What’s H-2A H-2B visa?

What’s H-2A H-2B visa?

H-2A visas can be issued to seasonal agricultural workers to fill temporary agricultural jobs for which U.S. workers are not available. H-2B visas are issued to unskilled workers to perform a job which is temporary or seasonal in nature and for which there is a shortage of U.S. workers.

Can H1B be extended beyond 6 years?

H1B status can be extended in three year increments, indefinitely, past the sixth year if the foreign national has an approved I-140 and the foreign national is unable to file for Adjustment of Status or apply for an immigrant visa because an immigrant visa number is unavailable, in other words, the priority date is

Can H-2B Get Green Card?

Does the H-2B visa lead to a “green card” (permanent residence) or U.S. citizenship? No. The H-2B is a nonimmigrant visa issued for a limited period of time. It does not put workers on a path to permanent residence in the U.S. or American citizenship.

Are H-1B visas permanent?

H-1B Visa Status H1-B visas are temporary, non-immigrant visas that are typically issued for a maximum of six years in two three-year allotments. H1-B visas are working visas and are limited specifically to the sponsoring employer. The visa holder cannot change jobs or move elsewhere without also changing their visa.

What is H 1B and H-2B?

Difference between H1B and H2B Visa H-1B visas are for the employment of skilled workforce who possess university degrees and experience in a certain domain. These applicants, if approved, are granted a period of three to six years. Whereas, H-2B visa holders are allowed for one year, with renewal for two years.2022-03-15

What is H-2B US visa?

The H-2B nonimmigrant program permits employers to temporarily hire nonimmigrants to perform nonagricultural labor or services in the United States. The employment must be of a temporary nature for a limited period of time such as a one-time occurrence, seasonal need, peakload need or intermittent need.

Is H1B visa temporary?

The H1B is a temporary visa. The alien must be coming to temporarily fill a position that may, or may not in itself be temporary. The employer must attest that the alien’s services are needed temporarily.

Are H-2B guest workers paid the same as US workers?

Are H-2B guestworkers paid the same as U.S. workers? Incredibly, migrant workers in the H-2B and H-2A (for jobs in agriculture) visa programs on average earn approximately the same wages as undocumented workers. 22 That means H-2B guestworkers earn no wage premium for having a “legal” immigration status.2016-06-02

How can H1B stay in US after 6 years?

After the expiration of the six year period (the tenure), he or she must remain outside of the USA for at least one year, before they could qualify, if petitioned for by a qualified employer, to obtain another H1B visa, which would again be limited by a new 6 year tenure.

How long can you stay on an H-2B visa?

3 years

Is H1B permanent?

What is the H1B to Green Card Process? Most temporary US visas do not offer a path to US permanent residence. The H1B visa, however, is ‘dual intent’, which means holders can become eligible to apply for a Green Card once they reach the maximum stay of six years.2022-02-18

Can you renew an H1B visa?

After the lapse of three years, an H1B holder can opt for an extension by another three years. Upon completion of six years, an H1B holder can opt for renewal of his H1B status. It is important to note that renewal of H1B Visas is not subject to the prevailing cap vis-a-vis the number of H1B Visas approved every year.

Can you lose H1B visa?

Even premium processing has been suspended. If you lose your job, your original employer will notify the USCIS of your employment being terminated. If you don’t find another employer in the 60-day timeframe, the USCIS will take steps to revoke your H1B visa.2022-03-16

How long does an H-2B visa last?

The maximum period of stay in H-2B classification is 3 years. A person who has held H-2B nonimmigrant status for a total of 3 years must depart and remain outside the United States for an uninterrupted period of 3 months before seeking readmission as an H-2B nonimmigrant.2022-04-01

Who benefits from the H-2B program?

The H-2B program allows U.S. employers or U.S. agents who meet specific regulatory requirements to bring foreign nationals to the United States to fill temporary nonagricultural jobs.2022-04-01

How long do H1B visas last?

Typically, the initial duration of an H-1B visa classification is three years, which may be extended for a maximum of six years. Before the employer can file a petition with USCIS, the employer must take steps to ensure that hiring the foreign worker will not harm U.S. workers.

Which countries are eligible for H-2B visa 2021?

– Andorra.
– Argentina.
– Australia.
– Austria.
– Barbados.
– Belgium.
– Brazil.
– Brunei.

H-2B Temporary Non-Agricultural Workers | USCIS

Directly seek admission to the United States in H-2B classification with CBP at a U.S. port of entry in cases where an H-2B visa is not required. *Note: If you are petitioning for one or more Canadian musicians that will be employed within a 50 mile radius from the U.S.-Canadian border for 30 days or less, you may skip Step 1 in the H-2B process.

H-2B Program | U.S. Department of Labor – DOL

The H-2B nonimmigrant program permits employers to temporarily hire nonimmigrants to perform nonagricultural labor or services in the United States.The employment must be of a temporary nature for a limited period of time such as a one-time occurrence, seasonal need, peakload need or intermittent need. The H-2B program requires the employer to

What Is H2B Visa, Processing Time & More

The H-2B working visa is a nonimmigrant visa which allows foreign nationals to enter into the U.S. temporarily and engage in nonagricultural employment which is seasonal, intermittent, a peak load need, or a one-time occurrence. Note: This visa is also used for entertainers going on a tour, for film workers or professional minor league players.

H-2B visa – Wikipedia

The H-2B visa nonimmigrant program permits employers to hire foreign workers to come temporarily to the United States and perform temporary nonagricultural services or labor on a one-time, seasonal, peakload or intermittent basis.. The H-2B visa classification requires the United States Secretary of Homeland Security to consult with appropriate agencies before admitting H-2B non-immigrants.

PDF H-2A and H-2B Visas – USCIS

Governor of Guam if H-2B worker will be employed in Guam). 2. After receiving an approved TLC, the employer files an I-129 petition with USCIS (multiple workers may be included on a single petition). 3. If the foreign worker is outside the U.S. and requires a visa, he or she applies for an H-2B visa with the U.S. Department of State at the

H-2A, H-2B, and H-3 Visa – USCIS

Note: After the visa petition is approved, you can apply for a H-2A, H-2B, or H-3 visa at a U.S. embassy or consulate. For more information on visa application processing and issuance fees, see the Department of State website.

H2B Visa Requirements And Eligibility

H2B Visa Requirements. The employer must satisfy the following conditions to import foreign workers under the H2B visa: The job and the employer’s need must be one time, seasonal, peak load or intermittent. You are eligible for the H2B Visa provided: You have a valid job offer from a US employer to perform temporary or seasonal non

Cap Count for H-2B Nonimmigrants | USCIS

What is the H-2B Cap? Under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), as amended, there is a statutory numerical limit, or “cap,” on the total number of noncitizens who may receive an H-2B visa, or otherwise be granted H-2B status, during a fiscal year. Currently, Congress has set the H-2B cap at 66,000 per fiscal year, with 33,000 for

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Trabajadores Temporales No Agrícola (H-2B) | USCIS

Antes de solicitar la clasificación de Visa H-2B por parte de USCIS, el peticionario debe solicitar y recibir la Certificación de Empleo Temporal para los trabajadores H-2B de parte del Departamento del Trabajo de Estados Unidos (DOL), o del Guam DOL si el empleo será en Guam.* Para información adicional acerca de los requisitos y procesos

EVERYTHING you need to know about H2B visa recruitment

The H-2B visa is a special type of work visa that allows employers to hire non-agricultural workers to fill in temporary job requirements. This visa can only be utilized when U.S. workers are not available for the job. This visa specifically caters to seasonal workers who will go back to their countries after their job is done after each work

H-1B vs H-2B Visa | Requirements, Process, and Cap

H-2B General Requirements. As it is with every work visa, the H-2B has specified visa requirements for both the petitioning employer and the beneficiary employee. The employer must establish that: There is a need for the worker’s services on a temporary basis, which could be a one-time occurrence, seasonal need, peak load, or intermittent need

How to apply for the H2B visa lottery — Everything you

H-2B is a type of visa provided by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. This is intended specifically for allowing companies to bring in aliens to work in the non-agricultural sector within the US for a certain time period.

H-2B Visas – AQHA

The H-2B visa guest worker program is a nonimmigrant visa program used by many industries that need temporary non-agricultural help when domestic workers are unavailable. For the horse racing industry, trainers rely heavily on the H-2B program to fill various backside positions. For more information, view the temporary final rule in the Federal

What is the H2B visa program for USA? – Malescu Law, PA

The H-2B visa program is designed to help U.S. employers that encounter difficulties hiring due to shortages of U.S. workers that are willing and able to perform nonagricultural labor. The program allows employers to fill positions for nonagricultural labor by hiring employees from abroad on a temporary basis. The H2B visa is typically used by

Everything You Need To Know About H2B Countries of

The visa under the h 2b program allows its holders to work legally in the US under h 2b status for short durations of time. The employer must guarantee payment of wages for at least three-fourths of the contract period, and wages ought to be above the federal, state, or local minimum wage or prevailing wage rate, whichever is highest.

H-2B visa pool expansion not enough for everyone | News

This means many of the H-2B visa holders will likely return to crab houses and seafood restaurants elsewhere in the Eastern Shore region. “For example, Jolly Roger, if they have an H-2B, that H-2B would return there this summer and generally speaking in that same capacity. The same would be true when applied to the crab houses,” Scarlato said.

H-2B Visas – FordMurray Law

The H-2B visa is an employer-sponsored nonimmigrant visa for temporary nonagricultural workers. The H-2B visa program provides relief to seasonal businesses, businesses that experience predictable fluctuations in employment needs, or for one-time occurrences of labor shortages.

H-2B Temporary Non-agricultural Program | U.S. Department

The H-2B temporary non-agricultural program permits employers who meet the program requirements to hire nonimmigrant workers to temporarily come to the U.S. and perform non-agricultural services or labor based on the employer’s temporary need. The employer applicant must establish that its need for non-agricultural services or labor is

What You Need to Know About H2B Visa Recruitment Agencies

An H-2B visa is a type of work visa that allows employers to hire temporary workers who are foreigners to fill temporary nonagricultural job positions such as Landscaping, grounds maintenance, construction, restaurant/hospitality, maintenance, golf, manufacturing, processing, and other specialty services firms.

H-2B Temporary Non-Agricultural US Work Visa: How to Apply

The H-2B Visa is a temporary non-agricultural work permit available to applicants who are coming to the United States. They are for skilled and unskilled workers, unlike the H-1B visa which is for highly skilled workers in “specialty occupations.” The H-2B program requires the employer to attest to the Department of Labor that they will offer a wage that equals or exceeds the highest of

US lawmakers introduce bill for grant of automatic right

H-4 visas are issued to dependent spouses and children who accompany H-1B, H-2A, H-2B, and H-3 visa holders to the United States. Many H-4 visa holders are highly skilled people in their own right and previously had careers of their own or worked to support their families.

H-2B Visa – The Bernard Law Firm

The H-2B visa allows for temporary employment (approximately 10 months) for persons to work in either a seasonal, peak load or one time occurrence need for a business in the U.S. There are certain requirements for both the business filing the application (the “Petitioner”) and for the person coming to do the job (the “Beneficiary”).

H-2B Work Visa Requirements, Fees, and Application Process

H-2B Visa Fees and Costs. The H-2B visa costs include a filing fee paid by the employer for the I-129 Petition of Nonimmigrant Worker. At the U.S. consulate, you will need to pay a visa application fee. For the latest amount, see the ” Fees for Visa Services ” page of the State Department website.

PDF H-2B Application for Temporary Employment Certification

1. Is the employer seeking to employ any H-2B workers under this application who will be exempt from the statutory numerical limit, or “cap,” Yes on the total number of foreign nationals who may be issued an H-2B visa or otherwise granted H-2B status? * § § OMB Approval: 1205-0509 Expiration Date: 05/31/2022

H-2B Visa – Temporary non-agricultural worker -【2022 Info

What is the H-2B visa? This visa allows skilled and unskilled workers to temporarily work in a wide variety of jobs. Agricultural workers are exempt from this visa and instead require the H-2A visa.. A US employer applying for an H-2B visa for a foreign worker must prove that there is a labor shortage in the US.

H-2B Visas | Farmer Law

The H-2B visa program allows non-agricultural workers from certain countries the ability to come to the U.S. to work. The H-2B is a non-immigrant visa, meaning that there is a limit on how long a visa holder may stay in the United States. The length of time an employer can have a worker in the U.S. in any particular year varies based on the

H-2B Visas for Truck Drivers: How to Apply

An H-2B visa is a nonimmigrant visa that allows U.S. employers to fill full-time, temporary, non-agricultural positions with workers from certain foreign countries. Employers must be able to demonstrate that they cannot find U.S. workers that are willing, able, qualified, and available to do the work and that the positions are temporary in

H2B Visa: Non – Agricultural Workers in the United States

The H-2B visa program is used by a wide range of employers who require foreign workers for a variety of professions. Unlike the H-1B visa, which is designed for highly skilled professionals, the H-2B visa program attracts a wider range of applicants for positions of all skill levels.

What Is an H-2B Visa, and How Can I Get One?

An H-2B visa can be granted to employees in 1-year increments. A temporary labor certification from the company the employee works for must be submitted alongside every request for visa extension. Once someone has been in the United States for 3 years under an H-2B visa, they must leave the country for at least 3 months before they can seek

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Fact Sheet #69: Requirements to Participate in the H-2B

Will offer a job opportunity to H-2B workers that is a bona fide, full-time temporary position with qualifications that are consistent with the normal and accepted qualifications required by non-H-2B employers in the same or comparable occupations. [20 C.F.R. § 655.22(h)] 3.

Everything You Need To Know About H-2B Visa Cap – Herman

The H-2B visa is essential for the sustainability of small and large local businesses alike in different parts of the United States like Florida, New York, and others. The constant increment over the set H-2B cap is an avid proof of this in cases an exempt clause cannot be considered and it will no doubt strengthen homeland security.

H2B Visa – JKJ Workforce

As planning for the 2021 H-2B season begins, the regulatory framework remains in chaos. The shut down caused by the COVID-19 crisis has made predictions about the economy, the demand for H-2B visas, and the regulatory framework impossible. We are operating under an “emergency” Interim Final Rule (IFR) and a Final Wage Rule that were issued in early 2015.

Primer: H-2B Visas are Vital to Meet Workforce Needs, but

The H-2B is a relatively small visa program, capped at 66,000 per year. The REAL ID Act of 2005 divided the H-2B visa category semi-annually, allocating 33,000 visas for seasonal workers from October 1-March 31, and the remaining 33,000, including the unused visas from the first half of the fiscal year, to seasonal workers from April 1

Fact Sheet #78: General Requirements for Employers

The employer must either advance all visa, border crossing, and visa-related expenses to H-2B workers, pay for them directly, or reimburse all such expenses in the first workweek. The employer must disclose how it will provide inbound transportation and subsistence costs (lodging incurred on the employer’s behalf and meals) in the job order.

U.S. to Provide 35,000 More Seasonal Worker Visas – The

The visa program being expanded, known as the H-2B visa program, allows American businesses to hire foreign workers for seasonal nonagricultural jobs like mowing lawns, cleaning hotel rooms

All About H2B Visa Interview Questions And Answers

13. Can I stay longer than a year on H-2B visa? 14. Can I extend my stay on H-2B visa? 15. Can I change status on H-2B? 16. Can I study on H-2B visa? 17. Can I bring my dependents on H-2B visa? 18. Can my dependents work on H-4 visa? 19. Can my dependents study on H-4 visa? 20. Are there any travel restrictions on H-2B visa? 21. What is the

DHS Announces Availability of Additional H-2B Visas for

The additional H-2B visas will become available to employers on . The supplemental H-2B visa allocation consists of 13,500 visas available to returning workers who received an H-2B visa, or were otherwise granted H-2B status, during one of the last three fiscal years.

What is Required for an H-2B Visa? | Herman Legal Group

The Visa Cap. H-2B visa status is subject to an annual quota of 66,000 approvals – 33,000 H-2B visas for employment from October 1 to March 31, and 33,000 H- 2B visas for employment from April 1 to September 30. The H-2B visa is popular—in fact, the visa cap is usually filled every fiscal year.

For First Time, DHS to Supplement H-2B Cap with Additional

The supplemental H-2B visa allocation consists of 13,500 visas available to returning workers who received an H-2B visa, or were otherwise granted H-2B status, during one of the last three fiscal years. The remaining 6,500 visas, which are exempt from the returning worker requirement, are reserved for nationals of Haiti and the Northern

H-2B Visa – How to Obtain an H-2B Work Visa

The H-2B visa is a temporary non-agricultural work visa that is available to foreign workers who meet specific regulatory requirements. The United States has granted these visas to non-specialty occupational workers because of domestic labor shortage. Generally, H-2B work visas are used for temporary non-agricultural jobs such as beach resorts

H2B Visa Process, Extension And Applying For H2B Visa

D. Applying For The H2B Visa At A U.S. Consulate. To apply for the H2B visa, you must furnish the original or copy of the Notice of Action, Form I-797A or B (the approval notice forwarded to your employer when the petition is approved). Your H2B visa application must include the following documents: DOS Form DS-160, Nonimmigrant Visa Application.

H-2B Seasonal workers and Tax – What you need to know

What is the H-2B visa? The H2B program allows employers in the US, who meet regulatory requirements, to bring nonresidents to the US to fill temporary (non-agricultural) jobs – for example, hotel staff, janitors, amusement park workers, landscapers, etc. US Government announces increase in H2B visa cap for 2021

H-2B Visa – Grape Law Firm PLLC

H-2B Visa H-2B Non-Agricultural Worker Visa is a temporary nonimmigrant visa issued to individuals to fill in temporary job openings in the United States. H-2B Visa requires a U.S. employer or an agent to petition for the worker. Eligibility Requirements: The Employer: Must have an available employment position which can be seasonal, intermittent, peak load, […]

H-2B Visa Program Management | AgWorkforce

The H-2B Visa program was created to give U.S. landscaping, hospitality, seasonal construction, manufacturing, food packaging, carnival, restaurant/resort, and retail businesses access to a pool of workers. In certain, very limited circumstances, caregiving professionals are also allowed to enter the country on an H-2B visa.

Requisitos y cómo solicitar visa de trabajo H-2B en

Sin embargo, 13.500 de estas visas están disponibles para trabajadores que regresan a realizar trabajos temporales a EE.UU. bajo una visa H-2B o para aquellos a quienes se les otorgó el estatus

H-2B Visa, H2B Visa Sponsor Database for Temporary Non

Overview: The H-2B(non-agricultural temporary worker program) allows U.S. employers to bring foreign nationals to the United States to fill temporary nonagricultural jobs. H-2B visa is for non-agricultural temporary worker, different from H-2A Visa for temporary agricultural workers. Period of Stay: initial stay of no more than 1 year, could be extended in increments of 1 year.

H-2B Visas – Maria Saenz Law

The government can only issue 66,000 H-2B visas per year. This limit is referred to as the “visa cap.”. 33,000 visas are allotted to companies requesting start dates of October to March, and the remaining 33,000 visas are allotted to companies with start dates of April to September. Currently, demand for visas exceeds availability, so it is

Free Temporary Non-Agricultural Workers (H-2B) – eForms

Eligibility. The H-2B visa has many similarities to the H-2A visa program, including that workers are admitted under H-2B visas for one year at a time, for up to three years, before they must depart for at least three months. There is also a list of eligible countries, from which named or unnamed workers may be drawn, available in the “Eligible Countries” list here.

H-2B, Temporary Labor Certification for Non-Agriculture

The H-2B temporary non-agricultural program permits U.S. employers to hire nonimmigrant workers to come to the U.S. and perform non-agricultural services or labor. Visit our data disclosure page to see all the different types of jobs that fall into the category of H-2B. Current regulations cap the amount of H-2B workers to 66,000 per year.

H-2B Visa – Serving Immigrants

H-2B Visa Offers Options For Temporary Workers. Created to help employers fill temporary positions, the H-2B program is designed for nonagricultural jobs. For an employer to utilize the H-2B program, they must be unable to fill their temporary positions with U.S. workers. A position must meet one of these requirements: One-time occurrence

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H-2B Visa Program – GCSAA

The number of H-2B visa workers in the golf industry declined with the country’s economic decline. Requests for H-2B visa workers at golf facilities increases as the economy rebuilds and there is more competition for seasonal labor. The H-2B visa program has been under attack since 2009.

H-2B Visa – igetyouin.com

3. Once the I-129 petition is approved, you can apply for an H-2B visa at a U.S. Embassy/Consulate. H-2B Cap. There is annual limit (“cap”) on the total number of individuals who may receive H-2B during a fiscal year. Once the cap is reached, USCIS only accepts I-129 petitions for H-2B workers who are exempt from the cap.

H-2B Visa and Status: Frequenty Asked Questions – Pride

The specific limitations of the H-2B visa are: The employer’s need for foreign workers must be temporary and the duration must not exceed twelve months. The authorized time on the H-2B visa is counted whether the visa holder is abroad or in the United States. Dependents of H-2B visa holders cannot work in the United States.

H-2B Visa | Seasonal Workers | Raynor and Associates

H-2B Program Process. Step 1: Petitioner submits temporary labor certification application to DOL. Before requesting H-2B classification from USCIS, the employer must apply for and receive a temporary labor certification for H-2B workers with the U.S. Department of Labor (or Guam DOL if the employment will be in Guam).*.

It's H-2B Visa Season: What Seasonal Employers Need to

The H-2B temporary non-agricultural worker visa programs has traditionally been the “go to” visa option for employers seeking to hire foreign nationals coming to the United States to fill non

Time to eliminate or reform the H-2B visa program | The Hill

The H-2B visa program was intended to provide employers with access to temporary non-U.S. workers only if an employer could prove they were unsuccessful at genuinely attempting to hire American

H-2B – másLabor

H-2B Visa Cap. Federal law currently limits issuance of H-2B visas to 66,000 per year (33,000 for each half fiscal year, beginning October 1 and April 1, respectively). Demand for H-2B visas greatly exceeds that limited supply. másH2B devotes considerable time, effort, and resources to minimizing our clients’ cap risk.

H-2B Visa for Temporary Nonagricultural Workers: Who

The H-2B visa holder and family may travel in and out of the U.S. or remain here continuously until the visa status expires. Qualification Criteria for an H-2B Visa. H-2B visas are meant for both skilled and unskilled workers (unlike H-1B visas, which are solely meant for college-educated workers).


The drastic drop in visa approvals many longtime users of the H-2B program are experiencing stems from a sharp increase in demand due to a U.S. unemployment rate of just 3.9 percent. The law caps the number of visas at 66,000 per fiscal year, making 33,000 visas available in October and another 33,000

H-2B Visa Application Requirements and Processing Time

The H-2b visa is a temporary work -based visa for people looking to take up employment in the US. The visa is short term in nature and is aimed at H-2B visa applications can take between 4 to 6 months to be processed.

H2b Visa Jobs | Now Hiring

H2b Visa Jobs | Now Hiring. Posted: (2 days ago) Serves a wide range of H-2B jobs, including construction, manufacturing, processing, taxi driving, landscaping, nurseries, poultry cutters, and any seasonal qualifying non-agricultural jobs. … Job Description Carehealthjobs.com . Nurse View All Jobs

H2b Visa Sponsorship Jobs Usa | Now Hiring

H-2B Work Visa Requirements, Fees, and Application Process. Posted: (7 days ago) H-2B Visa Requirements. To qualify for an H-2B visa, your employer must meet the following requirements: The employer must have a need which is seasonal, one-time, intermittent, or … Job Description Alllaw.com . Jobs View All Jobs

H-2 Visa – Temporary Workers | Immigration.com

The H-2B visa category is used by U.S. employers to temporarily employ skilled or unskilled foreign nationals in nonagricultural positions for which the employer has a temporary need and for which qualified U.S. workers are unavailable. The company must plan to employ the foreign nationals for a temporary period and the employer’s need for the skills of the foreign nationals must also be

Information on H-2B Visas | Raynor & Associates

The H-2B visa has been in the news thanks to changes to the total number of people who can qualify for it in a given year. However, it is essential to know the H-2B program is not being discontinued and will still accept thousands of applicants. Many U.S. visa programs have limits on total applications, but they remain worthwhile to prospective immigrants and long-term visitors.

DHS Should Release Supplemental H-2B Visas Immediately

Increase the H‑2B visa cap to the greatest extent possible to guarantee that no jobs go unfilled, costing the U.S. production and overall job growth. When Congress initially adopted this

H-2B Visa – Alcorn Immigration Law – A Silicon Valley

The H-2B visa enables U.S. employers to bring citizens from select countries to the U.S. to fill temporary nonagricultural jobs. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security maintains a list of the countries eligible to participate in the H-2B visa program.Neither China nor India are on the list.

H-2B Visa Program | IHCPLLC

H-2B is a type of visa provided by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. This is intended specifically to allow companies to bring in aliens to work in the non-agricultural sector, the need being one-time, seasonal, peak load or intermittent. The USCIS has capped the total number of H-2B visas to be granted at 66,000.

H-2B Visa vs H-1B Visa [what are the differences]

H-2B Visa vs H-1B Visa [what are the differences] H-1B. Specialty occupations (professional), are for skilled employment, defined as work requiring a university degree or its equivalent in training and experience. Issued with a validity of 3 years with a max of 6 in total.

Veronica Birkenstock on LinkedIn: H-2B: 35,000 More Visas

The supplemental H-2B visa allocation consists of 23,500 visas available only to returning workers who received an H-2B visa, or were otherwise granted H-2B status, during one of the last three

A Bipartisan Fix for the H-2B Visa Program – WSJ

Regarding your editorial ” The U.S. Legal Immigration Shortage ” (Feb. 8): When local help-wanted ads go unfilled, the federal H-2B visa program provides access to temporary seasonal labor for

H-2B Visa for Seasonal Workers | Charleston USA

H-2B Visa, Temporary, Seasonal Workers. This is a non-immigrant visa program for temporary seasonal workers who are not agricultural workers. It is geared toward unskilled workers without college degrees, but could be for skilled worker, if the seasonal demand can be established.

DHS Publishes New Eligibility List for H-2A, H-2B Visas

For example, the Dominican Republic was removed from the list of H-2B-eligible countries in January 2019 because in fiscal year (FY) 2017, it was estimated that nearly 30 percent of H-2B visa

H 2B Visa Attorney New York | Philadelphia nonimmigrant

The H-2B nonimmigrant work visa provides a method for United States employers and agents to obtain the services of foreign nationals to fill their temporary needs for additional workers. The length of the stay on an H-2B visa is limited by the duration of the employer’s temporary need for additional workers.

The H-2B visa helps landscape companies hire workers for

The H-2B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows employers to hire non-agricultural temp