How do drum heads affect sound?

How do drum heads affect sound?

Rock drummers, on the other hand, looking for a brighter, louder sound will often pick one-ply. The difference between coated and non-coated drum heads is that coated heads provide a warm, focused sound. Non-coated heads offer a bright, clear sound and tend to be the most common drum heads used by drummers.

What do drum sizes mean?

As a general rule, the smaller the diameter of the drum is, the higher its pitch. A snare with a 15” diameter will sound deep and fat, while a 10” diameter will produce a thinner, sharper sound. Furthermore, the deeper in size a snare gets the more body it has, though this has little influence on the pitch.

Are coated drum heads better than clear?

Generally speaking, clear drumheads are brighter than coated heads with a sharper attack and longer resonance.

Should I replace resonant drum heads?

If you prefer a less resonant sound to your drums and the drumhead still holds its pitch, it’s unnecessary to replace them. However, if you prefer a more “bell-like” resonance and they sound muted (almost dead), no matter how much you tune, you’ll probably want to change your drumheads.

What snare head should I use?

Coated heads are great for snare drums and critical if you play with brushes. You can’t get that beautiful “sandpaper” kind of sound with a clear snare head and brushes. Coated heads on toms tend to make the drums a bit warmer, while clear tom heads will give you more attack. The same goes for your kick drum.Sept 4, 2018

How do I choose the right drum heads?

If you’re a heavy hitter (or use very thick drumsticks), choose a more durable drumhead (this means a thicker head, usually 2-ply). Thicker drumheads are best for rock, metal, punk, and anything that requires hard and loud drumming.

Do I need to replace top and bottom drum heads?

Drum heads can be replaced on an as-needed basis. Replacing all of the heads every time would be unnecessarily costly and wasteful. Some experts recommend switching out the bottom drum heads, the ones which aren’t struck, either every third time you replace the top heads or, alternatively, once a year.

How do you fit drum heads?

Are all drum heads the same?

There are 2 kinds of head on each drum. The side that you hit is the batter head while the bottom skin is a resonant head. They come in single- or two-ply (1 or 2 layers of material) construction in a variety of materials and finishes.

Why are drum heads coated?

Coated drumheads tend to muffle the sound a little bit while clear options offer brighter, more open sounds. Coated options are great options for snare drums and a must if you play with brushes.

Are top and bottom drum heads the same?

Difference Between Batter and Resonant Drumheads The batter head (Sometimes referred to as the “top head”) is the part of the drum that you actually hit. The resonant head is the head of the bottom that responds to the batter being struck.

Do drum heads change sound?

A coating applied to the drumhead. The coating changes the drum sound: coated drumheads are slightly warmer, slightly more responsive, slightly less attacking, and have slightly less sustain and overtones compared to clear drumheads.

Are coated heads better than clear?

Coated drumheads tend to muffle the sound a little bit while clear options offer brighter, more open sounds. Coated options are great options for snare drums and a must if you play with brushes. You won’t be able to achieve that sandpaper sound with a clear snare head.

What size drum heads do I need?

To do this, all you need do is: Take the tape measure and put it across the open shell from one edge to the other to get a reading for the width or diameter of the shell. For example, if the exterior of your bass drum is 28 inches, you’ll be looking to buy a 28-inch head.

How do I know what size drum heads I need?

Drum head sizes are measured by diameter. Simply take some tape measure and measure the distance across each drum head. Don’t forget to write them down! There are all kinds of different drum heads so shopping for them can be a little overwhelming!

What are drum head sizes?

The width is also referred to as the head size. So that is usually called a 14″ drum. On American made drums you will see more common depths of 5″, 5 1/2″, 6″ or bigger. You will not normally see a drum that is 5 1/4″ unless someone measured it wrong.

What is the bottom drum head called?

resonant head

Drum Heads – Drum Shop

If you need new drum skins then you’re in the right place! With brands such as Evans and Remo and sizes ranging from 6″ all the way up to 26″ for bass drum heads! Evans bring the popular G1 and G2 series as well as EC2 heads, extra dry snare heads and EMAD bass drum heads – all with the brand new 360 technology! Remo s

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Code 12″ DNA Clear Drum Head £ 8.39 Code Drum Heads are a UK based brand, producing drum heads and drumming accessories. Their ethos is “to provide solid, high quality products at a fraction of the cost of the big established brands.” W Estimated delivery by 18/04/2022 Add to basket Code 12″ DNA Coated Drum head £ 9.89

Drum Heads | Shop Drum Heads at GAK.

Drum head selection is a very important process. A new drum head can improve the sound of your kit by around 30%! The choice of head combinations is endless, experimentation is the key to finding ‘your sound’. If you have any queries or need advice on drumheads feel free to call us on (01273) 665414 to speak to a member of our specialist drum team.

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Drum Heads Drum heads are an essential for any kit. If you seek replacement or upgrade heads – there’s something for you here. Top Drum Head Brands Drum Head For Drum Head Type Drum Head Size Drum Head Ply View all filters Showing 40 of 1450 products WHD 14″ Transparent Drum Head Suitable for any 14″ Drum £5.99 5 in stock WHD 14″ Coated Drum Head

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We stock thousands of drum heads or drum skins from all the biggest brands. Remo, Evans, Aquarian & Code. Next day delivery available!

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Evans G1 14″ Genera Coated Drum Head [ 2] £19.99 Evans G12 Coated 14″ £17.49 Evans Sd 14″ Power Centre Drum Head [ 1] £18.99 Prev 1 2 3 40 Next Drum Heads Including offerings from iconic brand Remo to modern leaders Evans, our drum head selection has something to cater for every need.

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Large stockist of Remo and Evans drum heads. Great prices on Remo Ambassador drum heads. Buy all your drum accessories including drum keys, ear protection (ear plugs) and bass drum holz. Specialists in New & Used Drums. Search. Shop Enquiries 0207 228 1000. Web Orders 0207 801 6913. Free Delivery Orders. Over . £99

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CODE 22″ Blast Clear Bass Drum Batter Head. £33.32. RRP: £37.49 You Save: £4.17.

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For all your drum head needs. Thanks to @coded. Another happy customer. Massive thanks to @adamsta. Fantastic tight playing by @joe_drums_oakes. Thank. It’s day 2 of @theukdrumshow. Code is here for all. We’re here. Come say hi at Stand C2. @theukdrum. We’re all set and ready. Stand C2. Wow. These dr . Hot off the press. We’ve teamed up with our friend. It’s just one day until all the

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Drum heads with a white or black coating give a subtle muffling effect. Some have internal sound rings embedded around their outer perimeter to control excess ring. Many jazz drummers put clear heads on the toms and a classic white-coated head on the snare drum, as the texture of a coated snare head sounds better with brushes.

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Custom printed bass drum heads | custom stickers

WE PRINT CUSTOM BASS DRUM HEADS. Since 2002 Customskins have been printing custom bass drum heads for the greatest bands, artists and drummers on Earth. Built for the road, built for beer, sweat and tears and for a thousand camera phones – there’s a reason the professionals come to us. We’ve printed over 10,000 custom heads for drummers worldwide.

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Drum Heads Drum Heads Drum heads are just as vital to the sound of your drum as the shell itself, so we carry a huge selection of different heads in order for you to obtain your desired sound. Read More Categories: Drum Heads Acoustic Heads Mesh Heads Percussion Heads Items 1 – 16 of 364 Sort By Meinl 12 1/2″ Artist Series Conga Head (MSA1212)

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Evans B14HDD Genera Heavy Duty Dry 14-inch Snare Drum Head 157 Remo PP-0320-PS 12/13/14/16 inch Pinstripe Clear Pro Coated Drum Head Pack 21 Evans S14R50 Snare Side Glass 500 14-inch Snare Drum Head 28 £12 00 Get it Tomorrow, Dec 31 FREE Delivery on your first order shipped by Amazon

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Drum Heads Drum heads play an integral part in crafting the drum tone you desire. Your choice of coating, use of a power spot, thickness and oil composition all have a bearing on the sound and response of your drums. We have an extensive range of drum heads so that you can craft the sound you desire.

5 Best Drum Heads For All Musical Styles (Apr 2022)

These drum heads offer immense durability as well as warm and focused sounds, and they are some of the world’s most popular drum heads. This drum heads set is constructed with 2-plies of 7-mil film and features the distinctive pinstripe around the drum which provides overtone control and increased attack.

Drum Heads –

Remo – 10″ Ambassador Hazy Snare Side Drum Head. £12.30. quick view Remo – 6″ Ambassador Clear Tom Head. £12.30. quick view Aquarian – MRS-2-12 Super-2 With Studio Ring – 12″ £12.74. quick view Evans – G2 Coated Drum Head – 10″ £12.99

Drum Heads – Drum Works

Drum Heads Our senior band Formed in 2009 as a progression route for the most advanced players coming through the school groups, Drum Heads write all of their own material and regularly perform at events around London and further afield.

Evans Level 360 Drum Heads – Drum Shop

These new drum heads have been designed with a new shape, so the drum head sits level on the bearing edge and will spin 360 degrees around the drum shell, hence the name level 360. Evans have been working on this new remodel for a number of years now, making different prototypes before they settled on their final creation… The Evans 360.

Custom Drum Skins UK | Printed Drum Heads | Rockstar Skins

Direct printed drum heads & custom drum skins UK based company. Free hole ring with every custom drum skin. Personalized bass drum heads that are printed direct to the drum skin for the best quality. Non reflective custom printed drum skins for any design. Prices start from £89.99 for your own custom drum head.

Bass Drum Heads – Drum Central

Remo are the leading name in drum heads. Their Powerstroke P3 heads are popular favourites amongst many drummers for their bass drums. However they are not unrivalled. Evans have developed a huge loyal following of drummers who trust in their level 360 technology to provide an easier and more accurate tuning across the drum.

Drum Skins & Heads for sale – eBay

Drum skins were historically made from animal hide, however, polymer (or plastic) drum heads were introduced in 1957. Polymer skins were introduced to provide consistency of the sound of the drum. Animal skins can change the sound of the drum depending on the differences in the atmosphere, such as a change in temperature or if the skin gets wet. Historically accurate performance groups may

A selection of drum heads for samba instruments including

Drum Heads, mainly from RMV, Izzo and Remo, for surdo drums, repeniques, caixas, timbas and tamborims in nylon,fiberskyn or napa (korino) form. Drum Heads, mainly from RMV, Izzo and Remo, for surdo drums, repeniques, caixas, timbas and tamborims in nylon,fiberskyn or napa (korino) form. Call us on 01728 598600 Our Showroom Our Showroom. Our internet service is running as usual to supply all

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Remo and Evans drum heads are the most recorded heads in the world, here in our drum shop in central London UK we stock a wide range, visit the shop or buy online. Heads are available individually or as Pro Pack sets in most of the popular models such as the Coated Ambassador, Emperor, Powerstroke and Pinstripe ranges. If you need advice on how

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Drum Heads Evans Snare Side Clear Drumhead – 14 inch 14″ Resonant Snare-side Drumhead with 3mil Film $12.49 (4) Compare Remo Ambassador Hazy Snare-side Drumhead – 14 inch 14″ Hazy 1-ply Snare-side Drumhead $17.50 Compare Evans Genera HD Dry Drumhead – 14 inch

Drum Heads by Remo, Evans and Aquarian – Promenade Music

Evans UV1 12″ Coated Drum Head (B12UV1) World Famous Evans Brand. Based in Long Island, USA. Founded by Chick Evans. (Page Updated 28/8/20) Check Stock On 01524 410202. Evans – A part of the D’Addario company. RRP:£16.33. View + Buy.

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Custom Printed Bass Drum Heads . Bass Drum O Port Hole Protector Ring. Price £14.50. Bespoke Artwork & Design Service. Price £25.00. Full Colour Custom Bass Drum Head. Price £79.99. Two Colour Custom Bass Drum Head. Price £72.49. One Colour Custom Bass Drum Head. Price £67.49. and band merchandise

Remo Controlled Sound CS Dot Bass Drum Heads – Drumshack

Coated Controlled Sound heads are one of Remo’s most preferred snare drum heads. Remo Clear Controlled Sound® drumheads have medium and heavy-duty drumhead characteristics. The outer area of the head’s playing surface offers mid-range tone and sensitivity while the laminated center “dot” adds durability and tonal focus. Remo Controlled Sound/Controlled Sound X – Drumheads made with

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Premier Drum Skins & Heads. Premier drum skins, or drum heads, fit onto the shell of a drum. They are held in place by a drum hoop or rim. Each drum typically has two heads: Batter head – goes on top of the drum and is the end that you strike; Resonant head – goes on the bottom of the drum; Materials used to make drum skins include: Mylar

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Drum­head Sets. Bass Drum Heads. Snare Drum Heads. Snare Drum Res­on­ant Heads. Tom Heads. Elec­tron­ic Drum Mesh Heads. Per­cus­sion In­stru­ment Drum Heads. Tim­pani Heads. Top Sellers. 1. 1692. Remo 14″ Ambassador Coated. £15.90 2. 577. Evans 22″ EMAD2 Clear Bass Drum. £48 3. 548. Remo 22″ Powerstroke 3 Clear Bass. £49 4. 249. Evans EC2S Studio / Fusion Set Clear. £45 5. 418

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Drum Heads, Remo, Aquarian, Evans, Enforcer BUY ONLINE NOW! The Best Prices On The Internet Call NOW On 01709 382220 For Friendly Advise We Are Here To Help. Code Drum Heads. Blast Drum Heads, DNA Drum Heads, Enigma Drum Heads, Generator Drum Heads, More View Category. Remo Drum Heads. Remo Value Packs & Offers, Remo Colortone Drum Heads, Remo Ambassador Drum Heads, Remo Controlled Sound CS

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Formed in 2009 as a progression route for the most advanced players coming through the school groups, Drum Heads write all of their own material and regularly perform at events around London and further afield. As well as acoustic drumming performances in the regular Drum Works ensemble set-up, Drum Heads work with guest artists to incorporate other styles, influences and formats into their

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Medium to heavy use. Strong attack slightly dampened sustain. Quality Aluminium Rim with Steel Core. 10 Mils clear PET head with surface black donut dot. Available in sizes 6,8,10,12,13,14,15,16 and 18″. Average price indicator – LAW 14″ – £11.49.

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Beginner's Guide to Choosing Drum Heads – quiet drummer

Drum heads, aka drumheads or skins, have a huge responsibility on your drum set. Without them, you literally cannot play your drums, so choosing drum heads which are right for your style and drum setup is vital. With the right heads and tuning, even a dirt cheap drum kit can be made to sound halfway decent. The same goes for a top end kit – you need to put some thought put into the heads you

The Ultimate Guide to Drumheads for Stage and Studio Drummers

All drum heads companies basically offer the same technologies and features, labeled under different names, but all with one common goal: reducing unwanted overtones. These features can be: A dampening agent applied between a two-ply head; A center “dot” to extend the lifespan of the heads by reinforcing its hitting point; An inlay ring, to reduce harmonics; On the image below, you can see

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Drum Heads. Calf heads re-lapped including: Bongos. Military drums. Timps. Tom toms. Bass drums. Snare drums etc. REMO heads are in stock including Premier Pre-International.

Competition: A Full Set Of Evans Drum Heads! | Drummers Only

Competition: A Full Set Of Evans Drum Heads! By Adam MacEachran 21st February 2022 19. on Competition: A Full Set Of Evans Drum Heads! 1 min read. One lucky drummer will be in with a chance to WIN a FULL SET OF EVANS DRUM HEADS! Prizes Include: 1x Evans 14in G1 Snare Batter Head. 1x Evans UV2 Coated Tom Pack (10, 12, 16)

Mesh drum heads vs rubber pads: which are better for

We’ve spoken a lot about technical aspects of playing mesh drum heads vs rubber pads, but as well as the ability to ‘tune’ the playing surface to feel correct for the drum you’re emulating, there are other playing techniques to be had. First up is the drum rims. On a snare drum, this is used to give you a loud rimshot or cross-stick sound. As mentioned, rubber pads do feature a ‘rim

Bass Drum Heads – Thomann UK

26″ Bass Drum Heads. Other Bass Drum Heads. Top Sellers. 1. 577. Evans 22″ EMAD2 Clear Bass Drum. £48 2. 548. Remo 22″ Powerstroke 3 Clear Bass. £49 3. 202. Evans 22″ EMAD Heavyweight Bass Drum. £48 4. 191. Evans 20″ EMAD2 Clear Bass Drum. £45 5. 238. Aquarian 22″ Super Kick II Clear Bass. £46 6. 218. Evans 22″ E-Mad Reso Bass Drum BK. £49 1000 piece(s) sold Remo Encore 16″ Ambassador

Best Mesh Drum Heads | 2022 – Drumming Tips

When it comes to electronic drum kits, Roland has been a pioneer in many things, including mesh drum heads. That happened back in 1998 when Roland introduced the first V-Drums kit with snare, tom, and kick mesh drum heads.. What may not seem like a big deal completely revolutionized the world of electronic drum kits thanks to their durability, adjustable tension, and realistic feel.

Mesh Drum Heads with Triggers – Brand New Tune

Mesh drum heads refer to a type of material used for drum heads, the part that you play with your drum sticks. In most situations when you examine a different electronic set of drums you can choose between rubber or mesh. Mesh is the higher-end model that gives you the same type of flexibility and playability as an acoustic set of drums.

Custom bass drum heads – Customskins

Custom printed brushed aluminium bass drum head. Regular price. £119.99. View.

Top 10 Best Mesh Drum Heads – Our Picks 2022 – GeekyDeck

We analyzed and compared 49 mesh drum heads sold for nearly 49 hours, and considered the opinions of 691 consumers. Following our last update, our favorite model is the Remo Silentstroke Drumhead, 10″.However, if you don’t want to spend extra then we have another vast option for you is Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbal Pack – LV468 w/ Remo SilentStroke Heads.

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Evans B10UV1 10-Inch Coated Snare/Tom Batter Drum Heads £30.50 Fast & Free Delivery. Evans 8 inch Drum Head – Black Chrome £24.54 Fast & Free Delivery. Evans B16EC2S Edge Control 16-inch Tom Drum Head £44.13 Fast

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Remo 14in Cybermax Drum Head, suitable for the Premier HTS350, 400, 700 and 800 drums.The Cyberma.. £67.50 Ex Tax: £56.25. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Compare this Product. Remo 14 inch Cybermax Universal. Remo 14 inch Cybermax drum head. Suitable for the Andante Reactor and Pearl FFXP1412 ssnare drums.. £67.50 Ex Tax: £56.25. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Compare this Product. In

Tama Drum Heads Best Review Of 2022 | Zero To Drum

Tama mh14t is a 14-inch drum head with unique features. The drum head has a black polish finish with a classic star logo printed on the surface with white paint. This drum head is suitable for study and training because it produces the sounds needed. This drum head weighs approximately 1.76 ounces, and it is also suitable for studio recording.

Remo ColorTone Drum Heads review – MusicRadar

Remo has actually employed Skyndeep since 2007, particularly on world percussion heads, but Jeff reveals that customer requests were behind the reintroduction of coloured drum kit heads. Particularly – and unsurprisingly – from owners of all types of Perspex/acrylic kits. “There has always been demand for coloured heads in a popular, musical open-sounding drum head,” he explains.

Drum Heads

Marching Drum Heads. Check It Out. World Percussion Heads. Check It Out . Showing 1 – 30 of results Page 1 2 3 . . . 46 > PRODUCT. Remo Powerstroke Pro Clear Ambassador Drumhead 23″ $65.64 $109.40. PRODUCT. Remo Ambassador Vintage Coated Drumhead 6″ $14.00 $31.20. PRODUCT

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You can setup an online account with Drummers Only so you can keep track of all orders placed through our website. Just hit the ‘sign-up’ button below. If you already have an

Drumhead – Wikipedia

A “drum key” is a four sided wrench used to screw the tension rods into the lugs. Muffling. Drummers occasionally muffle their drums using special drumheads. Some drumheads come pre-muffled. Most muffling is done by external muffles. See also. Vibrations of a drum head for an illustrated mathematical treatment; List of drum manufacturers

Reso Bass Drum Heads – Sound Attak

Evans 18″ Resonant Black Bass Drum Head. Evans 18″ Resonant Black Bass Drum Head. Base price: £42.50. Base price with tax: Sales price with discount: Sales price: £37.99. Discount: £-4.51.

Aquarian drum heads | Buy at UK official stockist Footesmusc

Aquarian drum heads are made in the USA and are available in a wide range to suit your playing style and the to help you achieve the desired sound you are hoping to hear coming from your drum kit. For live or recording Aquarian have a suitable drum head for you.

Bass Drum Heads – Sound Attak

Code Snare Drum Heads Sterling Reverse Dot Coated DNA Single Ply Snare Generator Heavy Duty Twin Ply Snare Zero Reverse Dot Coated Code Tom Heads DNA Single Ply Reso Ring Generator Heavy Duty Twin Ply LAW Clear w/ Black Dot Earthtone Drum Heads Custom Bass Drum Logo Head Kentville Kangaroo Hide Drum Heads . Refine Results. Price £ to £ Shopping Cart. Cart empty. Sound Attak – The Famous Drum

Drum Heads – New & Used Drum Heads For Sale | Reverb

The general rule of thumb with drum heads is that the less plies/thinner the drum head is, the more open the sound. In contrast, thicker drum heads with more plies often translates to a fatter, more full tone. Conventional wisdom says that the best way to find your perfect sonic fit is to mix and match until you find the right configuration for you.

Remo Colortone – Drum Shop

Remo 16″ Emperor Yellow Colortone Batter Drum Head. £31.67. RRP: £39.59 You Save: £7.92. Remo 13″ Powerstroke 77 Green Colortone Batter Drum Head. £32.19. RRP: £40.24 You Save: £8.05. Remo 13″ Powerstroke 77 Orange Colortone Batter Drum Head. £32.19. RRP: £40.24 You Save: £8.05. Remo 13″ Powerstroke 77 Red Colortone Batter Drum Head . £32.19. RRP: £40.24 You Save: £8.05. Remo 13

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Snare Drum Heads – Robert Geary Ltd

Snare Drum Heads; Tenor Drum Heads; Gifts; Hearing Protection; Leg Rests; Maces; Marching Cymbals; Merchandise; Practice Pads; Snare Stands; Snare Sticks; Spare Parts; Stick Grip; Tuning Gauges; Waterproof Snare Covers; Clearance; Drum Set; Highlandwear; Marching Drums; Piping; Menu. Search for: Search. Marching Drums. Drum Corps Bass Drums Drum Corps Snare Drums Drum Corps Multi-Tenor Drums

Best drum heads for recording – DRUM! Magazine

This drum head features two plies of 10mil film, providing maximum durability, compressed attack, and a wide dynamic range. The 3 mil reverse dot lends extra durability to focus on the center. Most muffled drum heads Photo by Often black drum heads are the most silenced ones. So if you like drum heads with the short tone, reduced

Mesh head guide for drummers – Drum Faster

Drum-tec Design Mesh Heads. With the Drum-tec design mesh heads, you are getting an all-around drum head. It has volume reduction, a good feel and accurate triggering. For a drummer looking for the best overall mesh head, this is a good option. Sizes available: 6″ to 16″ tom heads; 18″ to 26″ bass drum heads; View on drum-tec. 3 ply

Best 2022 Review Quiet Drum Heads | Zero To Drum

The giant drum head is about 24 inches in diameter. Hence, muffling a bass drum head won’t be an issue at all. Remo Silent Stroke Drumheads are among the best options you can get on the market currently. You can get complete kits that include various kinds of heads of different sizes. You can look for each piece separately if you play on some unique set. Electronic Drum Kits Alesis Forge

Remo Ambassador Vs Emperor Drum Heads Ultimate Comparison

Coated drum heads produce a warmer and slightly more muffled sound. Even when tuned to the same pitch, coated drum heads produce warmer tones, whilst clear drum heads offer greater attack. Materials and Construction. What’s going to separate the Remo Ambassador vs Emperor drum heads is the construction of them. The Remo Ambassador is the most popular drumhead in the world, and it features a

Custom Bass Drum Head – Print Your Design! – ADC Drums

Custom Bass Drum Head – Your Design at the Front! We’ve offered a custom bass drum head printing service to our local customers for years now. We have new printer that does such a good job with a quick turn around, we’re now confident we can roll it out nationwide. So the deal is; you buy this item in the your preferred head size, send us an email with: Your order number as a reference

Used Drum Heads & Skins for Sale in E7 | Gumtree

An Assortment of 23 Drum head In sizes 8″ 10″ 12″ 13″ 14″ 16″ 20″ and 22″ various makes some Remo coated Mapex and other brand good condition and great as spares or to change current damaged Drum heads. Allm sold together only Contact Steve cash on c £65. Ad posted 24 days ago Save this ad Stuff for Sale . Top searches Top locations Top Searches in the UK drum heads; Top Searches in Forest

Drum Heads | Wide Variety In Stock | Sweetwater

Thinner drum heads produce a bright and very complex accent with a sensitive response. Besides their additional longevity, thicker heads will amaze you with their wide tuning ranges and greater amounts of attack. When it comes to choosing drum heads, the bottom line is to consider which genres of music you usually play and what kind of sound you want to hear. If you’re into a heavier sound

Evans 12" EC2 Clear Drum Head 19954955113 | eBay

Evans EC2 series features two plies of 7mil film with optimized attack, tone, length of sustain and ease of tuning for each size head. All Evans drum heads are designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA.

Jim Kilpatrick Percussion – Online Shop – Drum Heads

The Remo Starfire Chrome bass drum head is one of Remo’s the speciality range of drum heads. The Remo Starfire combines tonal quality, attack and projection with its stunning and stylish Chrome finish. The Remo Starfire Chrome bass drum head is the perfect partner for bass drums fitted with polished chrome hardware. The Remo Starfire bass head is available in 28″ diameter. drum heads

Drum Gel, 12 Pcs Clear Drum Dampener, Drum Damper Gel Pads, Non-toxic Soft Drum Sound Dampening, Tone Control for Your Drum Head. 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,004. $6.99 $ 6. 99. Get it as soon as Thu, Apr 21. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Only 14 left in stock – order soon. Evans REMAD Resonant Bass Drum Head, 22 Inch. 4.9 out of 5 stars 557. $49.99 $ 49. 99. Get it as soon as

Jobeky 2 ply Prestige mesh heads Archives | Jobeky Drums

14″ Jobeky NEW Prestige 2 ply Premium Mesh head with Micro-Weave Technology. 0. out of 5. £ 19.80. Add to cart. Add to Wishlist. Quick View. Add to Wishlist. Jobeky 2 ply Prestige mesh heads, Meshheads, Uncategorized.

Remo 14" Vintage Ambassador Drum Head – Drum Shop

Remo Ambassador Vintage Tom/Snare/Floor Tom Drum Head. Vintage Drum Head: The Vintage A drum heads are based on the original Remo Ambassador heads that were introduced in the late 50’s. The vintage Ambassador heads are constructed of 2-ply 7.5- and 3-mil polyester film, giving you a soft feel and excellent durability. Size: 14″ Code: Coated – VA-0114-00

Drum Heads – Artist signed collectibles and gifts

Drum Heads (2095) Pick Guards (1393) Frequently Asked. Questions. About Us $ 0.00 0. Click The Category First To Search Only Those Items Signed By An Artist! [All Guitars] [Pick Guards] Home / Drum Heads. Drum Heads. Show Filters Showing 1-12 of 2095 results

A Full Set of Mesh Drum Heads / Practice Drum Heads | eBay

To replace your normal drum heads for quiet practice. Good used condition. Various makes as per pictures.

Drum Heads | Percussion Source

Remo Falams II Smooth White KL-0214-SA 14″ Marching Snare Side Drum Head. Item No. 253383 In Stock. $95.20 $42.95. Add to cart. Remo Fiberskyn MO-2516-FA 16″ Mondo Djembe Head. Item No. 257425 In Stock. $123.20 $67.95. Add to cart. Remo Fiberskyn MM-2014-F4 14″ Pre-Tuned Mondo Tubano Head. Item No. 253715 Temporarily Out of Stock, Reserve Yours Today. $129.60 $70.95. Add to cart. Remo

Evans Drumheads (@EvansDrumheads) | Twitter

Evans Drumheads. @EvansDrumheads. ·. . An impressive performance arrives today from Lenny “The Ox” Reece, playing a selection from “Blow Out (Remix)” by Lenny and The Magnolia Kids. He’s using Black Chrome (Snare), Hydraulic Red (Floor Tom) and EMAD Calftone (Kick) drumming implements across his kit. 0:57.

Pre-Loved Products – Drum Shop

Drum Shop Unit 11, Industrial Road Hertburn, Washington Tyne & Wear NE37 2SF UK Opening times Mon-Fri: 10am – 5.30pm Sat: 11am – 4pm Sun: Closed Newcastle Drums Ltd T/A Drum Shop. Contact. [email protected] 0191 4187113

Bass Drum Heads | DV247

The Remo Powerstroke 3 Colortone 24″ Bass Drum head in violet is undoubtedly one of the most popular drum heads ever. The single layer construction offers a lot of sound and low end, the integrated Short notice delivery possible, 8-11 working days. £ 64.00. Add to Cart. Compare. Item-Nr.: DRU0022808-000 . Remo Powerstroke Pro, ebony, 22″, BassDrum Batter. Ordered, estimated to be in stock

Best Drum Heads for Metal & Rock – Snare, Tom & Bass Drum

This is a drum head for hard-hitters through and through. If you’re in a metal band and you need to put a lot of energy into playing, having an EC Reverse Dot on your snare will make you feel secure and at peace that it most likely won’t break in the middle of a show, making it one of the best snare heads for metal. A couple of other good things about the head are that it’s easy to mix

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