Can you download podcasts to phone?

Can you download podcasts to phone?

Under Episodes, choose the podcast episode you’d like to download, and tap the three-dot menu button. A menu will appear with options to Share or Download. Tap Download.

Can you listen to podcasts for free?

Listening to audio programmes, or podcasts, is simple if you have access to the internet. You just need to find a podcast platform or app that suits you and then sample some of the many thousands of podcasts made around the world. All podcasts are free, and most are available via many different apps.Oct 7, 2017

Does watching podcasts cost money?

For podcasts, newbies, it’s important to know that most podcasts out there are free. There are some behind a paywall, but usually, the content is free and can be interspersed with some ad-reads. The word “subscribe” often concerns people, and they think they have to pay something.14-Jun-2021

Are podcasts free on iPhone?

How much do podcasts cost? Podcasts on the iTunes Store are free.

Can I listen to podcasts without Internet?

Almost all modern podcast streaming apps have an option to download shows which are then stored on your device for future listening. Taking a few minutes to download podcasts while connected to a WiFi signal means you can listen to your favorite shows offline, using no data allowance at all.Jan 1, 2021

Is there a charge for Apple Podcasts?

Pricing for each subscription is set by creators and starts at $0.49 (US) per month. Listeners can manage their subscriptions, and switch from monthly to annual billing if offered, from their Apple ID Account Settings, accessible from the top of the Listen Now tab in Apple Podcasts.

Do you have to pay for podcasts?

Music fans who are used to purchasing songs through iTunes may be accustomed to paying a dollar or more per song, but podcasts are almost always completely free.

Are the Apple Podcasts free?

Apple Podcasts offers millions of shows completely free. And some publishers offer premium shows, episodes and channels that can be purchased through a monthly or annual subscription.

How do I download podcasts on my Iphone to listen offline?

Save and download an episode When you save an episode, it’s automatically downloaded so you can listen to it offline. To turn off this option, go to Settings > Podcasts, then turn off Download When Saving.

How can I get podcasts on my phone for free?

With Google Podcasts, you can find and listen to the world’s podcasts for free. Subscribe and listen to all your favorite podcasts. Explore show and episode recommendations just for you.

What app can I listen to podcasts for free?

Google Podcasts is a free app with a streamlined design that makes it easy to listen to popular podcasts.

Are Podcasts free on an iPhone?

Apple Podcasts is available for free in over 170 countries and regions on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, HomePod and HomePod mini, CarPlay, iTunes on Windows, and other smart speakers and car systems.

How can I listen to podcasts on my iPhone for free?

Do you pay for podcasts?

Music fans who are used to purchasing songs through iTunes may be accustomed to paying a dollar or more per song, but podcasts are almost always completely free. In some cases, while you may be able to receive the newest editions of podcasts for free after you subscribe, the previous editions of shows may cost money.

How to Listen to Podcasts on iPhone, iPad, or Android

Subscribe to and Download Podcasts in the Podcasts App. Open the Podcasts app on your iPhone or iPad. Tap the “Browse” tab to discover new podcasts you might like. If you already have a podcast in mind or someone’s recommended one to you, tap the “Search” tab, and then type the name of the podcast.

Find podcasts on iPhone – Apple Support

Find podcasts on iPhone. Use the Podcasts app to find shows about science, news, politics, comedy, and more. If you find a show you like, you can follow it to add it to your library. Then you can easily listen offline, get notified about new episodes, and more.

How to Download Podcasts and Listen to Them on Android or

Podcatchers make downloading podcasts onto iOS and Android devices far, far easier than the old-fashioned way of downloading podcasts from a site and uploading them to a phone’s hard drive.

How to Listen to Podcasts on Android: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

Method 1Method 1 of 1:Using Podcast Player. Download the Podcast Player app from the Play Store. Search the Podcast Player app on Google Play, and tap the green INSTALL button to download it. Podcast Player is a free, third-party app that allows you to download and listen to podcasts. Open the Podcast Player app on your Android.

Get PODCASTS! – Microsoft Store

Description. PODCASTS! brings you the ability to browse, search, stream, subscribe, download, and listen to thousands of podcasts from around the world right on your Windows Phone! Stream both audio and video podcasts directly on your phone anytime, anywhere over a 3G or Wi-Fi connection with no previous connection to your PC required!

How to add a podcast to your iPhone or iPad – Digital

Unlock your phone and open the “Podcasts” app (purple icon shown here). This app is installed as a part of the operating system, so it should already be on your phone even if you haven’t specifically added it. If you can’t locate the app, just swipe down on the screen to bring up the search function. Type the word “Podcasts”.

How to Listen to Podcasts Easily on any Device, for Free!

Navigate to the podcast page, look for the play button, and listen. This is how the Podcraft website on our hosting platform looks. You can play direct from there, on your computer. Similarly, you can play any show right inside one of the directory apps on your computer. The most popular examples are iTunes and Spotify.

How to Listen to Podcasts for Free on Any Device

If you’re looking to dive into the wonderful world of podcasts, the good news is that you already have everything you need on your phone. But if you have a few questions on how to get started

Can I listen to podcasts on my Android phone?

Podcasts allow users to subscribe so that they can automatically receive new program. Actually, if you download a podcast via WiFi to storage on your phone memory, then you are not using data. If you are listening to a podcast from a website and your phone is not connected to WiFi, then you would be using data.

Podcast Tool – Light Phone

The Podcast tool for the Light Phone II is designed around intentionality, providing a super simple interface for streaming or downloading your favorite episodes. Notes on the Podcasts Tool: -The phone must be running the LightOS version 102 or later to use this feature.

Podcast – How to turn off – Apple Community

2:20 PM in response to KiltedTim In response to KiltedTim. I want to stop and eliminate/delete the Podcast that is currently playing so I can select another Podcast. I have found no way of doing this. If I hit the home button and then come back to the Podcast app the selection (the Podcast that I want to stop & eliminate) is there.

How to Listen to Apple Podcasts on Android in 2 Ways

2. Browse for the podcast show or episode you want to listen to. 3. Tap the “Play” or “Listen” button to begin streaming it to your phone. Many podcasts are also hosted on web pages and you can

How To Listen To Podcasts on iPhone – Know Your Mobile

If you have Bluetooth in your car, the easiest way to listen to podcasts in your car is to pair your phone and then play the podcast app through your phone and into the car’s speaker system. If you don’t have Bluetooth in your car, you can either: A) Get yourself an inexpensive Bluetooth receiver for your car, and then pair your phone and

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3 Tips | How to Download Podcasts on iPhone – EaseUS

To download podcasts on iPhone: Step 1. Open Podcasts on your iPhone and find the shows or episodes you like. Step 2. Tap the shows/episodes and choose “Subscribe.” Step 3. Move to the Library and you will see the show/episode you have just subscribed to. Step 4.

How To Download Podcasts On iPhone: The Simple Guide!

To download episodes of the podcast, tap on the podcast in your Library, then tap Available Episodes. Then, tap on the small purple plus button to the right of the podcast episode you want to download on your iPhone. Finally, tap the small cloud button that appears where the plus was when you tapped it. A small status circle will appear to the

Follow and play shows in Apple Podcasts on iPhone and iPad

For podcasts that have seasons, you can filter by season. If you follow a podcast, or have saved or downloaded episodes, you can also filter to see only your unplayed episodes, downloads, and more. Open the Podcasts app. Go to the Library tab, then tap Shows. Tap the show to see its information page. Tap Seasons or Episodes, then choose a filter.

Listen to podcasts with Google Podcasts – Android – Google

Once you add it, the podcast appears along with your other subscribed shows. In the Google Podcasts app. On your Android phone or tablet, open Google Podcasts . At the bottom, tap Activity Subscriptions. Tap More Add by RSS feed. Enter the feed URL. Tap Subscribe. In your browser. On your Android phone or tablet, go to

How to listen to podcasts on your smart phone

So your friends keep bugging you to listen to Serial (Season 1, trust us), or you’ve heard us keep telling you to download our Spawned with Kristen and Liz podcast but you have absolutely no idea how to get podcasts on your smart phone. Well, we’re here to help with these simple step-by-step tutorials that will have you up and listening to podcasts on your iPhone or Android in no time.

How to Get Started Listening to Podcasts

My current favorite podcast is Reply All, which is a delightful weekly look at all sorts of weird corners of the Internet. A recent episode featured a host trying to get to know a tech support scammer over the phone, and then actually traveling to India to meet that scammer in person.

How to play podcasts on an Android phone – YouTube Stream full episodes, for free, on CBC Gem: Subscribe:—[LONG]—Abou

How to Listen to iTunes Podcast on Android? [2022]

From here, you can look for any podcast of your choice. Now, visit its page to get more details about the podcast and click on the “Subscribe” button that is listed right under the main icon of the podcast. Step 2: Save podcasts on your computer. Once you have subscribed to these podcasts, you can find them listed in your iTunes Library.

‎Podcast App on the App Store

iPad. iPhone. Description. Get millions of podcasts at your fingertips and any curiosity on-demand, only on Podcast App: the #1 most downloaded podcast app in The App Store. Sharpen up in your downtime with free and easy access to millions of shows. Start feeding all of your interests from news and comedy to true crime, sports and infinitely more.

How to listen to podcasts: everything you need to know

On your Android phone If you have an Android phone you can use the Google podcasts app. Search “Google podcasts” in the play store app or click this link on your phone to open it in the store .

Best ways to listen to podcasts on your Android

1. Google Podcasts. If you’re using an Android device, you may want to start by checking out Google Podcasts.This podcast app is native to your phone, and it integrates well with Android and

Transfer Podcasts from iPhone to Computer- Dr.Fone

Step 1 Display iPhone podcasts in the tool. Hook up your iPhone with your computer via an iPhone USB cable and launch Dr.Fone. Choose “Phone Manager” from all the functions and a few seconds later, you’re surely to see that your iPhone is showed in the starting window. TunesGo fully supports almost all iPhones.

How do I transfer podcasts from my comput – Apple

Open iTunes. Make sure that you have the latest version. Locate and click on your device. Click the Summary tab. Click the box next to “Manually manage music and videos.” Click Apply. If you see a message that your device is synced with another library: iPhone can only add music or video from a single iTunes Library.

How to Start a Podcast in 2022: Your Lightning Fast

How to Start a Podcast on Your Phone. If you don’t own a computer or laptop that doesn’t mean the podcasting gate is locked shut to you. Your smartphone can handle every part of the podcasting process. This can be at the expense of a drop in flexibility and quality, but mobile technology is improving at a rapid rate and that gap is closing

How to Start a Podcast on Your Phone | Anchor Podcast

Start Podcasting FOR FREE with nothing but Your PHONE. (iPhone or Android)Our audio engineer Studio Steve didn’t think it was possible to do it and get any k

How to Download Podcasts on Android |

Called “the best podcast app for Android in 2021” by Android Central, this podcatcher offers beautiful design, the option to trim silence from your episodes (get through them faster), the ability to stream instead of download (save storage space), and more.There are three pricing tiers available, free, monthly and annual so that you can choose the plan that works best for you.

How Do You Listen To Podcasts On Android? – OS Today

Method 2 Using Podcast Player. Download the Podcast Player app from the Play Store. Open the Podcast Player app on your Android. Select your topics of interest. Tap the Next button. Tap SKIP on the top-right. Tap a podcast on the Podcasts page. Tap the Subscribe button. Scroll down and tap an episode.

How to Subscribe to a Podcast on Your Phone & Computer

Step 1: Open the podcast app on your phone. If you’re using a device running iOS 8, this app comes pre-installed on your phone. Step 2: In the bottom right-hand corner of the app, click the search icon. Then, type in the name of podcast that you want to subscribe to.

Manage your podcasts in Google Podcasts – Android – Google

On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Podcasts app . At the bottom, tap Home . At the top right, tap your Profile picture or initial Podcast settings. For completed episodes, tap Remove completed episodes and choose a time period. For unfinished episodes, tap Remove unfinished episodes and choose a time period.

How to listen to podcasts on your – Business Insider

Due to their popularity, podcasts are easy to access and listen to using your Android phone or tablet. All you need is the Google Play Music app, which is pre-installed on most Android devices.

How to Listen to Podcasts Without Using Your Cell Data

Changing your podcast settings is actually super quick and easy, regardless of the phone or podcast app you’re using. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to change your podcast settings for the following podcast players: 1. Apple’s native Podcast app 2. PocketCasts (my preferred podcast player, available for Apple & Android) 3.

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How To Get The Banned Infowars Podcasts On Your Mobile

As part of the mass-censorship campaign against Infowars put on by Big Tech, our podcasts have become harder to find as they have been de-listed from all the major Podcast apps. To subscribe to our podcasts and receive new episodes straight to your phone, please follow the instructions below. iOS (iPhone / iPad):

How do I get my podcast icon back on my d – Apple

Hello jeffreeman63, Thanks for that info and for choosing the Apple Support Communities. If I understand correctly, you are unable to find the Podcast app on your iPhone, but you can open it if you search for it on the App Store app. To help with this, please go to Settings > General > Reset and tap the Reset Home Screen Layout option and then

Grow Your Podcast With A Phone Number – A Free Solution

When someone is calling my podcast phone number, it shows up on my phone as a call from my podcast number. I can choose to answer, or let them leave a message. I have the capability to receive text messages from that number as well. Advertisement. Recording a call on the go.

How to move podcasts between apps in less than two minutes

To get started, launch the Castbox app on your phone and select the “Personal” tab in the bottom menu bar. Then open the “Settings”, scroll down and find the “OPML Export” option, and

[Solved] Is It Possible to Listen to iTunes Podcasts on

As for Mac users, you can run MobieTrans to get iTunes podcasts on Android. Step 1Download and install iTunes on your computer. Head to the iTunes store to find the podcast you like. Step 2Click “Subscribe” to subscribe to the iTunes podcast first. You can also upload your own Podcasts into iTunes for sharing on Android phone.

How To Create A Podcast On An iPhone (Or iPad) In 2022

We’ll run through a few different options and iPhone apps that will allow you to record, edit, and even publish a podcast right from your phone. To start with, you’ll definitely want to invest in an external microphone (check out iPhone mics here or Android mics here ) to greatly increase your sound quality though.

Podcasts Not Downloading On iPhone? Here's The Real Fix!

A word of warning: If you turn off Block Downloads Over Cellular and your iPhone’s set up to download podcasts automatically, there’s a chance your iPhone could use a significant amount of data downloading new episodes of all of your podcasts. For this reason, we recommend leaving Block Downloads Over Cellular turned on, otherwise you could wind up with a big surprise the next time you get

Listen To Podcasts On Any Phone – TechCrunch

If the podcast is not included, anyone can add it and a dedicated phone line is associated with the podcast. To listen to the most recent episode of TalkCrunch, for example, just dial +1 (831) 480

Best Podcast Apps for Windows 10 | Windows Central

Best Podcast Apps for Windows 10 Windows Central 2022. Podcasts are an excellent source of entertainment and information. You can find a great podcast that covers just about any topic or genre of

How to Download Podcasts: 10 Steps (with Pictures) – wikiHow

4. Save your podcast. If you are using a manager like iTunes or Zune, you can simply click “save” or “get” next to the episode’s name to save it to your computer. Otherwise, you will have to copy the podcast’s URL and paste it into your manager.

How To Get Started Making Podcasts Using Anchor with

Download ‘Anchor’ in Google Play or iTunes App Store on iOS Open AppSign up using your emailBlissful Creations to You All!

Best Podcast Listening Apps (For iOS & Android) 2022

Player FM is the multiplatform podcast app that allows you to manage and play your podcasts on the web, your phone, and watch devices for both Android and iOS. They recently partnered with hosts Buzzsprout and Libsyn to provide even more variety to over 20 million podcast episodes and counting.

How to play podcasts continuously in iOS 13-11 & iPadOS

First, make sure you toggle on the setting Continuous Playback in Settings > Podcasts. To get started, find a podcast episode that you want to listen to-it can be an episode from ANY podcast you subscribe to. Tap the episode’s Details button. Then, tap the three-dot menu More button. Choose Play Next.

How do I get a podcast? – Serial

To download: Get it delivered to your phone or tablet each week using an app. For iPhones and iPads, use the Podcasts app. It comes installed on recent devices, or you can get it from the App Store. In the Podcasts app you search for Serial and then hit subscribe. For Android phones and tablets, try Google Podcasts, RadioPublic, or Stitcher

How to Start a Podcast in 2022? Find Answers to All FAQs

Since every podcast audience is unique, your best bet is to start publishing, then check your hosting platform’s analytics to see what days and times get the most downloads for your podcast. But if you’re looking for a good place to start, here’s a list of the most popular days and times to publish according to Podbean’s 2019 statistics :

How to Listen to iTunes Podcasts on Android – Lifewire

Select Subscribe on the podcast homepage. Select Library from the menu at the top of the podcasts screen and select a podcast to display the available episodes. Select the Download link to the right of an episode you want to download. Open the file manager on your computer and go to Music > iTunes > iTunes Media > Podcasts to find the

How to Free Download Stitcher Podcasts to Your Smartphone

These are two common ways to download Stitcher podcasts to your phone or PC. Then, you can solve Stitcher not downloading issue and enjoy podcasts anytime, anywhere, even without a network. In addition, WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory can also enable you to increase the volume of MP3 , adjust the bit rate of MP3 , and so on.

Remove Shows and Episodes from Podcasts App on iPhone or

Step #1. Launch Podcasts app on your iPhone or iPad. Step #2. Now tap on Library from the bottom menu. Step #3. Under the Library, you can see three sections: Shows, Episodes, and Downloaded Episodes. Tap on Episodes. Step #4. Select episode and swipe from right to left and tap on Delete to remove episode.

Podcasting for Beginners: The Complete Guide to Getting

Get started for free now. Step 1: Create an RSS feed for your podcasts. If you upload your files to a site like Libsyn, Anchor, or Transistor, the feed creation is done automatically for you. Step 2: Log in to Apple Podcasts Connect. Using your Apple ID, log in at

How to Listen to More Podcasts – Wired

To keep your library clean, set your podcast listening app for automatic deletion after you’ve played an episode. Find the Right Apps Zomorodi uses six podcast apps to stay organized for her 15

How to Limit How Many Podcast Episodes Get Downloaded to

Open the Podcasts app and tap Library at the bottom of the screen. Tap on a podcast you’d like to limit episode downloads for. Tap on the three dots to the right of the podcast title. Tap on Settings. Now you’ll come to a screen with lots of different ways to customize your podcast download. To limit the number of episodes:

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How to submit a podcast to the store? – Microsoft Community

Windows Phone 8.1 uses a Bing enabled web search mechanism to locate podcasts. To improve the search results of your podcast, please add “podcast” to your keywords tag within the podcast RSS feed. Podcasts can also be located by entering the RSS feed directly in the search window. You can tell Bing about your show by using Bing Webmaster Tools

Top 5 Ways – How to Put Podcast on iPod- Dr.Fone

Now to put podcasts on iPod click on the Music tab and select Podcast from the left side once podcasts are loaded click on Add button on the top and Select “+Add” file in this tab. Step 4. Now locate podcasts available on your computer and click on open. Dr.Fone – Phone Manager will automatically add podcasts to the iPod now.

How To Free Up iOS Storage By Managing Podcasts

(Settings > Podcasts, and how to limit episodes.) In the screenshot above and on the left, you see the various settings for the Podcasts app. Limiting the number of episodes on your iOS device can save space by clearing out old episodes when new ones are downloaded or listened to.

How to make a podcast (and submit it to Apple Podcasts) in

If you’re looking to create a podcast (and submit it to Apple Podcasts) in 2022, you’ll need to choose the right topic, get the right equipment, get podcast hosting, and submit it to Apple’s podcast directory the right way.Here’s a quick guide with all the tactics I’ve been using for the last 10 years.

Taking Phone Calls On Your Podcast – School of Podcasting

While one of the coolest features of the podcasts is the ability to time shift. I can record this on 4/2 and you can listen to it years later. There is one element missing in this and this is live feedback. You get feedback, but it is later when your audience consumes it. Like most things, the more features you add to a product, the more complex it gets. Taking (and recording) phone calls is

[2022] A Complete Guide to Delete Podcasts from iPhone Easily

Step 1: From the Home screen, launch Podcasts app. Step 2: From the My Podcasts section, tap into a podcast series. Step 3: Find the podcasts you want to delete and swipe it to the left. Tap the red delete button. Step 1: Go to “Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage”. Step 2: Choose Podcasts and find the podcasts you want to delete.

Video Podcasts: Pros, Cons, & How to Get Started |

You can get away with spending a lot less than you might expect – your phone camera is sufficient, and a couple cheap LEDs will be enough for lighting (more on that later). But the real kicker is probably going to be the extra time you’ll have to pour into each podcast episode .

How to Listen to Apple Watch Podcasts Without an iPhone

Go to the My Watch tab. Scroll down and select Podcasts . Select Custom under Add Episodes From. Tap the toggle switch for the show (s) that you want to sync with your watch. The show syncs to the Apple Watch while it is on its charger. If you can’t find a show, open the Podcasts app, search for it, and select Subscribe.

How to Create Your Own Successful Podcast | PCMag

Once you’ve produced the audio file for your podcast, you’ll need to transfer it to a hosting service, so you can get your podcast listed in various directories (iTunes, Stitcher, and so on).

How to Stop Podcasts Auto-Downloading New Episodes to

If you frequently use this app to listen to your favorite podcasts, you might be interested in learning how to properly manage, add and delete podcast subscriptions on your iPhone or iPad for a better overall experience. Or, if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands to listen to your favorite podcast, you can speed through the episodes with ease by simply changing the playback speed

Why Are My Podcasts Randomly Deleting from My iPhone?

How to Get Back Deleted Podcast Episodes. The best way to recover deleted episodes of a podcast is to visit the Podcasts app and re-download them. Open the Podcasts app and tap Library at the bottom of your screen. Tap Shows, then touch the title of the podcast in question. Got to the bottom of the episode list and tap Previously Played.

How the heck to I get a podcast onto my Venu sq Music? Did

I appreciate that, however the problem is that I haven’t found a way to get an audio file of a podcast onto my computer so I can put it on the watch. On a computer you can’t download a podcast for off-line listening. You can do it on your phone, but somehow you can’t just send audio files from your phone to your watch.

Listen to Podcasts? – Tesla Motors Club

The one thing I don’t like about it is that the podcast player I use (Google Podcasts) has a persistent notification that you cannot get rid of without rebooting your phone. That is annoying. If not for that, and the fact that my 2 podcasts are easily accessible right from the music on on the Tesla, I’d probably just use it all the time.

How to get great audio for podcast interviews – The Verge

But if you’re just using your phone to record your end of the conversation (rather than using it as the main way to communicate during the podcast), I recommend placing the phone about 6 to 12

How to turn off automatic downloads in the Podcasts app on

Here’s how to turn off automatic downloads in the Podcasts app on iPhone and iPad. How to turn off automatic downloads for the Podcasts app. Launch Settings on your iPhone or iPad.; Scroll down and tap on Podcasts.; Scroll down a bit and tap the toggle for Enable When Following to OFF (gray).

How to Play Video Podcasts on Your Smart TV

I regularly watch TedTalks, NASACast, and other video podcasts on my computer, but I would rather use my smart TV instead. I know I have to go to each individual podcast channel, or Web feed, to

Tech how-to: Show photos saved on your phone on your TV

Find my Daily Tech Update on Spotify, Google, Amazon, Apple or wherever you get your podcasts. Just search for my last name, “Komando.” Listen to the podcast here or wherever you get your podcasts

How do you write an email to get on a podcast? • Kai Davis

I’m thinking about podcast outreach lately because I’m rereading my book Podcast Outreach, a quick, specific guide on how to get on podcasts as a guest expert as I prepare for my next podcast tour.. If you’re interested in learning more about how to pitch podcasts — as a newbie or an expert with an established audience — I recommend that you order a copy today!

How do I remove podcasts from my library? – Audible

To remove a podcast in the iOS app: Tap on Library. Tap on Podcasts. Tap on the podcast you want to remove from your library. Tap Following. The podcast has been removed from the library and won’t show under the Podcasts tab or the All Titles tab. To remove a podcast on the Audible site: Click on Library. Click Podcasts.

How to Start Your Own Podcast – Lifehacker

Narrow your topic and find your niche. There are a ton of podcasts out there, which means that you can probably find a podcast about everything under the sun already.Don’t get discouraged! While

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