Was Paul McCartney successful after The Beatles?

Was Paul McCartney successful after The Beatles?

Commercial Success McCartney’s popularity as a solo artist is matched by only a handful of artists in rock history. He topped the charts post-Beatles nine times, a mark surpassed by just 10 artists, including the Beatles.

What was the Beatles last No. 1 hit?

The Long And Winding Road

Which Beatle had the biggest solo hit?

Despite Harrison’s accolade, Paul McCartney achieved the greatest chart success through the sheer quantity of music he has released. Macca was the most prolific Beatle whose solo career outlasted the other Beatles, especially both John Lennon and George Harrison, whose lives were taken from them far too early.Nov 6, 2021

How many number 1s did The Beatles have in the UK?

17 UK number one singles

What was The Beatles 1st number 1 hit?

After 1969, as far as the history books were concerned, “From Me to You” had become the Beatles first No. 1 hit after being released by the band as their third single in April 1963. Whether “Please Please Me” stalled at No. 2 or climbed to No.

What were the Beatles No. 1 hits?

Stuart Sutcliffe albumsView 3+ more

What is the most played Beatles song of all time?

“Hey Jude” is still the biggest hit music of the Beatles’ run, but it’s the best-played song in Billboard chart history. The Beatles have no doubt about their status as best-selling artists on the planet, with 183 million albums certified in America alone.Jul 4, 2021

What was the Beatles first #1 hit?

“Love Me Do” is the debut single by the English rock band the Beatles, backed by “P.S. I Love You”. When the single was originally released in the United Kingdom on 5 October 1962, it peaked at number 17. It was released in the United States in 1964, where it became a number one hit.

How many Beatles songs were top ten?

34 Top 10 hits

Which Beatle had the most Top 10 hits?

Once again, McCartney leads the group with nine number-one charting singles. Perhaps surprising to some is that George Harrison ranks second in the most amount of number-one singles as a solo Beatle.Nov 6, 2021

How many No. 1 hits did The Beatles have?


Which Beatle had the most hits after The Beatles?


Which Beatle had the most #1 hits?

Once again, McCartney leads the group with nine number-one charting singles. Perhaps surprising to some is that George Harrison ranks second in the most amount of number-one singles as a solo Beatle.06-Nov-2021

What was Ringo Starr’s biggest solo hit?

“It Don’t Come Easy” (1971) Partly a foretelling of the laid-back ease of Seventies soft rock (“you don’t have to shout or leap about”), 1971’s “It Don’t Come Easy” is nonetheless deservedly Starr’s most acclaimed hit.Jul 7, 2021

What is the top selling Beatles song?

‘Hey Jude’ turned out to be the most successful Beatles single.

How many Top 10 UK hits did the Beatles have?


What was the Beatles 1st number 1 hit?

From Me to You

Which Beatle had the first solo No. 1?

George Harrison

Best Beatles Songs – Top Ten List – TheTopTens

My favourite songs by The Beatles: 1st Here comes the sun 2nd Penny Lane 3rd Let it be 4th All you need is love 5th Strawberry fields forever 6th Help 7th I wanna hold your hand 8th Hey Jude 9th Lucy in the sky with diamonds 10th She loves you The Beatles is the best boy band EVER! And George Harrison is the best singer EVER!.

The Top Ten Beatles Songs of All Time – Rolling Stone

“In My Life,” featuring Lennon’s most personal lyrics up until that time, is one of only a handful of Lennon-McCartney songs where the two strongly disagreed over who wrote what. For more on “In My

Top 10 Beatles Songs – YouTube

Latest Content – https://linktr.ee/martyschwartzPatreon – https://www.patreon.com/MartyMusicWebsite – http://www.MartyMusic.comMerch – https://teespring.com

Top 10 Beatles' songs – Discover Walks Blog

In the UK, this song almost shot to the #1 spot on the day of release – if it hadn’t been for the Beatles’ other song, ‘She Loves You.’ This song was the group’s first American #1 hit, and became the best-selling single worldwide for the band, selling over 12 million copies. 4) In My Life

Top 10 Beatles Songs | WatchMojo.com

“Happiness is a Warm Gun,” The Beatles or The White Album (1968) “Drive My Car,” Rubber Soul (1965) “Eleanor Rigby,” Revolver (1966) “I Want You (She’s So Heavy),” Abbey Road (1969) “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967) “A Hard Day’s Night” A Hard Day’s Night (1964) “Come Together” Abbey Road (1969)

The Top 10 Beatles Songs Of All Time

These are the top ten Beatles songs in particular order. 1. “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.” Honestly just an all around hit. 2. “Yellow Submarine.” Quite basic to some but how could this iconic song which was considered to be written for Ringo. 3. “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.”

Top 25 Beatles Songs – LiveAbout

01 of 25 “She Loves You” (1963) Courtesy Swan The Beatles began recording “She Loves You” on a tour bus in England in late June 1963. They recorded it on July 1, 1963, less than a week later. The “yeah, yeah, yeah” line in the chorus became one of the most memorable of the Beatles ‘ career. “She Loves You” was released in the UK .

The 50 greatest Beatles songs – MSN

The Beatles’ first No. 1 hit in the U.S. kicked off the British Invasion and galvanized rock ‘n’ roll at a time when the rebellious art form had lost its edge. The Fab Four changed all that when

Songs By The Beatles – Top Ten > waynecochran.net

7. “Eleanor Rigby” The Beatles lyrics were literarily poignant, and few of their songs show this as much as “Eleanor Rigby.” It explores the irony that so often in life, people face loneliness while there are others right there also going through the same experience. Buy now on: Amazon | iTunes 6. “In My Life”

The Best Beatles Songs of All Time, Ranked by Fans

By 1963, the group started releasing popular songs, including “Please Please Me” and “Love Me Do.” The phenomenon of “Beatlemania,” typified by mobs of young girls screaming and rioting whenever the band appeared in public, took hold this same year.

The 10 Best Beatles Songs Of The 1960s | Rocks Off Mag

Top Ten Best Beatles Songs – from 1965 – 1966 1.) Help! Help! w as, and is the title track to the Beatles album that was recorded as the soundtrack for the nineteen sixty-five movie, also called Help! which starred the band and has become widely recognized as the original blueprint for the music video.

Top 10 Songs by the Beatles – Top Ten Beatles Songs

Who looked like you” Video unavailable Watch on YouTube Watch on Great collaboration among the group plus the lyrics “everybody has a wet dream” makes this a winner. 7. Revolution 1 “You ask me for a contribution Well you know We’re doing what we can But when you want money for people with minds that hate

Top 10 Most Popular The Beatles Songs – YouTube

I don’t own any of these songs. All copyrights go to The Beatles respectively.

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The 10 best Beatles songs written by George Harrison | Louder

8. Long, Long, Long (1968) A dreamy lament which can be found languishing on side three of the Beatles White Album. Be sure to seek it out, as this is one of Harrison’s most affecting lyrical themes. Note the added effect at the close of the song – the sound of a wine bottle reverberating on top of an amp. 7. Blue Jay Way (1967)

Our top ten Beatles songs. : indieheads – reddit

For the hell of it, here’s the top 40. 11) Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) (267 pts) 12) Dear Prudence (229 pts) 13) Here Comes the Sun (225 pts) 14) Hey Jude (224 pts) 15) I’m Only Sleeping (212 pts) 16) Yesterday (202 pts) 17) For No One (184 pts) 18) Helter Skelter (166 pts) 19) Come Together (155 pts) 20) Blackbird (154 pts)

Top 10 greatest Beatles songs ever released

Rock icon and legendary Beatles member John Lennon would have celebrated his 81st birthday today. Born October 9, 1940, Lennon was influential in the music scene up until his death in 1980 after being shot outside The Dakota in New York City. In honor of the late visionary, let’s take a look back at the Top 10 Beatles songs of all time.

Our Top Ten Best Beatles Songs List of 1965 – 1966 | Eagle

Top Ten Best Beatles Songs – from 1965 – 1966 1.) Help! Help! w as, and is the title track to the Beatles album that was recorded as the soundtrack for the nineteen sixty-five movie, also called Help! which starred the band and has become widely recognized as the original blueprint for the music video.

The 20 Best The Beatles Songs of All-Time

The Beatles’ Money “That’s What I Want” was a befitting ending to their second album, With The Beatles. The song was originally written by Berry Gordy and Janie Bradford of Tamils and was recorded by The Beatles in seven takes. In 2018, Time Out London ranked the song at position 24 on their list of the greatest songs by The Beatles. 17.

Top 10 Beatles Songs in History | The Dope Lists

There were 12 takes, and the final one was considered the most successful. It was released both in the UK and USA in July 1965. “Help” was on the top of the charts in both countries. 9. “Hey Jude” Video unavailable Watch on YouTube Watch on “Hey Jude” was written by Paul McCartney and released in August 1968.

My Top 10 Favorite Beatles Songs | Her Campus

I Want to Hold Your Hand (Album: Meet The Beatles!) (1964) This was The Beatles’ song that introduced Beatlemania in America. By 1963, The Beatles became stars in England, but couldn’t break through into the US.

The Top Ten Worst Beatles Songs – Vice

10. “Here Comes the Sun” The introduction melody to this song reminds me of waking up in a coffee commercial. A young man opens his eyes, stretches, puts on his slippers, and comes downstairs to

Top 20 Beatles Songs – THE CRITIC

On top of that it has about the greatest trumpet solo in a rock song ever (although it may be the only trumpet in a rock song). Truly amazing song. #11 Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) Wow. This is one of the the coolest sounding songs of all time, mostly due to Georges sitar but John’s lyrics are so mysterious and strange it adds to the song.

Top 10 Best Beatles Songs of All Time | Pocket Symphony

The Beatles are one of the best musical groups of all time. With that said, narrowing down their songs to just the best 10 is a tall order. However, our idea of the top 10 best Beatles songs of all time discussed above is a great place to start on a listening tour of this iconic rock and roll band.

The Best Beatles Songs Top 10 All-Time List | My Wedding Songs

The Best Beatles Songs Top 10 All-Time. Last Updated: January 4, 2022 | Written by Matthew Campbell. The Beatles are an English (Liverpool) rock band. In February 1964 the Beatles came to America. Two days later, the band was featured on The Ed Sullivan Show.The band members are George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr.

The 10 Worst Beatles Songs Of All Time | Louder

The Beatles, to be clear, were seminal, visionary, belief-buggeringly brilliant. But given their head-spinning output in those ten years – over 300 songs – they were bound to drop the odd bollock. Here, we’ve swept up ten of them, as a reminder that even gods can’t get it right all the time.

10 Weird Beatles Songs – I Love Classic Rock

10 Weird Beatles Songs. The Beatles in Strawberry Fields Forever – The Beatles / Youtube. Beyond the Beatles’ reputation as absolute pop royalty during their heyday, the band’s boldness to explore that which was not yet known as one of their most enduring qualities. In this list, you will find how the Fab Four happily abandoned normalcy in

What are the Top 20 Beatles Songs? – American Songwriter

The band recorded more than 300 tracks in total, and all of them are arguably classics. We’ve rolled out all 20 of them, top-notchers, one-by-one, and now they’re all in one place for your

10 Easy Beatles Songs on Ukulele – Musician Authority

Top 10 Beatles Ukulele Songs to Play. 1. Hey Jude. Hey Jude is one song perhaps every Beatles fan knows. The iconic music video, the chorus, and the climax of the song are all well known. According to Billboard, it’s one of the 10 greatest songs of all time. The chords are pretty simple altogether, and so are the lyrics and beats.

The Top Ten Beatles Songs – Rolling Stone

Check out the top 10 songs now, before the issue hits stands. “The Beatles: 100 Greatest Songs” also features Paul and John talking about their favorite tracks, the Fab Four’s best cover songs

Top 10 Beatles Singles – HowStuffWorks

The story of The Beatles is truly epic. Not only did they create some of the most popular music in the history of rock ‘n’ roll, but when Rolling Stone magazine compiled its 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, The Beatles beat out everyone else with a whopping 23 songs on the list.. For a week in 1964, John, Paul, George, and Ringo had 12 songs on Billboard’s Hot 100, including the number one, two

The 40 greatest Beatles songs ever, ranked – Smooth

It eventually became one of the Beatles’ best-loved recordings, and was even touted as one of the best love songs ever by Frank Sinatra. Hey Jude. One of the band’s biggest hits, the writing and recording of the single coincided with a difficult period of upheaval in the Beatles.

Top 10 Beatles Songs

The Beatles: The Fab Four; probably the most successful band in history, with the highest selling albums. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison are probably the biggest icons of rock music of all time. Though they reigned the music world for just 10 years, from 1960 -1970, their music lasts forever. I had a tough time keeping this list so short!

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10 of The Best Beatles Love Songs – LiveAbout

The songs of the British rock group the Beatles are known for their vitality and variety, covering all genres of the day from pop ballads to hard rock to acid rock to Indian ragas to basic rock’n’roll. They wrote some astounding love songs, too, and here are some of the best. It’s difficult to limit such a list to a particular number as there are so many beautiful Beatle love lyrics.

10 Most Famous Songs By The Beatles | 10 Best Beatles Songs Ranked

The Beatles created music that every music lover cherish to the core. We have handpicked 10 of most famous melodies by The Beatles which will transport you to back in those times.

My Top 10 Favorite Beatles Songs – Forces of Geek

However, the rules were pretty simple: make a video and list your Top 10 favorite songs by The Beatles. Anyone who loves The Beatles will instantly realize that this is a difficult task. Out of the 200 or so songs that they recorded, there are only a few stinkers.

Billboard US Charts – Beatles

The Beatles hold one of the most astonishing occurrences that will probably never happen again. Twelve songs on the Billboard Hot 100 belong to The Beatles. The following week; two additional songs made the chart as well, There’s A Place & Love Me Do which gave The Beatles 14 of the top 100 songs.

Top 10 Beatles Songs With Philosophical Themes – ThoughtCo

Most of the Beatles songs, like most pop songs, are about love. But as the group’s music developed, so their subject matter moved beyond “She loves you yeah, yeah, yeah,” and “I want to hold your hand.” Some of their most excellent songs express, illustrate, or connect up with more philosophical ideas.

Beatles on Spotify: Top 10 Most Streamed Songs in US

The Beatles Source: CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images According to Billboard, in just two days of the Beatles’ music being available via Spotify, over 673,000 playlists on the streaming service added songs from the band to their streams.In the United States and abroad, “Come Together” is the most streamed song to date. Below are the top 10 most streamed songs by the Beatles on Spotify in the

Top 10 Beatles Songs – IGN

IGN Music’s Top 10 Beatle Songs. 10. “Dear Prudence”. Culled from their 1968 album The Beatles (aka The White Album ). This Lennon/McCartney track features the Fab Four deep in their pop tinted

50 Best Beatles Songs of All Time – the Fab Four's Finest Hits

Which makes ranking the 50 best Beatles songs particularly difficult. In polling the biggest Beatlemaniacs on our roster, we discovered, unsurprisingly, love for every era of Beatledom, from the

Ranking the 10 Best Beatles Albums of All-Time

The Fab Four may have defined the ’60s, but they never became a relic of the decade. Their albums still sell, their songs still inspire, and their songwriting genius still makes lesser talents weep. These, the 10 best Beatles albums of all time, are why. 10. With The Beatles

The 10 Best Forgotten Beatles Songs – Paste

Here, then, are the 10 best forgotten Beatles songs. 1. “All Together Now”. If you’ve never seen the classic, psychedelic cartoon film Yellow Submarine, there’s a good chance you’ve

Top 10 Songs The Beatles Gave Away – Mildly Pleased

Billy J. Kramer was another one of those artists that only seemed to exist because The Beatles had too many songs. Managed by Brian Epstein, a great deal of Billy’s material was table scraps left by the group. “Bad to Me” was his biggest leftover as it went on to be a top ten single in the states.

The Beatles' songs – complete A-Z list!

Top Ten Club. Paul McCartney buys 7 Cavendish Avenue, London; Live: Star-Club, Hamburg; Fab Forum; The Beatles’ songs – complete A-Z list! Welcome to the Beatles Bible! The Beatles’ albums in order – complete list! Filming: Help! Days in the life: The Beatles’ history; Filming: A Hard Day’s Night; Recording, mixing: The Ballad Of John And Yoko

The Beatles' singles – ranked! | The Beatles | The Guardian

On the flip: the simultaneously thunderous and dreamy psych of Lennon’s Rain, perhaps the best Beatles B-side of all. 2. Hey Jude (1968) The best songs from teen movies – ranked! The best UK

List of songs recorded by the Beatles – Wikipedia

Cover songs were included on five of the band’s core albums: Please Please Me and With the Beatles (both 1963), Beatles for Sale (1964), Help! (1965) and Let It Be (1970). Lead vocals were also shared by the group, with Starr usually contributing vocals to one song per album. The group were known for their harmonies, mostly two-part, but sang

Beatles songs ranked: Every Beatles song ranked from 188 to 1

The first of two Harrison-penned songs in the top 10. 8. The best love song the Beatles ever wrote … and it was written by Harrison. Frank Sinatra famously loved it and for good reason. 2.

Top 10 Beatles Songs – The Odyssey Online

The Top 10 from the Fab Four. To put it bluntly, I’m a huge Beatles fan. I’ve got over 200 of their songs on my phone as we speak, I’ve got a giant nicely framed Beatles poster hanging right in the center of my room, I’ve seen all their movies, and I’ve got photos of me being Sir Paul McCartney for Halloween in the 6th grade.

Top 61 Beatles Songs | Highest Chart Hits – Playback.fm

The Beatles top songs include She Loves You, I Want to Hold Your Hand, Let It Be. They had 61 top 100 hit songs.

The 20 worst Beatles songs

The Beatles recorded more than 300 songs over the course of their career. Despite some of them being absolute gems, others can make your skin crawl. Here’s our rundown of the 20 worst songs by

The Top 20 Best Beatles Songs of All Time – Business Management News

The Top 20 Best Beatles Songs of All Time Simply the best band there ever was With the 50th anniversary of the U.S. release of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band , the most acclaimed rock album ever and the apogee of the Beatles’ cultural influence in the 1960s, is a time for a look back at our favorite Beatles masterpieces.

Top 10 Beatles Songs of all time – Top10HQ

The Beatles influenced the course of popular music history, inspired countless rock and pop artists, and stole the hearts and minds of music fans all over the world. The majority of titles on this Top Ten Beatles Songs list are pre-‘Sgt. Pepper’ when they were a tight-knit live band, prior to the fragmentation of their ‘studio years’.

Top ten songs by The Beatles (A 90s kid list) | With-N-Without.The Beatles

Top ten songs by The Beatles (A 90s kid list) Siddhesh900 George Harrison , John Lennon , Paul Mccartney , Ringo Starr , The Beatles Leave a comment My first exposure to The Beatles was through Vh1’s 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time.

Top 15 Beatles Songs of All-Time | BabbleTop

It is also an example of why the Beatles are the best band of all time considering it’s better than 99% of songs before or since, and it was written by the “third-best” member of the Beatles. If you haven’t seen the live version of this song with Tom Petty and Prince, Google it, it’s worth your time.

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Top 30 Best Beatles Guitar Songs of All Time – GUITARHABITS

Today we have 30 of the best songs from the most popular band of all time “The Beatles”. These songs are indispensable in the learning journey of every guitar student who wants to become an accomplished, allround pop musician. From beautiful fingerpicking ballads, heavenly chord progressions, to icon rock ‘n roll tunes. It’s all here. […]

Best Beatles Covers: 20 Essential Versions Of Fab Four Classics – uDiscover Music

Best Beatles Covers: 20 Essential Versions Of Fab Four Classics. Ranging across a wide mix of styles and artists, The best Beatles covers are testament to the sheer breadth and quality of their music.

10 Best Beatles Songs, 1963-1966 – Music In Minnesota

10 Best Beatles Songs, 1963-1966. in Fun, Music History. 10 Best Beatles Songs, 1963-1966. by Erik Ritland , 4:12 PM. 469. SHARES. Share Tweet. Twin Cities songwriter and Music in Minnesota editor Erik Ritland releases a new article every Friday.

Top 10 Best Caspar Babypants Beatles – Buying Guides

Top 10 Best Caspar Babypants Beatles. Music. Last Update: April 19 2022 18PM. BEATLES SONGS: A collection of some of The Beatles’ biggest hits sung by Caspar Babypants. HOW IT WORKS: Pop any of these audio cards into the Yoto Player and the audio starts, take the card out again and the audio stops.

The 10 Worst Beatles Songs – The Badger

Here are the 10 worst Beatles songs. 10) ‘Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da’ The popular consciousness is that John Lennon was a nice and peace-loving guy who wrote some of the best songs ever written and is essentially painted as the greatest man to ever walk the face of the earth.

Top 10 WORST Beatles Songs – Music Discussion Classic – Songfacts Forums

Someone suggested this in the other top 10: 1.Revoulition 9 2.Wild Honey Pie 3.Because 4.Sexy Sadie 5.Cry Baby Cry 6.I Want You 7.Komm,Gib Mir deine hand 8.Yes It Is 9.Flying 10.Yer Blues

The Beatles' Official Top 60 biggest songs of the digital era

29 September 2019 The Beatles’ Official Top 60 most downloaded and streamed songs The Fab Four’s most downloaded and streamed songs revealed – as heard on BBC Radio 2.

Every Beatles Song That Reached No.1 on the Charts

During their eight years as a band, The Beatles had 20 No. 1 hits, and 34 Top 10 hits on the Billboard chart. Forming in 1962 and breaking up in 1970, not only did The Beatles’ top songs, like

Rolling Stone's top 10 Beatles songs of all time – CNN.com

Check out the top 10 songs now, before the issue hits stands: #10: “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”. The lyrics for George Harrison’s first truly great Beatles song began as a deliberate accident

Find The Best Songs On Beatles White Album – Design Collective

The best songs on beatles white album is the one that helps you to get the job done easily and as per your expectations. Here we have listed some of the best license plates along with their best positive feedback from the verified purchased users. Obviously, these reviews are valid and solid, which we made sure of.

15 Best Beatles Love Songs And Lyrics Of All Time – YourTango

The Beatles Wrote Some Of The Best Love Songs Of All Time. We Created This List Of Our Top 15 Favorites For You To Add To Your Romantic Music Playlist, Along With Videos And Sweet Quotes From

Alphabetical list of Beatles Songs – Alpha Lists

Alphabetical list of Beatles Songs . Arts-Humanities. Art; Music; Submitted by Alpha on Mon, 2011/08/22 – 3:53pm. 12-Bar Original A Beginning A Day in the Life A Hard Day’s Night A Shot of Rhythm and Blues A Taste of Honey A World Without Love Across the Universe Act Naturally Ain’t She Sweet

10 Most Popular Beatles Songs of All Time – Insider Monkey

The stellar achievements that the Beatles have made include being the all-time best-selling artist in the U.S with over 178 million copies of astounding record sales and the highest number of

George Harrison's 10 Best Beatles Songs – Song Writing Beginners

George Harrison’s 10 Best Beatles Songs SiteAdmin George Harrison is often referred to as the “quiet Beatle” and sometimes sadly even as the “forgotten Beatle” and that’s due to the fact that he was in the same band as the greatest songwriting team in popular music history.

Learn 10 Beatles Songs on Guitar – Fender

It appeared on the 1968 double-album, The Beatles (aka “The White Album”) and is widely viewed as one of the best Beatles songs of all time. Notably, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” was covered at George Harrison’s posthumous induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004 by an all-star group, consisting of his son Dhani

The 50 best Beatles songs ever – EW.com

When EW ranked the 50 best Beatles songs ever in 2009, there was yelling. There were tears. There was one vote for “Yellow Submarine.” But in the end, we agreed on these timeless tunes.

50 Worst Beatles Songs – Rate Your Music

The Beatles could do about anything they wanted during 1964, they were on top of the World, they probably could have written songs about Satan and mass murder and they still would sell out concerts and pump out number 1 hits (okay maybe they wouldn’t have gotten away with writing songs about Satan, that wouldn’t become acceptable until Black

George Harrison's 10 best Beatles songs – Far Out Magazine

Find the full list below. George Harrison’s 10 best Beatles songs: 10. ‘If I Needed Someone’, Rubber Soul Released as part of the band’s 1965 album Rubber Soul, this song marked out Harrison as much more than the Fab Four’s principal guitarist.Often described as The Beatles “pot album”, this track, in particular, was drenched in the hazy style of The Byrds and reflected the

Top Ten Best and Worst Beatles Songs – WCSX

Top Ten Best and Worst Beatles Songs Jim O’Brien June 8th, 2017 Share. 1963: British pop group The Beatles, from left to right: George Harrison (1943 – 2001), Paul McCartney, John Lennon (1940 – 1980) and Ringo Starr, in Sweden. It’s

Top 10 George Harrison Beatles Songs | paulonpop

Top 10 George Harrison Beatles Songs Averaging around two songs per album and a couple of B-Sides, there is plenty of George’s material to explore and enjoy. Ranging from traditional Indian arrangements, to full on psychedelic pop/rock, I’ve always found George’s numbers the more diverse and interesting.

Ringo Starr's 10 greatest songs of all time

Ringo Starr’s 10 greatest songs of all time: 10. ‘The No No Song’ Taken from Ringo’s album Goodnight Vienna, the drummer let Hoyt Axton take the reins on songwriting and allowed ‘The No No Song’ to reach its full potential with him as the frontman.The track is a classic Ringo number, sunny and charming, but with a difference.

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