bahan plastik dan berbentuk seperti pensil. Biasanya termometer ini menggunakan sensor panas elektronik untuk merekam suhu tubuh baik melalui mulut, ketiak, atau dubur.

Termometer – Nem og hurtig digital temperaturmåler | Apotekets

Apotekets nikkelfri digitaltermometre er velegnede til hurtig og præcis måling af kropstemperatur på både voksne, børn og babyer. Se vores udvalg her.

Exergen Smart Glow Temporal Artery Thermometer –

was $49.99. Exergen Temporal Scanner Thermometer with Smart Glow Features. 166. 3.9 out of 5 Stars. 166 reviews. Pickup 2-day shipping. Braun ThermoScan 5 Digital Ear Thermometer, IRT6020US, White. $41.88. current price $41.88. Braun ThermoScan 5 Digital Ear Thermometer, IRT6020US, White.

Jenis Termometer Serta Bagian bagian dan Fungsinya

Jenis Termometer Serta Bagian bagian dan Fungsinya. Termometer – Anda tentu pernah merasakan tubuh menjadi dingin maupun panas. Hal tersebut dikarenakan tubuh mempunyai suhu yang berubah-ubah sesuai dengan suhu disekitarnya. Untuk mengetahui suhu tubuh, Anda dapat memanfaatkan thermometer untuk mengukurnya.

Termometri in dodatki | Naroči in prihrani | Shoppster

BRAUN nastavki za digitalni termometer – 40 kos LF40CT 4022167400062 . Shoppster, spletna trgovina, d.o.o. 6,90 €

Termometer – Wikipedia, den frie encyklopædi

Et termometer er et måleinstrument til måling af temperatur.. Den internationale temperaturskala er kelvinskalaen, (som ikke angives i grader, men ‘kun’ XX-kelvin).I Danmark anvendes celsius-skalaen.Derudover findes blandt andet fahrenheit og réaumur.De tre sidstnævnte (samt lidt flere andre skalaer) angives alle i ‘grader’.

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