Where are Grotrian pianos made?

Where are Grotrian pianos made?

Made for the entry-level piano market, Wilhelm Grotrian pianos are designed by Grotrian-Steinweg and built by Parsons Music Group factory in Yichang, China.

Are Grotrian Steinweg pianos good?

In 2011, Larry Fine opined that modern Grotrian-Steinweg pianos are among the “highest quality”—on par with Bösendorfer, Hamburg-built Steinway and Fazioli, and of a higher quality than New York-built Steinway.

Where are Steinway pianos made?

Astoria, New York

How many Steinway pianos are made a year?

Around 1,000 grand pianos and 250 upright pianos are produced per year in the New York Factory. The Hamburg Steinway Factory produces a similar number of instruments.

Are Steinway pianos still made?

Steinways are still handmade in the Steinway New York and Hamburg factories, as they have been since 1880.

Are Steinway pianos still made in Astoria?

ASTORIA, NY () Steinway & Sons today announced that its historic Astoria factory is fully reopened and once again producing the world’s finest pianos.

Are Steinway pianos made in China?

The models are listed under the Essex piano line and are produced at Pearl River for substantially less than the Steinway pianos manufactured in New York City and Hamburg, Germany. The pianos built in China are made more specifically for entry level musicians and are manufactured using less expensive parts.Jul 3, 2012

Is Steinweg the same as Steinway?

Meanwhile, in New York City, the Steinweg family Americanized their surname to Steinway and in 1853 they founded the piano manufacturer Steinway & Sons.

What is a used Steinway piano worth?

A typical used Steinway sells for 47% 50% of today’s prices. For example, if a new Steinway S costs $72,000, then one can expect to pay between $34,000 $36,000 for the instrument. This of course only applies if you are purchasing the piano through a licensed dealer.

What pianos are as good as Steinway?

There’s the CFX, with which Yamaha has cemented its ascendancy from mere workhorse status to one of Steinway’s major competitors. And there are other brands with history as long as Steinway’s: Bösendorfer, Steingraeber and Blüthner.Sep 5, 2015

Are Steinway pianos still made in New York?

Steinways are still handmade in the Steinway New York and Hamburg factories, as they have been since 1880. Experience the making of a Steinway from wood selection to polishing to final tuning at the Astoria, New York factory.

How much does a piano cost in 2020?

Grand piano types

How do I find the value of a used piano?

Appraisers of used pianos and other consumer goods typically use three different methods to determine fair market value: comparable sales, depreciation, and idealized value minus the cost of restoration.

Are old Steinway pianos worth anything?

With the exception of digital pianos, which do depreciate with age (because of advances in technology), most reputable pianos age well as long as they are properly cared for. Therefore, there is no evidence or market research to suggest that Steinways hold their value longer or better than other reputable brands.

How much is my Steinway piano worth?

The cost of a new 5’1″ Steinway S piano is $69,700. Larger Steinway pianos like the 9′ model D cost $171,000. Smaller Steinway pianos like model A, B, L, M and O cost between $74,300 $129,000. Used Steinway pianos average 48% of the current MSRP prices.

What is an old Steinway worth?

What are the most expensive pianos

What pianos are better than Steinway?

Steinway pianos are typically quite a bit more expensive and can in some instances retail at twice the cost of Yamahas. So, if you’re looking for a more cost-effective quality piano then a Yamaha may well be the more preferable option.Mar 1, 2021

Grotrian Upright & Grand Pianos – Models, Prices , Serial Numbers

Grotrian has made several important design innovations, chiefly among them involves their approach to upright piano design. Instead of the typical vertical back-posts found in the construction of most upright pianos, Grotrian uses a design referred to as a “Radial Rear Brace”; meaning the back posts are joined together to form an X shape.

Home – Grotrian

Home – Grotrian Because we love music. “Lads, build good pianos and the rest will take care of itself”, Wilhelm Grotrian once said to his sons Kurt and Willi and thereby phrased one of the most important mottos for the GROTRIAN company. When you listen to the sound of a GROTRIAN you will notice that there is much more behind it: a love for music.

Grotrian Pianos – Showcase Pianos

Legendary for its distinctive sound, the Grotrian brand was known for being the only piano that the “Queen of Pianists” Clara Schumann would play at the peak of her peerless career. Grotrian pianos have graced the homes of royalty across three centuries. Uprights from $14,998 and Grands from $55,998 Download Product Brochure — Piano Guide —

GROTRIAN – PianoBuyer

Friedrich Grotrian was born in 1803 in Schöningen, Germany, and as a young man lived in Moscow, where he ran a music business and was associated with piano manufacturing. Later in his life he teamed up with C.F. Theodor Steinweg, son of Heinrich Steinweg, to build pianos.

Grotrian Pianos for Sale – Portland Piano Company

For the past 180 years, Grotrian piano craftsmen have continued the family tradition of producing exceptional pianos. Founded in Germany as the Grotrian-Steinweg Piano Company, Grotrian piano makers have since made a name for German piano brands by building the finest pianos possible with the highest quality materials available.

Grotrian Steinweg for sale | Grotrian Steinweg best prices – Piano Appraisal

Friedrich Grotrian was born in Schoningen, Germany 1803, and as a young man lived in Moscow, where he ran a music business and was associated with piano manufacturing. Later in his life, he teamed up with Heinrich Steinweg and Heinrich’s son Theodore to build pianos in Germany.

Review: Grotrian Pianos – PianoBuyer

Cabinet Grand At 6′ 3″/192 cm., the Cabinet (a Piano Buyer “Staff Pick”), is the second-smallest grand piano Grotrian makes. On the example I tried, the bird’s-eye maple veneer on the fallboard and the inside of the rim (a special-order version of the standard polished ebony case) made an immediate statement of elegance.

Grand Pianos – Grotrian

Welcome to Grotrian, a company with a family tradition stretching back 180 years. The company of Grotrian continues to build premium quality instruments, which are played worldwide. Grand Pianos – Grotrian

About Grotrian — Beethoven Pianos

Grotrian was the first manufacturer to construct the piano with an iron frame connected only at the back frame- allowing for a unique free vibration tone, among other innovations including a homogenous soundboard, string scale for accurate hammer strikes, and the star-shaped back frame.

Wilhelm Grotrian-Steinweg Pianos for Sale in Portland

Wilhelm Grotrian Pianos NEW Since 1835, Grotrian-Steinweg, known as Grotrian in the United States, has been building pianos: Pianos, pianists love to play! Wilhelm Grotrian is their new product line named after the first son of Friedrich Grotrian, founder of the company and originator of the piano building tradition in the Grotrian-Steinweg family.

Who Is Grotrian? – Piano Price Point

Grotrian has always been a luxury piano manufacturer based in Braunschweig/Germany. Founded in 1835, Grotrian bought in with Theodor Steinweg (Son of Heinrich Steinweg, Americanized Henry Steinway). The company was then known as Grotrian-Steinweg. Less than a decade later, Theodor was called to help with operations at Steinway, New York.

Grotrian Piano Pricing Guide | Suggested List Prices

Grotrian : Upright Pianos: Friedrich Grotrian: 43½” Polished Ebony: 22,500: Friedrich Grotrian : 43½” Satin Ebony: 20,100: Cristal: 44″ Satin Ebony: 25,900: Cristal

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Grotrian Pianos for Sale | Buy a Grotrian Piano at PianoMart

Grotrian pianos are a popular choice for students, home enthusiasts and professional musicians alike. Our available Grotrian pianos include a range of types, costs and conditions. Browse our available selection, or use our filters to refine your search by size, price, location, distance from you, or color. Pianos for Sale Grand Upright Digital

Grotrian- Top Tier Piano | Hollywood Piano Los Angeles CA Dealer

Grotrian-Steinweg pianos are hand made works of art immaculately crafted in the old world German method using only the finest materials available Grotrian Pianos posses unparalleled piano touch and piano tone. In the end it’s all about piano sound, touch and how it performs.

Grotrian-Steinweg – Wikipedia

Grotrian-Steinweg, known as Grotrian in the US, is a German manufacturer of prestige pianos. The company is based in Braunschweig, Germany, commonly known as Brunswick in English. Grotrian-Steinweg makes premium grand pianos and upright pianos . Grotrian-Steinweg grand piano inner mechanism

Grotrian Steinweg Pianos for Sale – Roberts Pianos

“Most of their pianos are built with a homogenous soundboard which allows for a unique sound and hit of the strings, others are built with a iron frame to allow for free vibrations in the inner system. These systems make the Grotrian unique and have provided years of quality sound and excellence.” (quote from the Grotrian website) Boudoir Grand 160

What Is A Grotrian Piano? – Mozart Project

On average, a standard upright piano costs between $3000 and $6500. A high-end upright piano can cost anywhere between $10,000 and $25,000. Grand piano prices range from $7000 to $30,000 for the entry level. Grand pianos from high-end manufacturers like Steinway, Bosendorfer, and Yamaha go up from $65,000 to $190,000 at most.

Grotrian Pianos for Sale in Oregon | Eugene Piano Company

The Grotrian-Steinweg factory in Braunschweig, Germany currently employs sixty colleagues who work together to build this premium piano to a standard upheld by five generations of the Grotrian-Steinweg family. Today, the basis of the Grotrian tradition remains unchanged: A unique tone and a love of music. Browse our collection of Grotrian pianos

Grotrian G192 Grand Piano – Piano Price Point

Length: 6′ 3″ Impressions “Unlike the vast majority of pianos that feature duplexing, which adds extra ‘ring’ to pianos, Grotrian has intentionally quieted those voices to produce an incredibly clear and focused tone. When I sat at the Grotrian G192 (192), there’s a pure tone that is perceived. At quiet levels, the tone is felty.

Grotrian Pianos with the Best Selection in Canada! – MERRIAMpianos

Grotrian Pianos. Grotrian pianos are far more legendary than their numbers would suggest – for a company that produces just 500 – 1000 pianos annually, they have been the subject of a New York Times Bestseller novel, consistently in the Top 5 or Top 10 of every official and unofficial ranking magazine out there, trains and certifies the majority of master piano builders in Europe, and

Grotrian Steinweg – Klaviano

Used Grotrian Steinweg Concert (225) Grand piano. Length: 228 cm. City: Bloomingdale Country: United States Business account. Price on asking. Category: Grand pianos for sale Grotrian Steinweg Concert (225) Coach House Pianos. 11,995.00 £. 14.446,03 €. Category: Upright pianos for sale Grotrian Steinweg Other.

10 Best Piano Brands In The World In 2022 | Reviews By Fond Listen

As a well-known piano brand, Grotrian pianos are expensive. But it also has the slightly cheaper Friedrich Grotrian and the more affordable Willhelm Grotrian, which sells for about $5,000-$12,000. 5. Fazioli The relatively new piano from Italy was founded in 1978 by Italian pianist and engineer Paolo Fazioli.

Grotrian Steinweg Grand Piano – Hollywood Piano – Pasadena, CA

GROTRIAN PIANOS Modern Grotrian-Steinweg pianos were said by Larry Fine in the pianobuyer.com to have the following characteristics: “The treble of these instruments has extraordinary sustaining characteristics. It also has a pronounced sound of attack, subtle and delicate. The tenor is darker than many other brands.

Grotrian – goheenpiano.com

Grotrian 6’2″ Grand Model 189. Handmade Grotrian from Braunschweig Germany. Manufactured in 1985. Renner action. Grotrian is a world-famous maker along with Beckstein. Bluthner, Sauter and Steinway. This piano has always been in Longmont since purchased. from Chris Finger Pianos in Niwot. Stunning clear tone in all registers!

Authorized Dealer of Grotrian Pianos California | R. Kassman

Grotrian Pianos from R. KASSMAN. Georg Friedrich Karl Grotrian was born in Schöningen, Germany in 1803.He made the acquaintance of Theodor Steinweg who owned a small piano manufacturing company founded in 1835. In 1855 Grotrian entered into a partnership with Steinweg in his business and in 1858 the Grotrian-Steinweg company moved to

Grotrian Grand Pianos – PianoForte Chicago

All Grotrian grand pianos are completely built in Braunschweig, Germany- with most of the instrument made by hand! According to the Grotrian family “to build pianos with less effort would mean that they would never reach the high quality and stability, nor would they sound so beautiful.” Larry Fine, author of the definitive book on piano buying, stated that modern Grotrian pianos are

Award Winning Grotrian Piano Store Berkeley | R. Kassman Pianos

Georg Friedrich Karl Grotrian was born in Schöningen, Germany in 1803.He made the acquaintance of Theodor Steinweg who owned a small piano manufacturing company founded in 1835. In 1855 Grotrian entered into a partnership with Steinweg in his business and in 1858 the Grotrian-Steinweg company moved to Braunschweig Germany.

Grotrian Grand | Eugene Piano Company

Grotrian Grand. $ 34,900. Grotrian Grand quantity. Add to cart. Category: Used Grand. This is an absolutely beautiful cherry satin Grotrian baby grand piano on sale for an incredible price. If you’re looking for the finest built piano to come out of Germany, than search no further than Grotrian.

Grotrian Concert – Beethoven Pianos

Grotrian has been a renowned well respected name in the piano industry since as early as the 1860’s. Formerly Grotrian-Steinweg, the Grotrian piano company, to this day, persists to be one of the leading manufacturers of pianos in the world. Simply put, this Grotrian Concert Grand oozes technica

Grotrian Pianos – Sterling Piano Tuning

Grotrian currently produces around 500 upright and 100 grand pianos of various sizes annually. Grotrian-Steinweg won several awards at world fairs and exhibitions and was the preferred instrument of great pianists including Clara Schumman, Paderewski, and Eugen d’Albert.

grotrian – Used Upright Pianos

Grotrian Steinweg. Posted on by admin. From Braunschweig Germany, the Grotrian-Steinweg 185 is a grand built in 1961. This Piano Has Been Reconditioned, Serviced, Cleaned, and Tuned. You may visit this piano at Hollywood Piano Company. 2084 E Foothill Blvd.

Wilhelm Grotrian Studio Grand Piano – Living Pianos

Grotrian is a top tier German made piano originally associated with the Steinway family in Germany. German pianos like Hamburg Steinway, Bechstein, Bluthner and Grotrian-Steinweg are rare in this country because of the substantial cost of these instruments. New Grotrian baby grand pianos start at over $75,000.

Grotrian Concertino Upright – Beethoven Pianos

Grotrian has garnered respect in the industry after centuries of tradition and constant refinement in the piano-making craft. At the top of their game, this Grotrian upright has magnificen This Concertino is a unique and wondrously sounding upright piano engineered and designed to play like a grand.

Grotrian-Steinweg Piano Serial Numbers – Roberts Pianos

Grotrian or Grotrian-Steinweg was established in 1835 by Heinrich Steinweg under the Steinweg name and was passed onto his son Theodor Steinweg when Heinrich left for America, It wasn’t until 1854 when George Friedrich Karl Grotrian join into a partnership with Theodor that the piano company becomes Grotrian – Steinweg.

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Grotrian Steinweg Upright – DC Piano Company

Description. This is a stunning beautiful piano produced by the revered German company Gotrian Steinweg. This German company is world renown for producing luxury pianos built by generations of skilled and studied piano builders and has earned the highest accolades in Germany and throughout the world. Gotrian Stienweg was founded in 1835 and is

Grotrian Pianos – Piano World Piano & Digital Piano Forums

Wilhelm Grotrian pianos have always been fully made in China. 3. Friedrich Grotrian pianos were assembled, finished, and prepped in Braunschweig with parts and components made in China. The Friedrich Grotrian brand was discontinued. Play classical repertoire from score. Improvise blues.

Best Piano Brands in the World [2022] | Luxury Pianos Inc.

Grotrian is a German piano brand stablished in 1835 and is now a family business in 5th and 6th generation. Curiously Grotrian family partnered up with and later took over a piano factory first built by Heinrich Steinweg (future Henry Steinway – founder of Steinway Sons). The first pianos bore double name – Grotrian-Steinweg.

The Best Piano Brands in the World | 2019

Grotrian pianos are endorsed and appreciated by many famous pianists. The Grotrian Duo is a famous innovation of two grand pianos joined together so they can be played as one instrument. (They come apart for moving). Warranty: 5 Years parts and labor, transferable to future owners.

Pre-Owned Pianos – Showcase Pianos

Showcase Pianos receives many excellent quality used pianos on trade against Fazioli and Grotrian pianos …. They are all very reasonably priced for a quick sale! Most second-hand pianos are available for viewing at the main store, #1 – 1128 West Broadway – which has quickly become known as the best place to find the greatest deals on good

Grotrian – Sterling Piano Tuning

Grotrian produces several sizes of grands, ranging from the 5’4″ Chambre to the 1,200lb, 9′ ” Concert Royal ” grand. Their tone is very clear and “German” in quality. The range of dynamic is supurb, and while more aggressive than the Austrian Bosendorfer, the Grotrian is still a mellower piano than the Steinway.

Grotrian Model 225 (7'4'')-SOLD | Northwest Pianos

Grotrian concert model grand piano built in 1991 in Germany. In 1835, Friedrich Grotrian established a partnership with Theodor Steinweg (also known in America as Steinway). Friedrich’s son Wilhelm Grotrian purchased shares when Theodor left to help run Steinway in New York. Known as Grotrian-Steinweg (or simply Grotri

Grotrian-Steinweg Pianos!? – Piano World Piano & Digital

Second was a Grotrian Charis at Cathy Harls Pianos where we played several high end pianos during a Piano Party Weekend. It was the Charis which now haunts me the most. Third was a Steingraeber Concert Grand prepped by Pianocraft. In my dreams I still play that piano! So yes, I highly recommend Grotrian pianos.

Grotrian 6'1" Grand – SoCal Pianos

Grotrian is a highly acclaimed maker also know as Grotrian-Steinweg named for the partnership formed in 1854. This is a 1971 Vintage with almost no sign of wear, and extremely well cared for. This is a 1-owner grand coming from the Palm Desert area.

Grotrian Piano Covers – Free Shipping

Not all piano cover fabrics are created equal at Piano Showcase, only the finest & strongest fabrics are selected for durability, appearance and especially to protect your beautiful instrument. Grotrian Grand Piano Covers GROT-5’4″ – Model 165 – 5’4″ – $150.00 GROT-6’3″ – Model 192 – 6’3″ – $155.00 GROT-6’7″ – Model 200 – 6’7″ – $159.00

Grotrian upright piano 2018

The item “Grotrian upright piano 2018″ is in sale since Thursday, October 8, 2020. This item is in the category “Musical Instruments & GearPianos, Keyboards & OrgansPianosUpright Pianos”. The seller is “tifa-5779″ and is located in San Francisco, California. This item can’t be shipped, the buyer must pick up the item.

Are used Grotrian pianos worth it? – Markson Pianos

Grotrian pianos are backed by 180 years of family history, experience and above all, a love of music. When it comes to asking whether a used Grotrian piano is worth purchasing, the simple answer is yes. Grotrian is a name that has always held weight, respect and admiration in the piano world. Royal families across Europe have appointed Grotrian

10 Best Upright Pianos – Reviewed and Ranked

Grotrian pianos are known for their treble’s extraordinary sustaining characteristics, and have a pronounced sound of attack which is subtle and light. The tenor is darker than many other pianos, with a powerful bass. This excellent brand is known for their unique and expressive sound.

Grotrian Grand Piano | Piano for sale

Grotrian pianos are considered to be one of the premium piano makers in the world. They have a clear and focused tone. Wonderful sustain in the treble and a dark clear base.. The action is medium in weight and very even throughout. It is finished in satin empire mahogany. It comes with a matching bench, damp chaser, and string

Grotrian-Steinweg Concerto G-118 – Pianist

The Grotrian-Steinweg G-118 is a perfectly balanced and charming piano with a singing tone. With every piece of music you can explore new colours. The Grotrian-Steinweg G-118’s shape and line is an inspiration, awakening the desire to play.

Best Piano Store in Atlanta: New & Pre-Owned Pianos

PianoWorks is the best place to find your next New or Pre-Owned piano. We are the Authorized Dealer for new Bösendorfer, Estonia, Seiler, Grotrian, and Hailun pianos. We regularly carry a select inventory of pre-owned pianos from Steinway, Yamaha, Kawai, Baldwin, and many more brands. In addition, we offer a wide selection of digital pianos

Grotrian Steinweg Art Nouveau/ Jugendstil Baby Grand Piano

Rare Grotrian Steinweg 140 baby grand piano in a highly unusual Art Nouveau/ Jugendstil marquetry art case The case features a mahogany veneer inlaid with a marquetry dancing woman and other motifs typical of the art nouveau style. The casework is in good condition and has been recently revarnished Grotrian Steinweg were the original Steinway company, with the founder, Mr

Faust Harrison Pianos Grotrian-Stein Piano, Ebony Polish

Serial #161056 (45″) This Grotrian model 114 polished ebony upright is indistinguishable from new, built in Germany to the highest European standards. The incredibly sophisticated tone is delightful. The touch is amazingly precise. And our own Faust Harrison touch and tone masters brought the piano to the highest concert level of performance. This is an exceptional piano, perfect for the

Grotrian Steinweg 135 Concert upright piano 1938 | Reverb

The model 135 was one of Grotrian’s tallest upright pianos, with string length and soundboard area rivaling a full sized parlor grand piano. The result is an extremely deep, warm, resonant tone which envelops the player in a way which is hard to describe. The piano still sports its full set of original ivory keys, and special lightly scalloped

Grotrian-Steinweg Concerto G-132 – Pianist

The German firm of Grotrian-Steinweg is one of the oldest piano manufacturers in the world, and this piano is 100% produced in Germany by its dedicated staff who have worked for the company throughout their careers. This creates a wealth of experience. The Grotrian-Steinweg G-132 is a true concert upright.

Steinway/Grotrian Steinweg Piano – Universal Piano Services

Steinway/Grotrian Steinweg Piano. This piano was refinished in our piano repair shop! 10-year full warranty (parts and labour) Ivory Keys! Free piano moving in Toronto and the GTA. 2 Free tunings. Free matching piano bench. Request pricing information.

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Grotrian-Steinweg G114 Upright Piano in Black High Gloss

Grotrian pianos are some of the finest pianos made in the world today. Hand made in Germany, Grotrian upright pianos produce the highest in quality of tone, volume, and touch available in any of the piano makes. Grotrian pianos are the musician’s piano and are made to satisfy the most discerning of pianists.

Grotrian-Steinweg Concerto G124 – Markson Pianos

The Grotrian-Steinweg Concerto G-124 is the most popular and sought-after upright piano model from Grotrian-Steinweg. This capable upright piano produces a complex tone with clarity, richness and projection. The G-124 is a refined instrument, and one of the best made by the company thanks to its solid, German construction and versatile nature.

PDF History of the Grotrian Piano Company – Le Clavier

HISTORY OF THE GROTRIAN PIANO COMPANY Georg Friedrich Karl Grotrian, born in 1803 in Schoningen, Germany, was the founder of the piano building tradition of the Grotrian family. In 1830, he lived in Moscow and operated a successful music business which manufactured and sold pianos, a symbol of cultural status at the time.

Page 5 / 8 | Grotrian Steinweg

Used Grotrian Steinweg Concertino (132) 1930, Upright piano Year: 1930 Height: 125 cm . City: Oberthulba/Reith Country: Germany Business account / Verified seller

Grotrian Archives – PianoWorksPianoWorks

Grotrian 52″ Model 132 Concertino. The Grotrian Concertino upright is the finest upright made. The sound and performance is exquisite, superior to all but the largest grand pianos. YouTube. Category: Upright Pianos. Grotrian 6’10” Charis 208 Studio. Grotrian 6’10” Charis 208 Studio. Product Details. Brand: Grotrian.

Used Grotrian Steinweg 125 Upright Piano Black SP25168

Used Grotrian Steinweg 125 Upright Piano Free Mainland Ground Floor Delivery + Free Height Adjustable Stool + 1st Free Tuning. We are a musical instrument company based in Mansfield, Nottingham, with over 250 pianos to choose from and we are pleased to offer our used Grotrian Steinweg 125 upright piano for sale.

Grotrian "Charis" Grand Piano – PianoForte Chicago

Grotrian “Charis” Grand Piano. Contact for Price. Contact for Pricing. 6’10” Length. The Grotrian Charis piano offers an impressive dynamic spectrum and such well-balanced transparency that it becomes a source of inspiration for the pianist. The quality of this grand piano is the result of the latest insights that have come to light at

The Piano that was Censored by Steinway: Grotrian-Steinweg

If you like music, you might want to check out my second channel “Milan Recording Studios”. Feel free to subscribe and hit the bell icon if you want to!https

Grotrian Freidrich vs. Schulze Pollmann vs. Yamaha WX7

I am an adult beginner at piano (2-3 months) who loves music, but is just beginning to play. At present I only have a digital keyboard, and want to get a real piano. My apartment circumstances in NYC require an upright. I like classical and jazz equally, and want to make sure the piano

"Chambre" – Grotrian G-165 Baby Grand Piano

Grotrian Bass Strings; Ivoplast Keytops; The Chambre is really unusual because there are extremely few premiere, hand-made pianos that can achieve this level of perfection at this size. In fact, the vast majority of small baby grands are coming from China and are little more than furniture pieces instead of serious musical instruments.


The release proclaimed that Grotrian-Steinweg was an internationally renowned grand piano available up to the nine-foot concert size, that it was the most cultivated piano in the world, that it represented the most perfect product of the art of piano making, and that Grotrian-Steinweg, founded in 1835, was long known as the manufacturer of the

New Pianos | Michael Lipnicki Fine Pianos

Friedrich Grotrian was born in 1803 in Schöningen, Germany, and as a young man lived in Moscow, where he ran a music business and was associated with piano manufacturing. Later in life, he partnered with C.F. Theodor Steinweg, son of Heinrich Steinweg, to build pianos.

Steinweg Grotrian Concert Grand Piano | Stilwell Pianos

Steinweg Grotrian Concert Grand Piano – is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we’ll ship as soon as more become available. YouTube. Size-8’7″. Year Built-1910. Ebony Satin Finish. Single Strung. Solid Spruce Soundboard. Wet Sand Casted Plate.

Grotrian 132 Concertino | Premium German Upright – YouTube

Our simple recording method simply does this amazing piano no justice. However, we hope you understand from the performance that this piano provides ultimat

Grotrian Grand & Baby Grand Pianos for sale | eBay

Great deals on Grotrian Grand & Baby Grand Pianos. It’s a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at eBay.com. Fast & Free shipping on many items!

Glowing Grotrian MP3 Song Download by Relaxing Piano Crew

About Glowing Grotrian Song. Listen to Relaxing Piano Crew Glowing Grotrian MP3 song. Glowing Grotrian song from the album Southern Sunset – 50 Piano Songs for a Relaxing Afternoon is released on Nov 2018. The duration of song is 01:59. This song is sung by Relaxing Piano Crew.

Grotrian Steinweg G225 Grand Piano in Black High Gloss

Grotrian Steinweg pianos are always beautifully toned, have superb volume balance between the registers, and have actions that offer faultless repetition, accuracy, and sensitivity. This Grotrian Steinweg G225 grand piano is a restored piano and the sound can only be described as the finest available.

The International Grotrian Piano Competition 2018

“The International Grotrian Piano Competition” was established in 1954 as a competition for young pianists and has always been an essential part of musical life in Braunschweig, Germany. The competition has been an important example for the national German piano competition „Jugend musiziert”, which was founded in 1963.

Grotrian-Steinweg Pianos – Ben Wheeler Pianos

Grotrian-Steinweg G-113 Upright. RRP £14,705. The use of modern technology, combined with the most highly skilled craftsmanship, makes it possible to build a piano which has an incredible sound but is a reasonable price. As with all Grotrain pianos the Friedrich Grotrian offers supreme musical performance and is presented in an elegant

Concert Grand Piano For Sale – Concert Piano – Scottsdale, AZ

Grotrian Piano was Established in 1835. Come feel the touch of the action and resonance of the strings. Compare Concert Grand Pianos side by side. Have you ever played a 9′ 1″ Grotrian Concert Grand Piano before? Come Play & Compare the Sound, Touch, Beauty and Hand Craftsmanship of a German Made Piano to any other piano.

Learn about luxurious piano of Mohammad Ali Palace in

The piano was especially made by the German company Grotrian-Steinweg in 1865 for Khedive Ismail, then its ownership passed to Prince Hassan son of Khedive Ismail. The piano had been moved from the Mohammad Ali Palace in Shubra with the grandchildren of Prince Hassan, who inherited it.


Grotrian-Steinweg is a high end German piano manufacturer which was founded in 1835 by Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg, who later became known as Henry Steinway after his emigration to the USA. These pianos are limited production, high end instruments which embody the same quality and workmanship as the other German pianos such as Steinway