Do aero wheels make you faster?

Do aero wheels make you faster?

So there you have it, aero wheels can make you slightly faster while simultaneously making your wallet significantly lighter. Two kilometres per hour faster in this case. However, there is no need to buy them, it ultimately depends on what you want to get out of your riding.08-Jun-2016

How much faster are 50mm wheels?

Aero wheels cycling

What does disc wheel mean?

noun. a spokeless vehicular wheel, especially on automobiles, having a heavy circular pressed-steel disk mounted on the wheel hub and supporting the tire rim on its outer edge.

How much time does a disc wheel save Ironman?

So if you were to improve your aerodynamics and improve your tire selection, you’re almost 8 minutes plus 6 minutes getting close to 14 minutes in time savings over an Ironman distance race. Roughly 4 minutes per tire and 3 minutes per wheel. If you look at the top athletes in the sport right now like Sebastian Kienle.

How much quicker is a skinsuit?

When compared to a jersey and bib shorts, our testing has shown that a skinsuit is 21 to 28 seconds faster on a 25-mile-time trial when travelling at around 25mph. We tested this at a velodrome, using aCdA (coefficient of drag * area) measuring system.01-Dec-2017

Why do road bikes have disc wheels?

A huge benefit is the performance of carbon wheels, which traditionally have poor braking when compared to wheels with an aluminium brake track. Disc brakes allow for the performance benefits of carbon wheels to be maintained (or improved upon) without reducing the braking performance.

Why do racing bikes have a solid rear wheel?

Disc wheels are solid or covered wheels designed to improve airflow around the rear end of the bike and reduce drag. They became popular in the early ’80s when Francesco Moser broke the cycling world hour record on the track riding front and rear discs.

Why do cyclists use disc wheels?

Disc wheels don’t encounter the air resistance that spokes do, but they’re also heavier, less maneuverable, and can be blown around—or even right out from under you—in a strong crosswind. An indoor track, where races tend to be short and flat and require less turning, is a great place for disc wheels.Aug 7, 2012

How much faster are deep section wheels?

At gradients of less than 5%, deeper wheels are definitely faster. And at gradients of greater than 5% — at least at our amateur speeds — lighter wheels will be faster. For this average of 5% and an average speed of 10.5mph, the deeper wheels were slightly faster.

Why do road bikes now have disc brakes?

Disc brakes offer better modulation than rim brakes, meaning it’s easier for the rider to precisely meter out how much clamping power is generated. Peak stopping power occurs just before the point of lock-up, and disc-equipped bikes are better equipped to flirt with that edge without crossing over.

Which is the fastest disc wheel?

Hunt releases ‘world’s fastest aero disc wheelset’ (and actually backs it up with data) Hunt’s new Limitless 48 Aero Disc Wheelset is claimed to be the world’s most aerodynamic disc wheelset below 50mm deep and — unlike many other similar wheels — these claims are backed up with a detailed and transparent white paper.

What is a disk wheel?

1 : a disk having a spiral on its flat face for engaging with a worm wheel. 2 : a wheel presenting a solid convex or concave surface from hub to rim.

How much time do aero wheels save in Ironman?

At 20mph, a 45mm aero wheelset saves 99 seconds over 40km while the brand’s 90mm deep option ups that to 116 seconds. Or for an Ironman at 25mph, you’re looking at slicing six to seven minutes respectively. It’s also worth remembering that the lower the speed, the bigger the time savings you’ll have.

How many watts does a disc wheel save?

A standard front wheel costs about 30-40 watts at 20 mph, while a good aero 3-4 spoke wheel will only cost 15-25 watts, and a full disc wheel will cost you just 5-10 watts. In other words, you can save 10% of your power depending where you upgrade your wheels.

What is the advantage of a disc wheel?

Apart from the weight difference between the two, a disc wheel has proven to smoothen out the airflow better than any spoke wheel regardless of its rim depth. That gives the disc wheel a slight advantage over a deep section wheel, even though it still offers better aerodynamics than a standard spoked wheel.Apr 8, 2021

How much quicker is a disc wheel?

Numerous tests have shown that a disc wheel can gain 30 seconds over a deep section wheel over 40k. It has also shown you can benefit up to 2 minutes over a standard spoked wheel. However, depending on the model, the time saved will differ slightly. It will also come down to the wheel you are comparing it to as well.Apr 8, 2021

How much time does a skinsuit save?

It is estimated a close fitting skinsuit can save 3.2% of your total energy. [1] This equates to 29 seconds in a 40 km time Trial. Therefore a close fitting skinsuit represent a cost effective way to improve aerodynamics and save valuable seconds.

Why do race bikes have solid rear wheels?

Reducing the number of spokes and also using shaped spokes can also reduce the drag of the wheel. Solid disc wheels generally have low aerodynamic resistances. This is why pursuit track cyclists are using solid disc wheels on their front and rear wheels.

Why are disc wheels more aerodynamic?

Disc wheels work by smoothing the passage of side wind. Less wind turbulence means less drag and faster times. The weight of a disc wheel is not as important as the aerodynamic aid. Even on the hilliest of time trial courses, you will go quicker on a solid disc wheel.

Triathlon / TT / Track Rear Wheels – Light Bicycle

Triathlon / TT / Track Rear Wheels – Light Bicycle. TRI / TIME TRIAL / TRACK WHEELS. Shop / Tri/Track/TT Bike. Filter. UFO-C21 Full Carbon Disc Wheel Clincher Rear Disc Brake. 700C-FALCON PRO-WHEEL. UFO-C21 Disc-28mm wide-633mm deep. USD: 855+ Standard 1131g+/-50. PREVIOUS 1 NEXT.

Budget TT Disc Wheel – Equipment – TrainerRoad

Budget TT Disc Wheel. Equipment. bconchieri , 2:09am #1. Hi – I am thinking of purchasing a disc wheel for my TT bike. I currently use 60mm carbon wheels and was thinking a rear disc may offer some benefits. I would like to run a clincher setup. Any recommendations based upon your experience.

TT and Track Wheels – Pro-Lite

TT and Track Wheels Speed sports are all about aerodynamics and inertia. Wheels like the Padova Disc and the Rome provide race-level aerodynamics, these wheels will give you the ability to achieve the fastest times. Road – Disc Brakes. Aero. Rome 5-Spoke. 5-Spoke Carbon Tubular

Top 15 Best Triathlon Wheels for the year 2022 | Review

XM 119 Disc Mavic Shimano Mountain Bike ATB Wheels. XM 119 Disc Mavic Shimano Mountain Bike ATB Wheels is something that every rider may need. These are the triathlon disc wheels that blend all the features and become a good option to go for. Every rider can consider these aero bike wheels if he/she wants to have a good riding experience.

Best triathlon wheels: Top time trial wheels for when you

Disc rear wheels are one end of the spectrum that all wheels live on. The equation for deciding to go for a full disc is the same as going for a 65mm or 80mm wheel. The bottom line is that a disc

Carbon disc wheel – Zero Carbon products – TT bike carbon

Zero Wheels have been designing and manufacturing carbon-composite wheels since 2012.Zero Wheels is the latest leading manufacturer of carbon-composite wheels at Xiamen for fixed gear carbon wheelset /track carbon wheels/road bike carbon wheel /TT bike carbon wheel /TT carbon disc wheel.

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Full Disc Rear Wheel vs Deep Section for Triathlon and TT

Per ENVE, they say riders are better off on their deeper 7.8 wheelset vs. their newly released disc wheel if they cannot sustain 27+mph. I cannot sustain that over the course of a race. Per Specialized, their new Roval 321 disc is only 4 seconds faster over a 40K TT (across a variety of yaw angles and speeds).

Should You Ride A Disc Wheel For Triathlon? | TriRadar

A disc wheel is usually the fastest option on a hilly course, but let’s qualify that: if the course has a lot of steep climbs (average five per cent or more), technical descents and not a lot of flat, then I’d opt for a pair of light, aero (50-60mm deep) wheels. It can be a tough call to decide what wheels to run unless you have pre-ridden

HED Wheels | Aero Disc Wheels

Road Wheels / Aero Disc Wheels. From our clincher tyre Jet Disc through to our tubular tyre Stinger Disc or our track specific Volo Disc we have the most aerodynamic solution for your riding style, event or preference. Crush time trials, triathlons or individual pursuits with our industry leading disc wheels.


Within the Aero wheel lineup, a comparison was conducted between the two setups ARC 1100 DICUT 80/80 (front wheel/rear wheel) and the ARC 1100 DICUT 80/DISC. Using the ARC DISC wheel in the rear reduces the drag force resulting in savings of 1.8 watts* in the needed weighted power to overcome the aerodynamic resistance of the bicycle.

Buy TT/Track Wheels,TT/TRACK ,3-Spoke Carbon Wheels,5

3-Spoke, 5-Spoke, Full Disc Wheel for TT/Track Bikes. ProX 3-Spoke Carbon Wheel 700C 3-Spoke Wheel For Road-TT-Track Bikes. • 3-spoke carbon wheel for Road/TT/Track bikes • 25mm width, 55mm depth • Both tubular and clincher (tubeless) available • Disc brake and rim-brake version optional • High quality Chosen hubs from Taiwan. Hot Tags :

Carbon wheels for TT & Triathlon – Corima

CORIMA carbon wheels. For the TT and triathlon application, we have an exceptionnal quality of product. On this segment, it’s important to have the best rigidity and aerodynamic that’s why our range is plebisicited. Our collaboration with Astana since 11 season allow us to develop such exceptionnal product like the WS TT range.

Clincher Triathlon Wheels – Disc Brake Carbon Fiber TT

Best price clincher triathlon wheels in 50mm,60mm,88mm,in 23mm/25mm/27mm wide tubular,clincher,tubless carbon fiber triathlon wheelset for sale!

Triathlon / TT / Track Wheels – Light Bicycle

R88 Disc Front-Only Aero Tri/TT/Track Wheel. 700C-FALCON-WHEEL R88 disc Front Wheel-26.5mm wide-88mm deep. USD: 256+ Standard 822g+/-15

WS TT Disc Wheel for Road – Rear, Rim Brake – CORIMA USA

WS TT Disc Wheel for Road – Rear, Rim Brake In stock Add to cart $2,500.00 Shipped with Brake Pads Rim Tape Protective Wheel Bag Valve Extender Lightweight QR Skewer Data 700c ClincherRim Width: 26mmAxle: Quick ReleaseWeight: 1255gCarbon Weave: Satin Matte 3K Tire Air Pressure Do not remove the tire with any metal tool. The […]

ENVE (finally) launches disc TT rear wheel – BikeRadar

ENVE says the SES Disc Rear Wheel “is the outright fastest wheel available”, but only beyond speeds of 27mph / 43kph, so unless you can complete your local 25-mile time trial in 55:30 or less

Full Carbon Disc Wheel,Lightweight Carbon Bicycle Disc Wheels

Carbon 700c disc wheel for road, tt, track and fixed gear bicycles. Engineered design for maximum aerodynamic efficiency, our carbon disc wheel is the perfect marriage of advanced aero design and lightweight carbon fiber construction. Aero, stiff and lightweight features to help you save every last watt.

WS TT Disc Wheel for Road – Rear, Disc Brake – CORIMA USA

WS TT Disc Wheel for Road – Rear, Disc Brake. Out of stock. Corima Wheels are not currently available for purchase on this site. Shipped with. Rim Tape. Protective Wheel Bag. Valve Extender. Data. 700c Clincher Disc Brake (Shimano/SRAM) Rim Width: 26mm Thru Axle: 12mm x 100mm front, 12mm x 142mm rear Weight: 1255g Carbon Weave: Satin Matte 3K

Tubular Disc Wheel | Triathlon & Time Trial | FFWD

The FFWD DISC wheel combines well with front-wheel options that extend from the 45mm (F4R), to the 60mm (F6R), or even the 90mm (F9R) should the conditions permit. Like all FFWD wheels, our DISC wheels ship with the accessories you’ll need along with a protective wheel bag for easy and safe storage and transport.

Disc wheels – Cycling uphill

Disc wheels work by smoothing the passage of side wind. Less wind turbulence means less drag and faster times. A flat carbon disc wheel has an aero drag of 97grams. This compares to an aero drag of 154grams for a standard 18 spoke wheel (source: bsn) The weight of a disc wheel is not as important as the aerodynamic aid.

Biggest Bang For Your Buck In Time Trial – CyclingTips

5. Time Trial Wheels are getting into the expensive end of TT equipment spectrum, but they do provide some good time savings and look very PRO. Having an aero front wheel will make the most

Triathlon/TT Wheels – Hunt Bike Wheels

60 Limitless Aero Disc. A high speed race weapon that cuts through the wind but handles like a shallower rim. 62 Aerodynamicist. Pushing the boundaries of rim-brake aerodynamics to the absolute limit. 5065 Carbon Aero Disc. Ready for all out attack on the local Triathlon/TT course

Best Disc Wheels For Triathlon – TriRadar

HED JET DISC. £799. Weight 1,353g. The cheapest disc here comes from the one of the most experienced aero cycling component makers. The result is a reliably cost-effective, conventional tyre rear end for any bike. HED save money by essentially carbon skinning a standard spoked rear wheel.

ENVE (finally) launches disc TT rear wheel | Cyclingnews

ENVE says the SES Disc Rear Wheel “is the outright fastest wheel available”, but only beyond speeds of 27mph / 43kph, so unless you can complete your local 25-mile time trial in 55:30 or less

VeloElite Carbon Tri Wheelsets & TT wheels | VeloElite

VeloElite Carbon TT front wheel 88mm Designed to work perfectly with a rear disc wheels, our 88mm deep section carbon front wheel offers extemely low aero dynamic drag. As with our Triathlon wheels, we offer models with the DTSwiss 350, 240 and 180 hubs to suit a range of budgets.

TT/Track –

TT/Track; Spoke / Disc Wheels; HOME; Products. Road Rim Brake . Kaze Series . with DT350 with DT240 EXP with DT180 EXP with Carbon-Ti with Extralite with Tune with White Industry T11. Feder Series . with DT240 with DT180 EXP with Extralite with Tune with Carbon-Ti

EB18 wheels: Hunt wide carbon & TT, more DT Swiss carbon

For now this is a team-only tubular version of the TT Disc wheel, but Hunt is working with their producer to incorporate the same tubeless carbon bead onto this slippery curved aero disc profile. Coming soon! Hunt carbon Hill Climb SL tubular wheels – actual weight.

LightCarbon Lightest Full Disc Carbon Wheel TT And Track

LightCarbon Lightest Full Disc Carbon Wheel TT And Track Bike Wheels. Features: – Based on 4 carbon beam structure, with PMI filled inside to guarantee the strength and stiffness. – Inner space between 4 carbon beam are solid, with 3-layers providing great strength while still light.

Disc Wheel Vs Deep Section | Which Wheel Should You Race

How much faster are disc wheels compared to deep sections? Are aerodynamics always more important than weight? Can disc wheels keep up on a climb? In this vi

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Custom Full Carbon TT/Track Wheels,Full Disk Wheels

LightCarbon Super Light Full Disc Carbon Wheels For TT and Track Bikes. – Newest toroidal bulge design, super aero. – Super light weight. – With PMI filled inside, improve strength and stiffness, avoid noise. – Tubular and Clincher (tubeless ready) optional. – Powerway and and DT Swiss hubs optional. tags :

Carbon Tri Spoke Wheels,Fixie Tri Spoke Wheels

LightCarbon 700C Aero Carbon 5 Spoke Bicycle Wheel. – Designed for 700C Road/TT/Track bike use. – 5 blade carbon beam structure, aero and stiff. – Chosen hub system (rim brake or disc brake). – Tubular and Clincher (tubeless ready) optional. – Rim brake, disc brake and track optional. – 2 years’ quality warranty.

HED Road Wheels

Our pro range of aero disc wheels for TT & Tri. VIEW & BUY. ROAD DISC BRAKE. Choose from our multitude of road disc brake wheels. VIEW & BUY. JET SERIES. Aerodynamic, tubeless-ready clincher wheels. VIEW & BUY. BLACK SERIES. Multi depth, tubeless-ready clincher, rim brake wheels. Superior braking.

Make Your Own Aero Disc Wheel for Under $100

There is a 400g weight penalty for this, but once attached, your wheel will resemble a real disc wheel like you see on dedicated time trial (TT) bikes. While the aerodynamic benefits might not be as good as a real disc wheel, the disc cover costs $89.95, which is a fraction of the cost of an aero wheel, like the $2075 Zipp Sub-9 Lenticular disc

Carbon Bike Wheels, Tri Aero Wheels, TT Carbon Fiber Road

TT Disc 30.9mm Wide 970gr Tubeless Able Carbon Clincher. 35% Off + Free Shipping Worldwide. All Carbon Wheels In Disc Or Rim Brake & 10/11/12 Speed Call the wheel builder 7 Days 0424 446 783 or email [email protected]

Carbon Bike Wheels, Tri Aero Wheels, TT Carbon Fiber Road

35% Off TT Disc 28mm Wide 810g Carbon Tubular & 970g 30.9mm Wide Tubeless Able Clincher Track Wheel Set & Free Shipping Worldwide. Mix & Match Any Size Wheels. 810g deCADENce REAL Weight! Price Includes Delivery & Stainless Bolts. 0.00€.


THE SUCCESS INSIGHTS WHEEL TheSuccessInsightsWheelwasdevelopedtogiveyouavisualrepresentationofyourNaturalandAdaptedStyles.Refer to page 9 to identify which section of

Revolver – High Performance Cycling Wheels and Aero

Revolver Aysmm Turbulate – Disc Brake The Asymm disc wheel. A breakthrough in aerodynamic design when first launched in 2015 using our concept of asymmetry. Ongoing R&D including many hours spent in the Wind Tunnel have led to several design updates since and now our most radical aerodynamic innovation is rolled out…..Turbulate!

The New Shiv TT |

The Roval 321 is the fastest disc wheel in the world, and it doesn’t need to draft the seat tube. Instead, the seat tube and wheel blaze their own aero paths, allowing us to shave weight and improve ride quality without increasing drag. It also creates the slickest 1x setup in the start house.

Wheel Depth: How to Pick The Right One for – Triathlete

The new Aeron X falls way on the lower side of the weight scale for a disc wheel, more like a disc that costs over twice as much, and still comes with high-end features like ceramic bearings. Ron also offers a tire install service for those who don’t want to deal with the horrifyingly annoying task of mounting a tubeless tire and sealant on a

Wheels | Zipp – SRAM

303 Firecrest 650b Tubeless Disc-brake. WH-303-F650-A1. $1238 – $1453


VISION SC 55 DISC. Vision SC 55 Disc is a new light and versatile carbon racing wheelset. They have been developed using extensive wind tunnel testing and on the road with professional cyclists from EF Education First and Israel Cycling Academy, offering a great balance of performance and light weight at a competitive price.

Triathlon – Rolf Prima Wheel Systems

Ares TT Disc Brake Rear Wheel. $2,199.00 USD. Sold Out Ares6 ES Disc. $1,699.00 USD. Sold Out Ares4 ES Disc. $1,699.00 USD. Sold Out Ares3 ES Disc. $1,699.00 USD. Vigor Alpha Stealth & Vigor Alpha Stealth Disc. $1,599.00 USD. Vigor & Vigor Disc. $1,099.00 USD. Sold Out Vigor ES Disc. $799.00 USD

Road Disc Wheels & Disc Brake Wheelsets | Merlin Cycles

Factory Road Disc Wheels are factory built to meet the needs of todays disc brake bikes. Disc brake road bike wheels are designed to fit disc road bikes, usually with 142 x 12 / 100 x 12 hubs for modern bikes, but be sure to check before ordering. Gravel bike wheels can be 27.5 / 650b or 700c. Gravel wheel rims tend to be built tougher to cope

Planet X TT Bike with Zipp disc wheel – $1,050 (Mount

Stealth Carbon Pro TT bike. Shimano Ultegra 10 speed shifting. Zipp 950 rear disc wheel, Carbon front aero wheel. This bike is a rocket. 54cm Medium

FLO DISC Carbon Clincher – FLO Cycling

The goal of making a cycling wheel aerodynamic is to reduce the drag. Drag on a cycling wheel makes it more difficult to move the bike forward through the air, and consumes the watts you put into the pedals. The FLO DISC Carbon Clincher was designed to reduce the watts consumed by drag so the watts you put into the pedals move you forward.

Testing to Find the Fastest Bicycle Wheels – Hambini

A disc wheel is efficient because it limits the amount of leakage – it’s a solid boundary which air cannot permeate. The 3 star disc is available in a number of different brand names. the brand tested was deerocatcher but the same wheel is on aliexpress with a different brands. The Aerocoach front wheel is efficient because it is deep.

Triathlon / TT Bike Wheels & Components |

Shop the best selection of triathlon / tt bike wheels and components at, where you’ll find premium outdoor gear and clothing and experts to guide you through selection. HEC 1400 Spline 47 Disc Wheel. 1 color. $1,591.90. ENVE. 65 Disc Wheelset – Tubeless. 1 color. $1,750.00 (1) ENVE. SES 5.6 Industry Nine Disc Wheelset

Ses Disc Rear Wheel – Enve

The SES Disc rear wheel is for elite and professional time trialists and triathletes who are seeking maximum efficiency on race courses where average speeds will exceed 27 mph.• Intended Use: Triathlon & Time Trials• Inner rim width: 18.5mm• Aero Optimized Tire Size: 25c• Disc and Rim Brake Models Available• Tubeless Optimized; Tube Compatible• Starting at $2,700Wheelsets are

Disc Wheels – Carbonal

Carbon fiber 700c disc wheels for road, tt, track and fixed gear bicycles. – Extreme high modulus carbon construction; – Aerodynamic profile design; – Race proven by the professionals. Sort by. Filters. Disc Brake 700c Full Carbon 23mm Wide Tubular & Clincher Disc Wheels – FRONT Wheel. Regular price $755.00 $755.00. Disc Brake 700c Full Carbon

Super Cheap Aero Disc Wheel Hack | Budget TT Bike Build

Another week has gone by in lockdown and Ollie has been hard at work on his budget super tt bike build. This week he’s making an aero disc cover for his whee

carbonbeam-carbon road wheels,light road wheels,road bike

[CBDS28RCT] Super light XDR12S Asymmetric 2022 New Road disc wheels Wide 28mm (Internal 21mm)Tubular Tubeless Hookless T800 carbon Disc wheels 700c b $ 620.00 $ 4500.00 Add to Wishlist

S-Works Shiv TT Disc |

Performance Road Bikes / Shiv TT / S-Works Shiv TT Disc

Corima Disc Time Trial rear wheel with tub and cassette | eBay

corima disc wheel. This is my disc wheel used for two years of time trialling around 2005. It is perfectly true with no damage to the carbon. The transfers have signs of ware. It has a conti sprinter tub on it and a 10 speed shimano block. The bearings are superb and the cassette is 23-12. Although not the modern style it is fine for TT.

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AUTOBAHN – Lightweight

Due to its design, the disc wheel cannot compete with an aero wheel with spokes. The enormous stiffness for more propulsion is at the expense of comfort. The typical solution for a time trial bike (TT bike, triathlon bike) is therefore a disc in the back and a high profile rim or trispoke in the front.

Brake Surface,Technology

TT/Track; Spoke / Disc Wheels; HOME; Products. Road Rim Brake . Kaze Series . with DT350 with DT240 EXP with DT180 EXP with Carbon-Ti with Extralite with Tune with White Industry T11. Feder Series . with DT240 with DT180 EXP with Extralite with Tune with Carbon-Ti

Vision Metron TT Rear Disc Wheel | eBay

Vision TT Carbon Disc Rear Wheel. 10 speed Shimano/Sram. $549.47 + $109.89 shipping + $109.89 shipping + $109.89 shipping. EZDisc Solid Wheel Cover / Rim & Disc Time saving data, save £££ on disc

DIY Disc Wheel Cover : 5 Steps (with Pictures) – Instructables

Step 3: Mount the Disc Cover on the Wheel. Put the cover on the wheel. You will need to attach the cover with thin cable ties. Use a screwdriver to make holes in the cover. For each cable tie you will need 2 holes. Put the cable tie through the first hole, then behind a spoke and finally through the second hole. I used 6 cable ties per disc.

WideBoy TT Tubeless Ready Clincher Disc – Walker Brothers

Walker Brothers WideBoyTT Disc wheel, as used by Britains number 1 road team, Ribble Pro Cycling and a perfect match for our WideBoy TT Tubeless 88mm Front Clincher! Extra wide flat profile disc. Tubeless ready 25mm width rim as opposed to the standard 20mm provides superior stiffness over most flat profile discs.

Carbonbeam Carbon Fiber Wheelset of Mountain Road Track TT

[CB29XC27] Lefty 1.0/2.0 29er and 700C Road disc brake 27mm Width Carbon Mountain 29″ Wheels Five-Spoke Clincher Tubeless Compatible 5 spoke mtb wheel $ 1000.00 $ 2000.00 Add to Wishlist (1)

How much faster? TT – BikeRadar

So, I have an important TT coming up. Its about 13km, almost completely flat save a small hill for 1km at only 3% or so and only one real corner. And I have the opportunity to borrow a disc wheel and 80/90mm front, TT helmet (Kask Bambino pro), and could also get a new skinsuit(say NoPinz Bioracer).

TT disc wheel | Bike Hub

HED TT disc wheel for sale. Clincher with Ultegra 6800 11-25 10speed cluster on. Tire not included Report this ad TT disc wheel. Western Cape, Parow Used R 6,200 Message Seller Phone Number Buy with Bike Hub Pay Buy safely with Bike Hub Pay

DT Swiss has a new faster, wider, Arc 1100 Dicut Disc

DT Swiss has unveiled its new Arc 1100 Dicut Disc wheel, a wheel it says is the completion of its aero wheel range. DT Swiss designed the Arc 1100 to meet the requirements of the modern time trial

Disc Wheel Graphics on Behance

Disc Wheel Graphics on Behance. I’m a big fan of cycling, and sometimes there is a neat graphic or design in the cycling world. I’ve always thought the disc wheels that riders use in time trials were ripe for some clever and interesting designs. So here are my attempts to liven up a flat black canvas! Thanks for visiting! Join Behance.

How much faster are aero wheels? (video) – Cycling Weekly

We have a Hed GT3 trispoke front and ridiculously bling Lightweight Autobahn Disc. This is widely considered to be the ultimate time trial wheel set up and has been used by Alberto Contador

AERON X disc brake – RON wheels

Full Carbon, tubeless disc wheel with ceramic bearings. DISC BRAKES. AERON X disc brake. Save €300.00 €1,199.00. €899.00. Avalability:ON STOCK. The fastest wheel we have ever created.

Speed Tests: Zwift's Fastest* Wheelsets – Zwift Insider

Released in Zwift’s August 2021 update, the new disc wheel from DT Swiss is head and shoulders above the competition, turning in a flat test time 6.5 seconds faster than the Zipp 858/Super9. Read more about this wheelset > #2: Zipp 858/Super9. 1,508,800 Drops to purchase, must be Level 45+

Product Recall: Hunt TT (Time Trial) Disc Rear Bicycle

Product: Hunt TT (Time Trial) Disc Rear Bicycle Wheel. Hazard: The rim hooks have been found to be overly sharp and can cut through the sidewall of the tyre, leading to a loss of control and

Disc Brake 700c Full Carbon 23mm Wide Tubular & Clincher

Product Item: Disc Brake 700c Full Carbon 23mm Wide Tubular & Clincher Disc Wheels – REAR Wheel. Engineered design for maximum aerodynamic efficiency, new disc brake disc wheel is the perfect marriage of advanced aero design and lightweight carbon fiber construction.

Triathlon Wheels for Sale |

Triathlon Race Wheels for Sale. Designed to cut through the wind and shave time off the bike leg, triathlon wheels are all about aerodynamics. When looking to upgrade or replace the wheels on your triathlon bike, there are a few considerations to keep in mind such as rim depth, the materials used and your budget.


This includes the ENVE SES 3.4 Disc and SES 3.4 AR Disc, the Bontrager Aeolus RSL 37 Disc, and the Zipp Firecrest 303 Disc and 353 NSW. From our testing, you can certainly use them as all-arounders but they aren’t as fast on the flats and rollers as those in this review and are better as dedicated lightweight, climbing wheels.

Corima – Hand made Carbon Aero-Wheels | BIKE24

Both the proven and the latest wheels for disc brakes are spoked by hand. CORIMA. CORIMA Brake Pads for Carbon Rims (4 pcs.) 30,24 € * CORIMA. CORIMA DISC C+ WS TT DX – Carbon Disc Rear Wheel – Tubular – Centerlock – 12x142mm – Shimano HG – black / white.

A Case Against TT Bikes – PezCycling News

Then in 1985, Ernesto Colnago sent us his masterpiece – a TT machine with 2 Campagnolo disc wheels, the standard time trial equipment everyone wanted by then. In 1989 Greg LeMond gave us the clip-on triathlon bar and bike manufacturers married it to the existing TT bikes and that’s what we have today. That’s a quick history overview.

Disc Brake Wheels | Sigma Sports

Disc Brake Wheels. Stop like never before with a disc brake wheelset. Offering sublime braking power, choose between either 6 bolt or centre lock rotor mounting. We stock many of the biggest brands including Mavic, ENVE, Zipp and Roval, and both carbon and aluminium wheel constructions are available. Home.

AeroJacket Disc Covers – Wheelbuilder

Custom Handbuilt Wheels AeroJacket Disc Covers Hubs Rims Spokes & Nipples Tire Tube Inflation & Repair Tools & Maintenance Replacement Parts Accessories Specials & Closeouts Factory Built Wheels Gift Certificates What’s New

Clincher – Disc Brake | Bikebug

Fulcrum Racing Zero Carbon CMPTZN Disc Brake Clincher. From $1,499.99.

WheelBuilder AeroJacket Disc Cover – Final Thoughts

Wheelbuilder’s AeroJacket Disc Cover is that product today. For around $90, Wheelbuilder will take the measurements you provide of your rear wheel and build a cover out of a thick, semi-flexible plastic that screws together just below the rim and has a single-sided cutout for the valve stem, coverable by a specially-cut sticker.

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