Can you keep a normal tire as a spare?

Can you keep a normal tire as a spare?

You can put on a full-size spare to replace the flat and continue with your day. However, keeping a full-size spare in your car does require having the space to store it.2017-04-17

Are spare tires different than regular tires?

Temporary spare Also known as a “donut,” this tire is smaller than your car’s standard tires. Unlike the full size spares, there will be a noticeable performance difference when driving on a donut.

Can you use a winter tire as a spare?

you should be fine using the snow as a spare. Running long term with a mismatched tire isn’t a good idea, but for getting out of trouble when you are more comfortable with a full size spare should be fine.2020-11-04

What can I use if I don’t have a spare tire?

– Buy a new or used wheel and tire.
– Install run-flat tires on your car.
– Emergency tire kits.
– Call a roadside service.

Will a donut tire fit any car?

Will a Donut or Compact Spare Tire Fit Any Car? The short answer is ‘NO’. A donut spare tire can not be safely interchanged between vehicles. Tire Rack only recommends interchanging donut spare tires with the exact same make and model of car.

Can I use a regular tire as a spare tire?

You can’t put a regular tire on a spare tire rim because the rim for the spare is not wide enough for a standard tire. You would have to get a regular-sized rim to do that.2011-07-21

Is it OK to not have a spare tire?

If you live in an urban area with 24-hour towing, and you’re doing mostly daytime driving, you may be good with no spare. Just be sure you have roadside assistance coverage included in your auto insurance policy or another service. Without it, a standard tow (around 5 miles) can cost you over $100.

What makes a spare tire different?

The reasons your vehicle’s spare tire is so different composed of a light-weight metal for its rim that makes it easier to lift and install. not intended for long-term use like standard tires. intended to travel less than 100 miles and under 50 mph. held to a different psi level.2020-08-27

Can you drive on a tire that was flat?

The short answer is no—you cannot drive with a flat tire. While you might be tempted to “limp” your tire to the repair shop, you cannot drive with a flat tire.

Is a spare tire the same as a regular tire?

Spare tires are the same size as the existing tires your vehicle is riding on. Spare tires allow you to drive normally with no noticeable changes in performance or handling. If your vehicle has a full-size spare tire, we strongly recommend including that tire in your regular tire rotations.

What can I use instead of a spare tire?

Run flat tires are the most well-known and traditional alternative to using a spare tire system. They are specially designed with reinforced sidewall (or internal support rings), which allow drivers to safely drive their vehicle for a limited distance on a punctured or ruptured tire.2018-08-16

Can a spare tire be a regular tire?

A spare tire is a full-size tire. Spare tires are the same size as the existing tires your vehicle is riding on. Spare tires allow you to drive normally with no noticeable changes in performance or handling.

What do you do if you have a flat tire and no spare?

– Use a tire repair kit. Keep a tire repair kit on hand.
– Use a run-flat tire. Purchase run flat tires.
– Contact roadside assistance. Be ready to contact emergency services.
– Shifting away from supplying spares.
– Consider spares when buying a new car.

Why do new cars not have spare tires?

Carmakers are skipping the spare because of regulatory pressure to squeeze more miles out of every gallon of fuel: Ditching the 40 or 50 pounds that a tire and jack usually add to a car’s weight helps to increase fuel economy slightly.2021-10-23

Are donuts car Universal?

There is NO universal donut tire. The size and weight of each donut tire is designed as such that it is only specific to the make of the model it comes with.2021-09-05

Can AAA put air in your tires?

Can AAA put air in tires? Your AAA Membership covers you in the event your tire needs air. If air does not solve the issue, we can install a spare tire. If a spare is not available, AAA can tow your vehicle to a repair location of your choice.

Is a spare wheel necessary?

Does the law require you to carry a spare tyre? No, the law doesn’t state that you must have a spare tyre on hand to fit in the event of a puncture. However, it is advisable that you do if your vehicle doesn’t use run flat tyres. The majority of new cars use run flat tyres so don’t need a spare.

What do you do when you have a flat tire?

When you get a flat tire, turn on your emergency lights and slow down. Pull over as soon as you see an open stretch of road away from traffic. You don’t want to change your tire too close to oncoming traffic.2017-05-15

How much does a spare tire cost?

The cost of a temporary spare varies greatly. Two of the biggest factors are the size of the spare tire and where you purchase your spare at. Donut spare tires can range in price from as low as $50 (U.S.) to over $300 (U.S.). Your cheapest place to find a donut spare would be a local tire shop.

Spare tires – AAA | American Automobile Association

Spare tires Nearly a third of new vehicles do not include a spare tire, AAA finds Vehicle manufacturers have been forgoing spare tires in new vehicles as a way to cut weight and improve fuel efficiency. According to new research from AAA, nearly one-third of 2017 model year vehicles do not come with a spare tire. How does this affect drivers?

The Amazing Disappearing Spare Tire | AAA Automotive

Spare tires are optional on many cars, and AAA recommends the additional investment when buying a new vehicle. The cost of a spare tire may be less than that of replacing a sealant/inflator kit, and it will help ensure your mobility regardless of the reason for a flat.

How Long Can You Drive On a Spare Tire | AAA Automotive

Fact: The spare tire enables you to drive to the nearest repair shop to have the flat tire inspected and either repaired or replaced. You should not drive over 50 mph and no more than 50 miles with a donut-type spare tire.

AAA Tire Service: Request Tire Assistance

Your AAA Membership covers you in the event your tire needs air. If air does not solve the issue, we can install a spare tire. If a spare is not available, AAA can tow your vehicle to a repair location of your choice. Coverage limits will depend on your membership level. Will AAA bring a new tire?

Does AAA have spare tires? –

Keep a tire repair kit in your car. Repair kits, which patch a small hole to keep a tire inflated, are found more commonly in cars lacking a spare. Make sure you have roadside assistance. Correspondingly, how much does AAA charge for tire change? The cost typically ranges from $300 to $600 depending on the vehicle.

Will AAA bring a spare tire? – Quora

Answer (1 of 7): In the AAA Western and Central New York region, AAA fleet trucks are not equipped with tires. However if you have a low or flat tire, AAA can still help you! Firstly, if your vehicle comes equipped with a spare or “donut” tire (sometimes found in the trunk compartment and/or unde

Does AAA Change Tires? – Forged N Fast

As you can see, not only will having AAA allow you to have assistance in getting a spare tire put on your car, but this membership gives you a plethora of benefits that range from directly related to your car and roadside assistance to travel, entertainment, and shopping! See our Affiliate Disclosure

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PDF Vehicles Sold Without a Spare Tire – AAA Vehicles Sold Without a Spare Tire Acura MDX (2014-2015): Spare tire optional, inflator/sealant kit provided when not equipped with a spare RL (2006-2008): Run-flat tires RLX (2014-2015): Spare tire optional, inflator/sealant kit provided when not equipped with a spare TSX wagon only (2012 – 2013): Inflator/sealant kit

AAA Road Service Flat Tire Service

If your vehicle’s spare tire is inflated and serviceable, it will be installed to replace a flat tire, when possible. When a serviceable spare tire is not available or cannot be installed, towing will be provided under the towing benefit. For complete description including terms, conditions and exclusions, consult the online membership handbook.

AAA front tire change and can donut tire go in – PriusChat

The AAA operator could not make a promise for an independent contractor for service that they did not offer. It sounds like your wife was close to a tire shop – I would have had AAA put the spare on the front and told her to drive to the tire place as slowly as was safe. Driving a few miles on the donut at 25 or 30 mph would not be a problem.

PDF Vehicles Without a Spare Tire – Insurance & Travel – AAA

Vehicles Without a Spare Tire In a study of all new cars sold in the first half of 2011, AAA found that 13 percent had no spare tire. Instead, those cars were equipped with run-flat tires, roadside inflator kits or emergency sealants. The vehicles that were found not to have a spare tire are listed here.

Tire safety tips – AAA | American Automobile Association

Small temporary spare tires—a.k.a. donuts—typically have the correct pressure stamped on the side of the tire. Don’t overload your vehicle The combination of underinflated tires and an overloaded a vehicle is one of the most dangerous conditions, because the tires can overheat and possibly fail.

Can AAA Fix A Flat? Yes, here's what you need to do

AAA will fix a flat, their roadside assistance program will send a trained technician to inspect and install an inflated spare tire onto any vehicle the member is driving or riding in as a passenger. To receive tire service from AAA, you must be a member, you must be present at the time of service, you must be able to supply your membership

PDF Vehicles Without a Spare Tire – AAA Exchange

Spare tire optional, run-flat tires or inflator/sealant kit provided when not equipped with a spare . Mitsubishi: i-MiEV (2012 – 2014): Inflator/sealant kit . Nissan 370z (2009 – 2014): Spare tire optional, inflator/sealant kit provided when not equipped with a spare . GT-R (2009 – 2014): Run-flat tires . Leaf (2012 – 2014): Inflator

AAA: Spare Tires May Soon be a Thing of the Past – Tire

AAA is warning consumers that the new car they’re considering buying may not have a spare tire.Click Here to Read MoreAdvertisement “To meet new government fuel efficiency standards, some vehicle manufactures are omitting heavy spare tires and equipping new vehicles with an emergency sealant and inflator kit or tires that if damaged can run reasonable […]

Spare Me! AAA Finds Nearly One-Third of New Vehicles are

According to new research from AAA, nearly one‐third (28 percent) of 2017 model year vehicles do not come with a spare tire as standard equipment, creating an unnecessary hassle and expense for drivers. Last year alone, AAA came to the rescue to more than 450,000 members faced with a flat tire whose cars did not have a spare tire.

How Long Can a Spare Tire Last? | AAA Central Penn

With AAA, spare tires don’t have to be your saving grace when you get a flat. Enjoy a Helping Hand When You Need It With AAA Emergency Roadside Assistance. To be ready for any travel emergency, including a flat tire, become a AAA member. AAA offers many perks to our members, but our 24/7 emergency roadside assistance is a service that our

AAA Tire Change: Take Advantage of Roadside Assistance

As a leader in roadside provisions, AAA flat tire services can re-inflate your tire, install a spare or tow your vehicle, depending on the situation. If you don’t have a spare tire, we will tow you to a preferred mechanic or to the nearest auto repair shop. We can even transport your car if your tire demands patch or plug work.

AAA: Spare Tires for Some New Vehicles |

One thing missing on a few dozen new makes and models is the spare tire, according to AAA Mid-Atlantic. The growing trend is news to Justin Gray from Jersey Shore. “It doesn’t make any sense to me

How to Change a Tire – Your AAA Network

Most spare tires are for temporary use and aren’t meant to be driven for long distances or at high speeds and can affect the vehicle handling and braking. Most manufacturers recommend keeping speeds at less than 50 MPH and limit driving to 50 miles. Head to a tire shop where you can get have the old tire repaired or replaced if necessary.

Tire Safety and Maintenance – AAA Exchange

Don’t forget the spare tire. Tire Maintenance. The AAA Exchange was designed to foster communication between AAA and the 61 million members it represents. It is an extension of AAA’s long history of public service and provides a look into important safety, consumer, automotive and travel issues.

Spare Me! AAA Urges Motorists Not To Get Caught Without A

AAA roadside assistance asks members calling with tire issues if they have a spare tire. This helps determine how to best service members, by either putting on the spare tire to help the motorist get back on the road and later replace the tire, or towing the vehicle to a place where a replacement tire can be obtained.

Spare Me! AAA Finds Nearly One-Third of New Vehicles are

According to research from AAA, nearly one third (28 percent) of 2017 model year vehicles do not come with a spare tire as standard equipment, creating an unnecessary hassle and expense for drivers. Last year alone, AAA came to the rescue to more than 450,000 members faced with a flat tire whose cars did not have a spare tire.

AAA Puts Spare Tires On The Endangered List Thanks To Fuel

But AAA says that thanks to new fuel economy regulations, we may not have to worry about either of those things much longer, since spare tires could soon disappear altogether. We’ve spilled a lot

AAA Warning: Your New Car may not have a Spare Tire – AAA

If you cannot locate a spare tire, ensure your vehicle has an alternate solution. Options include the run-flat tires that allow the car to be driven to a safe location or an emergency sealant and inflator kit. • If you carry a sealant, AAA recommends that you check the date and replace it every five years or after its use.

AAA: Spare tires no longer a standard for new cars

(WTNH)- A study has revealed that less and less new cars are coming out with a standard spare tire.. According to AAA, nearly one-in-three 2017 model year vehicles lack a spare tire as standard

The TRUTH about AAA Roadside Assistance: Review

The AAA service provider will come out to your vehicle and put on your spare tire so you can continue your journey. However, if you don’t have a spare then the service representative will tow your car according to your membership’s towing benefit.

spare tire | Tesla Motors Club

In a modern society a spare tire is just extra weight and lost storage space. Since 2002 when I started driving I’ve had 3 flat tires and only 1 time did I need a tow but I’d bit a rock and that popped 2 tires and broke 1 rim so a spare tire wouldn’t have helped anyway.

No Spare Tire? Here's What to Do – Advance Auto Parts

You’re out on your summer road trip, driving 150 miles from nowhere. Suddenly, your tire-pressure light turns on, and the vehicle starts wobbling, signaling you’ve popped a tire. Swapping on a spare should be easy, but unfortunately, around 30 percent of new cars don’t come with spare tires anymore.

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How Can AAA Help in case of Tire? (All Questions Answered)

No, AAA will not be able to repair or patch your tire but they can install a spare tire (if you have any) or they can tow you to the nearest AAA authorised service center or any location of your choice to get your vehicle tire repaired or install a completely new tire depending upon the condition of the tire.

By eliminating spare tires, automakers leave motorists

The decline in spare tires has been striking. A decade ago, five percent of cars sold lacked a spare tire. Today, AAA says 36 percent don’t contain a spare. That number is only expected to rise as

Spare Tires Disappear From New-Car Equipment Lists, AAA

ORLANDO, Florida — Spare tires are doing a disappearing act from the new-car equipment lists, according to a new AAA study.. AAA Engineering found that approximately 36 percent of 2015 vehicles

Why You Really Do Need A Spare Tire – Particularly In

AAA’s data says that about a half-million of its members each year have a flat tire in a vehicle that does not have a spare. So, those half-million unfortunate souls get their cars towed to a

AAA for Recreational Vehicles

TIRE-CHANGE SERVICE: On dual-rear-wheel RVs get a flat tire replaced with your RV’s spare. EXTRA STUCK-WHEEL SERVICE: If a second tow truck is needed to get your camper or motor home out of a ditch or mud, you’ll get the second truck for 1 hour (Plus)/2 hours (Premier) at no extra charge. 1

Home | AAA Newsroom

AAA provides more than 61 million members with automotive, travel, insurance and financial services through its federation of 32 motor clubs and more than 1,000 branch offices across North America. Since 1902, the not-for-profit, fully tax-paying AAA has been a leader and advocate for safe mobility.

Automotive Benefits | AAA Northeast

AAA covers you for flat tire changing. The AAA service vehicle will go to the vehicle and replace your flat tire with your spare, free of charge to you. Tire service/replacement is a temporary fix and not a permanent repair. AAA recommends the member bring the vehicle to a repair facility for a permanent repair.

Triple A Towing: Is it Really the Best – SmartFinancial

AAA towing will deliver your vehicle to a repair shop, the nearest gas station, even home or wherever you ask them to take the vehicle. You can also get a tire change, if you have a spare tire, or get a jump start or new battery and more. AAA Roadside Assistance: Fuel Delivery and More

1 in 5 drivers can't change a flat tire, but many don't

A new AAA study found that 28 percent of new cars sold today aren’t equipped with a spare tire. Many automakers have eliminated spare tires to reduce weight and improve fuel efficiency in recent

How Much Is Roadside Assistance For A Flat Tire? , 2022

AAA- An auto club that offers roadside assistance and is probably the most well-known auto club. It would be best to have a tire iron, a jack, your spare tire, and gloves. For increased safety, use a jack stand to replace your jack once the car off the ground. Step 1: Lift the car.

What to Do if You Get a Flat Tire in a Rental Car – AutoSlash

Increasingly, new cars are sold without spare tires. That’s entirely legal, and it’s also legal for a rental car company to rent a car without a spare tire. While AAA is a large group of smaller associations, service extends through the United States and Canada. If you have AAA membership, be sure to note it when requesting a car rental

The Number of New Cars Without a Spare Tire Reaches New Highs

AAA has a comprehensive list of vehicles from the current model year that details spare tire status, if you’re in the market for a new ride. While the majority of autos still offer backup rubber as an option, spares tend to be missing on electric vehicles and are a rarity on certain brands — BMW and Mercedes-Benz being the most noticeable.

Road Side Assistance: How to Have a Flat Tire – A Girls

Driving on a Spare Tire — Another Caution to Consider. Just 15 minutes later and I was on my way. I had about an hour drive on the highway to get home. The spare tire can go the distance but not at the same speeds I am used to for highway driving. Spare tires have a suggested speed limit of 50 MPH; I could drive closer to 60 but not much more.

(Triple) AAA Car Insurance: Advantages and Disadvantages

AAA car insurance is famous for its emergency road service. If something goes wrong on your trip, all you need to do is call them. They offer 24-hour roadside service. If you have a flat tire, your spare tire will be installed. If no spare tire is available, the vehicle will be towed up to a certain number of miles, as specified in the policy.

No Spare Tire, What to do When You Have A Flat Tire

A few options to fix a flat tire without a spare. The days of a new car coming with a full-size spare or a donut spare are by and large over. In an effort to reduce the weight of vehicles and increase fuel efficiency manufacturers have eliminated the spare tire. These vehicles now carry the tire repair kits in place of the spare.

Obsolete Automotive parts and features – Courageous

According to AAA, spare tires have been replaced by tire inflator kits on millions of vehicles in the last 10 model years. Finding a full-sized spare is a rare occurrence. The cars I have had always had a donut spare tire, that mini tire that is not suited for driving long, just temporary.

Some Newer Cars Are Missing a Spare Tire – Consumer Reports

Carmakers are skipping the spare because of regulatory pressure to squeeze more miles out of every gallon of fuel: Ditching the 40 or 50 pounds that a tire and jack usually add to a car’s weight

Nearly one-third of new cars don't come with a spare tire

AAA also cautions that tire-patching kits offered by some automakers in lieu of a spare tire only work in fairly limited circumstances: While pretty much all vehicles can diagnose which tire is

When To Tip Roadside Assistance & How Much (AAA, Flat Tire

AAA membership costs between $40 – $165 per person per year, and these costs cover the cost of the towing company. source: Geico Roadside Assistance. Geico Roadside Assistance can be as cheap as $14 per year. Like AAA, their drivers are paid by the hour and don’t require a tip to pay their bills.

Disappearing Donuts: One-Third of New Cars Don't Come With

AAA identified 136 models that don’t include a spare tire as standard equipment, although some of those vehicles do offer one as an option. Every major automaker, from Acura to Volvo, sells at

How to Fix a Flat Tire Without a Spare

Keep the tire on the rim. Expand the puncture hole and lubricate it to prepare for repair plug insertion. Insert the repair tool and the plug all the way into the puncture. Pull the tool from the puncture hole, leaving the plug in the tire. Trim the end of the plug so that it is flush with the tire wall. 2.

No spare tire? How to handle flat | PriusChat

I’ve driven spareless AWD Sienna for 12 years, so I have no anxiety. That said, I do have AAA Premier membership with 100 miles towing distance. I do carry a tire plug kit and 12V portable inflator. I also started carrying a full size spare tire that fit perfectly wedged in behind the passenger seat.

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PDF Road Service Quick Reference Guide 2016-2017 Jaguar – AAA

AAA is not responsible for changes made by the manufacturers to the vehicles or their recommendations. Important changes in procedures and updates will be furnished to all This vehicle is not equipped with a factory spare tire. It is outfitted with an emergency sealant and inflator kit. The kit is located in the rear storage area.

Spare Tire — Tesla Forums

> > I’d just call AAA and have them tow me to a place to replace the tire. > For your lifestyle, that works. For those of us who occasionally drive through remote areas with no cellular service, a spare is the difference between inconvenience and catastrophe.

How To Plug A Tire – Best Guide to Plugging a Flat Tire

Sometimes that means replacing the flat tire with your full-size spare (you do have a full-size spare tire, right?). But just as often you can plug the leaking tire and be on your way in a matter of minutes. Swap or Plug. Whether you can safely plug a tire or not depends on how and where the tire was damaged.

PULASKI TIRE SERVICE – 18 Reviews – Tires – 7808 Pulaski

Pulaski’s really pulled through for me. After 3 separate Wawa stops for air refills and a AAA spare tire replacement, morale was low and I had only a few miles left on my spare. Thankfully Pulaski Tire Service was near. I showed up and was promptly helped by Terrence and a mechanic.

Whom Do You Call For Help With a Flat Tire?

All you have to do is call the 24/7 toll-free number. The emergency roadside assistance customer service representative will send out someone to do the tire change on the scene. Emergency towing: If that flat can’t be fixed on the scene, or if a different mechanical issue arises and the vehicle needs to be towed to a garage, the towing may be

Flat Tire? What To Do With Without a Spare Tire – AARP

Keep a tire repair kit in your car. Repair kits, which patch a small hole to keep a tire inflated, are found more commonly in cars lacking a spare. A can of sealer costs around $10, and full kits, which have an air compressor to inflate the tire, cost $20 to $80.

Model 3 has no spare tire | Tesla Motors Club

. #2. Sorry you had a flat tire. It’s pretty common for new cars these days to not have a spare. It’s a lot of weight to carry around and some don’t use a spare in their lifetime. You can get tire patching kit and/or slime and an air compressor. Reactions: Matt125, Tomc62, rjpjnk and 24 others. •••.

Shopping Guide 2021 – Why You Should Demand A Spare Tire

Top-Selling Models Have Spares For 2021. The truth is, nearly every top-selling model of vehicle in America offers a trim with a spare tire. The Ford F-150, Toyota RAV4, Toyota Camry, and Toyota

I Got a Flat Tire… Now What?

Install the spare. Finish removing the lug nuts, then replace your flat tire with the spare. Reinstall the lug nuts (tighten them by hand) and lower the car to the ground. Before driving off, finish tightening the lug nuts using the tire iron and check the pressure in the spare tire. Then stow the flat tire and tools in your vehicle. Get to safety.

Many new cars have no spare tires. What are you expected

Answer (1 of 14): Be prepared in advance. I have a Chevrolet Volt with no spare and no place to put one. There are these pesky batteries in that space. I have a membership with AAA (American Automobile Association) that provides roadside assistance including free towing to a destination of my ch

What to Do When You Get a Flat Tire & Don't Know How to

If you’re traveling, it’s late at night, or your car isn’t equipped with a spare tire, calling a pal might not be an option. Emergency roadside assistance companies provide services 24/7 for drivers who have car troubles in less than ideal times and places.

Average Cost of Changing a Tire – The Balance

Most new and used cars come standard with a jack and a lug wrench, the two most important tools that you will need, as well as a spare, often referred to as a “doughnut,” which is a smaller tire designed for temporary use in order to allow you to either drive home or to a repair center. According to the Automobile Association of America (AAA), however, the use of a doughnut is not recommended

Pulaski Tire Service 7808 Pulaski Hwy Rosedale, MD Tire

Pulaski’s really pulled through for me. After 3 separate Wawa stops for air refills and a AAA spare tire replacement, morale was low and I had only a few miles left on my spare.

PDF STEEL DECK CAR HAULER·Sealed Brake Connections

AAA ·Spare Tire Mount STEEL DECK CAR HAULER·Sealed Brake Connections 7×18 7×18 7×20 7×20 7000 9900 7000 9900 3500 5000 3500 5000 Curb Weight 2010 2180 2085 2280 Payload 4990 7720 4915 7620 2 x 2 Tube (16″ OC) 3 x 2 Tube (16″ OC) 2 x 2 Tube (16″ OC) 3 x 2 Tube (16″ OC)

On-Demand Services Challenge AAA's Roadside Assistance

AAA is one of the best-known names in roadside assistance. Start-up companies now change flat tires, charge batteries and tow cars on demand. And this new model is making AAA rethink its business.

List Of Cars Without Spare Wheel – Sparky Express Roadside

A list of cars without spare wheel, at a glance! Do you know if your car is equipped with a spare wheel? You might want to familiarize yourself with the emergency instructions for your vehicle, especially if it does not have a spare wheel! AAA has published a list of cars that don’t carry an emergency spare tire (aka “donut”).

How to Fix a Flat Tire – CARFAX

If you absolutely must change a tire yourself, follow the instructions in your owner’s manual carefully. Many newer vehicles don’t even have spare tires. AAA reports that nearly 30% of the cars and trucks produced for the 2017 model year rely on alternatives such as run-flat tires or inflator kits instead.

Will Car Insurance Pay for a Flat Tire? – Coverage for

Or, you might have it through a third-party like AAA. If you get a flat tire, you can contact your roadside assistance provider, and they’ll send a technician to change your flat tire for your spare. Keep reading to learn more about how car insurance covers flat tire claims.

2013 Ford C-Max Energi (FWD) | AAA Roadside Service

This vehicle is not equipped with a spare tire, it has an inflator kit stowed under the front passenger’s seat. It is secured in place with a Velcro strap. Follow the instructions on the kit to ensure proper installation of the tire sealant. Ford states that when the sealant is used in a tire the vehicle should not be driver faster than 50 MPH

Welcome to! – American Automobile Association

AAA Members can save on insurance, travel and much more. See how membership can pay for itself with hundreds of services and discounts. Serving residents and AAA Members in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Puerto Rico.

Home | AAA Oregon/Idaho

AAA Oregon offers world-class 24-hour emergency road service, plus travel, insurance and financial services. AAA members also receive exclusive discounts.

AAA Membership: Is It Worth It? – WFTV

AAA makes it fairly easy to cancel your membership, but you can’t cancel online. Call the Member Service Center at (800) 222-6424 to speak with one of their customer service representatives.

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