Who bought ViewRanger?

Who bought ViewRanger?


Are OS Maps worth it?

Worth the money? Absolutely, but it could be great if the niggles are addressed. Before I finish off, I also want to mention the OS Maps website.Jun 9, 2021

What has happened to ViewRanger?

ViewRanger has merged with Outdooractive to create one amazing platform, giving you the best of the two apps. To join us on this adventure and enjoy the exciting benefits, all you have to do is connect your ViewRanger account with Outdooractive.11-Feb-2022

Does ViewRanger use OS Maps?

With ViewRanger the basic cycle maps are free but your annual subscription covers access to the 1:50 OS Landranger and the 1:25 OS Explorer maps.

What is the most popular navigation app?

Most popular mapping apps in the U.S. 2021, by downloads In 2021, Google Maps was the most downloaded map and navigation app in the United States, despite being a standard pre-installed app on Android smartphones. Waze followed, with 11.5 million downloads in the examined period. In 2021, Google Maps was the most downloaded map and navigation app in the United Statesthe United StatesUnited States – public debt 2021/22, by month. In February 2022, the public debt of the United States was around 30.29 trillion U.S. dollars, around 2.39 trillion more than a year earlier, when it was around 27.9 trillion U.S. dollars.https://www.statista.com › statistics › public-debt-of-the-united• Public debt of the U.S. by month 2021-2022 | Statista, despite being a standard pre-installed app on Android smartphones. Waze followed, with 11.5 million downloads in the examined period.

Are OS Maps accurate?

While Ordnance Survey data is extremely valuable for large-scale mapping and navigation, it has restrictions due to its nature and is unlikely to be precise enough for development needs. A 1:200 scale measured land survey should be accurate to +/- 5 cm.Jan 6, 2022

What navigation app is best?

Best GPS app for iPhone

Who uses Ordnance Survey maps?

Our data is used by more than 5,000 organisations working for the public good in areas such as housing, the natural environment, connected transport and national security. Our data is trusted to support policy and the delivery of public services at every level of government.

Is there a better navigation app than Google Maps?

Waze app and Google Maps are both free for anyone who wishes to use them. Overall, Waze is a spectacular app that works similarly or way better than Google maps. It provides a complete set of functionalities and features you need in an app. It may not have many features, but it serves you well.Jan 6, 2022

What are the disadvantages of a map?

All maps have distortions because it is impossible to represent a three-dimensional objects like the earth accurately on flat maps. Maps with no scale give a poor idea of distances and maps with no legend are frequently confusing to the user.

Are OS Maps any good?

There is an excellent web app for planning routes, which also lets you print out paper maps at perfect scale a major advantage. Despite a few absent features that power users may miss, OS Maps gets the basics right and may be all you ever want. It integrates well with paper maps and the price is reasonable.27-Jan-2022

How do I get maps on ViewRanger?

Can you get OS Maps for free?

Main characteristics. OS Maps provides free and subscriber access to mapping content and other great features for Great Britain and Australia.

Does ViewRanger still exist?

ViewRanger is currently still operational. Existing users can choose to continue using the original app until their subscription expires or to move over to OutdoorActive but ViewRanger subscriptions aren’t being renewed and there are long-term plans to make the ViewRanger app redundant.

What is happening with ViewRanger?

ViewRanger is now part of Outdooractive and ViewRanger is no longer selling new subscriptions. Any existing VR subscripting will be honoured until it expires in 2021. Outdooractive works on a subscription basis.29-Jan-2021

Will ViewRanger stop working?

Soon the ViewRanger service will be discontinued. We currently expect to switch off access to the ViewRanger app and website at the end of February 2022. You can start accessing maps and data through the Outdooractive app and website now by following the steps in this email.

Maps – ViewRanger

Maps. All ViewRanger products come with free unlimited access to a wide range of global web based mapping layers from street and terrain to aerial photo imagery – we call these “web maps”. In a growing number of countries, we also supply full topographic mapping from Geosciences agencies. In these places, ViewRanger can be upgraded to run

ViewRanger – Legacy map agreement » outdooractive.com

The maps we are offering depend on the region of the maps you made one-off payments for in ViewRanger. The maps will be from the same map data provider or from an alternative map data provider depending on the map region. See the map availability below. Europe: Great Britain: if you currently have access to OS map tiles in England, Scotland, or

Get Offline Maps on Your Wrist With ViewRanger's 'Wear OS

The ViewRanger for Wear OS app is designed for both smartphone systems or can be used by itself. Features include offline maps for use without a cell or Wi-Fi signal, interactive route guides, and

UKH Forums – Viewranger or OS Maps. Is there a difference?

The Viewranger app is much better than the OS’s own app imo. More stable and reliable, easier to use and the Open Street Map derived layers (Open Cycle Map, ‘Viewranger Landscape’, etc.) often show paths that aren’t visible on the OS map.

Viewranger v OS Maps v Other | Singletrack Magazine Forum

Another ViewRanger user for years, Open Cycle map, OS tiles and area purchases have covered everything I have needed, very easy to use. Have started using Komoot more and more and gradually taking

OS maps Vs Viewranger – EMTB Forums

Ride. Alltrail 6.0. . #3. iPhone not android but have both OS and ViewRanger on my phone. I always end up using ViewRanger because of the much better (in my opinion) route planning, route statistics and recording options. Not noticed any difference in the maps.

ViewRanger is now Outdooractive!

Connect your ViewRanger account with Outdooractive and start enjoying the benefits today! We have already added to Outdooractive many of your favourite ViewRanger features, including Skyline augmented reality, BuddyBeacon, and plenty of high-quality official maps, which are now part of Outdooractive’s exciting collection of features.

UKC Forums – OS Maps / Viewranger – UK Climbing

If I cant use the free OS Map in Viewranger whats the OS App like, does it offer similar functions, i.e. route planning, tracking etc Thanks Glyno 06 Apr 2017. In reply to womblingfree: I’m 99% sure you can’t import maps into Viewranger that aren’t supplied by (or bought from) Viewranger. 1

What's happening to ViewRanger? – TGO Magazine

If you’ve purchased individual map tiles or regions these will still be available. Currently the Outdooractive Pro subscription is £26.99 (£2 more than the ViewRanger Premium + OS maps subscription) and that includes access to all Outdooractive topo maps including OS, IGN France, SwissTopo and more.

Viewranger replacement? Outdoor Active? – Singletrack

Hopefully this doesn’t affect maps that have been bought and downloaded in Viewranger. I have the full UK OS 1:50 and bits of 1:25k that I’ve had amazing value from over the last 10 years.

ViewRanger to OutdoorActive: navigating the transition

The Isle of Man 1:25000 map isn’t available on OutdoorActive. For the Isle of Man, 50k OS GB map coverage is part of the Pro subscription. The 25k leisure map that was available in ViewRanger is old, and actually not that popular, so it hasn’t been a priority to bring that across into the OutdoorActive Pro subscription.

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Five of the best online mapping apps | Maps | The Guardian

Viewranger can be seen as a beefed-up alternative to OS Maps (albeit with a clunkier interface), offering many of the same features – alongside extra ones that more “committed” walkers tend

ViewRanger is dead? Long live Outdooractive? – Black

I’ve been using ViewRanger for many many years with the Great Britain 1:25,000 OS maps. These maps are around 7 years old now but, on the whole, paths haven’t changed too much and the app is usually used with a paper ‘real’ map. It’s been a reliable app for planning or recording routes and very…

ViewRanger app tutorial: How to save offline maps – YouTube

Here’s how to download and save ViewRanger maps for offline use, so you can navigate without phone signal.Save offline maps onto your smartphone, tablet, or

ViewRanger Legacy Maps | Outdooractive

ViewRanger Legacy Maps. If you made one-off payments to access maps within ViewRanger, we offer free access to a set of maps via the Outdooractive app and website. The maps we offer depend on the region of the maps you made one-off payments for in ViewRanger. The maps are from the same map data provider or from an alternative map data provider

Wear OS Watch – ViewRanger Knowledge Base

How to install ViewRanger app on your Wear OS device. Ensure the firmware on your watch is up to date. Install the latest “Wear OS” app onto your Android phone or iPhone from your app store. This allows the watch to utilize resources on the mobile device, such as GPS and wifi, to limit the battery drain on the watch.

ViewRanger is now Outdooractive!

If you are a ViewRanger user, and want to keep your content, please connect your account Connect with Outdooractive If you have purchased map regions or map tiles within ViewRanger, you will continue to be able to access equivilent maps within the outdooractive app. Press here to learn more.

My viewranger OS map subscription expired. : UKhiking

5. level 1. · 6 mo. ago. You can still use ViewRanger and either use their own free maps which are ok or buy OS map tiles for the areas you want. This is how I have always used it. The issue is that when VR eventually disappears altogether you will probably lose your tiles. 3. level 2. · 6 mo. ago.

ViewRanger: Download a Route & Save an offline OS Map

How to download your first route and save an Ordinance Survey map using your 2 free tiles. You will be able to use the map when you are offline.

ViewRanger – Apps on Google Play

The maps we are offering depend on the region of the maps you made one-off payments for in ViewRanger. The maps will be from the same map data provider or, where necessary, from an alternative map data provider depending on the map region. • Navigate trails and view track stats on your wrist with OS Wear enabled smartwatches. • Record a

UKC Forums – ViewRanger iOS alternative? Not paper!

• Great Britain: if you currently have access to OS map tiles in England, Scotland, or Wales, you will have access to 1:50,000 and 1:25,000 OS maps across Great Britain.” I have all of Scotland plus the English and Welsh national parks at 1:50000 for Viewranger so happy to see these will transfer.

PDF A Comparison of Smart phone Navigation Apps: OS maps and

Maps OS Maps premium service gives you access to 1:50 LandRanger and 1:25 Explorer maps ViewRanger premium service gives you access to both of those two maps plus GB overview map and GB road map. Augmented Reality Feature (AR) Both ViewRanger and OS Maps have this facility which uses the devices camera to identify prominent features in the

Viewranger is now Outdooractive – Foyle Hillwalking Club

Viewranger has still remained and was usable although they stopped subscriptions some time ago, neither was it possible to buy the many available maps in Viewranger. So the end was in sight for Viewranger and it was recenly announced that the app will close in February 2022. There will be no choice but to move to Outdooractive.

Best Hiking Apps of 2022 – Tested and Reviewed – Best Hiking

I was a big fan of Viewranger, but it is Outdooractive now (as of march 2022) and I am very disappointed. So I am looking for a new app . Viewranger was free (even downloading maps), more accurate, better maps, lower battery consumption etc. (see comment by Evan Grant below as well)

‎ViewRanger: Hike, Ride or Walk on the App Store

If you are already using ViewRanger, we offer you an easy way to move to Outdooractive. >> IN-APP SUBSCRIPTIONS We offer a range of auto-renewing subscriptions, including: Premium; Premium + USA Maps; USA Maps; NRCan Maps for Canada; Premium + Ordnance Survey Maps for Great Britain; Premium + IGN Maps for France. Prices may vary per country.

FAQs (EN) – Outdooractive (UK)

If you made a one-off payment to access maps of an area within ViewRanger, then you will be able to access maps of those areas via the free version of the Outdooractive app and website. The maps will be from the same map data provider or from an alternative map data provider depending on the map region.

Viewranger For Apple Watch | Review – Outdoors Magic

Viewranger works by overlaying this information onto Ordnance Survey maps that are pre-saved on the watch. While you will need a data or WiFi connection to download these of course, and while the app itself is free, if you want to use proper OS maps, you’ll have to pay for them (although there are free maps available to use with it as well).

Chris Townsend Outdoors: ViewRanger: thoughts, memories

I have an OS Maps subscription that provides me with access to 1:25,000 and 1:50,000 maps when I need them online. I accept that, from time to time, you may wish to update the Viewranger app and, maybe, charge for certain services such as access to online services.

ViewRanger – Backroad Mapbooks

Backroad Mapbooks is pleased to announce that our industry-leading recreation maps for BC and Ontario are now available through the ViewRanger app! This user-friendly, versatile map app is trusted by outdoor explorers from around the world and turns your phone into a fully-functioning GPS device, jam-packed with features such as trip tracking and sharing.

Can you get OS Maps on your phone? – Shakuhachi.net

Is ViewRanger the same as OS maps? OS Maps only permits you to either follow a route or record a route you cannot do both at the same time unless you use two devices. ViewRanger allows you to record and follow a track simultaneously – great if you deviate from your intended route and want to preserve it for the future.

ViewRanger offering AR map brings map to life for hikers

ViewRanger offers an entire suite of OS maps for users to view it on their smartphones. This app is of great use for hikers and adventurers. ViewRanger provides both rural and city trails along with satellite views of where hikers are hiking. ViewRanger has also come up with an AR map feature whereby hikers can hold their phone’s camera and

Anyone using Viewranger? – EMTB Forums

The maps are all up to date, updated regularly. And for OS GB, the maps are the high resolution ones, not available in ViewRanger. Any gifted OA subscription will not automatically renew when it expires. OA charge an annual fee of €30 for Pro or €60 for Pro+ (or in-app £26.99 for PRO and £53.99 for PRO+). You can continue using ViewRanger

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UKC Forums – The post-ViewRanger mapping app choice

It fine for the UK but I had lots of overseas maps on viewranger which I can’t get on OS app. Don’t need them at the moment but has anyone got any recommendations for Sweden, Norway and Wyoming/Montana? Login to Reply Frank R. 01 Apr 2021. At least it brought the issue of map licensing into light.

Maldwyn yn mwydro …: Viewranger – the best OS map app

Viewranger – the best OS map app As a keen mountaineer for over 40 years and an avid orienteer and map reader I’ve been using GPS devices since their first appeared in the late 90s. I’ve always been a gadget man, andmuch deliberation I eventually decided on a Garmin 12 Personal Navigator, cost then was £160, and it was a well built, heavy

ViewRanger: Trail Maps for Hiking, Biking, Skiing for PC

ViewRanger: Trail Maps for Hiking, Biking, Skiing is an Android app and cannot be installed on Windows PC or MAC directly. Android Emulator is a software application that enables you to run Android apps and games on a PC by emulating Android OS.

ViewRanger – Mountain Training

ViewRanger is offering MTA members a fantastic 20% off all premium maps, including topographic mapping across 22 countries from national mapping agency’s such as the Ordnance Survey and their local equivalents. To gain your discount enter the coupon/voucher code in the box that appears in your shopping cart.

Viewranger 4.0 GPS App | Review – Outdoors Magic

You can also access OS maps on My Viewranger and plan and export routes from there. Finally, there’s a unique Buddy Beacon position which allows you to share your position on the map with other ViewRanger users in real time. Great for group use, for letting loved ones check on your position or sharing via the My Viewranger web site.

Where is it? Viewranger: a special review

Viewranger is easy to use, and has a host of other features. For birders, perhaps the most useful of these include: the maps fully zoomable, from larger than OS map life-size to cross-country route-planning; supplementary OS 1: 25,000 maps also avail-able for the whole country (except the Isle of Man; once installed, these mesh seamlessly

Download ViewRanger for iOS – Free – 10.5.8

Our take. The ViewRanger application is a decent option to use if you aren’t using its newer counterpart, Outdooractive, or other alternatives such as Map My Run.There are several useful features available at no cost and many in-depth options when paying for a premium subscription. Overall, the application is a great way to preview a trail before you travel to it.

square.wheels.touring – Viewranger

Viewranger. Viewranger and the 20mile radius. Proper cycle touring has always relied heavily on Ordnance Survey maps. It is super fun to read a detailed map while out cycling. Now, the availability of GPS technology on mobile phones has added a whole new dimension to this.As a natural progression from what we had been doing all along, we have

UKC Forums – GPS Mapping app in a post ViewRanger world

Gaia doesn’t appear to have OS maps (even on subscription) and BCN lacks a desktop version that makes planning and browsing much easier. I’m happy to pay a fee comparable to ViewRanger. The review of Outdoor active are pretty bad. So far BCN is in the lead. I’m considering trying the OS Maps app next.

ViewRanger for Android – APK Download – APKPure.com

The maps we are offering depend on the region of the maps you made one-off payments for in ViewRanger. The maps will be from the same map data provider or, where necessary, from an alternative map data provider depending on the map region. >> OS WEAR by Google • Navigate trails and view track stats on your wrist with OS Wear enabled

ViewRanger: Trail Maps for Hiking, Biking, Skiing for PC

ViewRanger: Trail Maps for Hiking, Biking, Skiing For PC; ViewRanger: Trail Maps for Hiking, Biking, Skiing for PC There are numerous paid and free Android emulators offered to PC, but then we propose either Bluestacks or Andy OS because they are reputed and perhaps compatible with both Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10) and Mac operating

Viewranger Review – Android and iOS app — Hopeless

As standard, Viewranger will open up with Opencycle maps and although the name suggests this wouldn’t be great for walking, we often find these maps better than their OS or Harvey equivalents. The main reason for this is the level of detail outmatches them both and allows you to view much granular parts of a walk.

ViewRanger Walking App – The Outdoor Guide

In Great Britain, ViewRanger explorers can bundle PREMIUM with whole country Ordnance Survey maps. It includes Landranger (1:50k) and Explorer maps (1:25k). ViewRanger explorers can try any PREMIUM + Maps bundle for free for 7 days in the ViewRanger app. Get the App Download the free ViewRanger app from Apple App Store or Google Play.

Download ViewRanger APK 10.11.72 for Android – FileHippo

What is ViewRanger? If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, you may have noticed a rise in route-planning apps such as OS Maps, AllTrails, and MapOut. Some of these are UK-specific (e.g. OS Maps) as they use British Ordnance Survey data, but others, like ViewRanger, can be used anywhere in the world.

BlackBerryOS.com – ViewRanger Outdoors GPS And Maps For

ViewRanger for BlackBerry 10 is ported from the company’s popular Android version, and comes with free and unlimited access to a range of map layers including OpenStreetMap, OpenCycleMap, and aerial imagery, that can be stored on the device for offline use. Users can also search and download trail guides that the app will navigate along, many

Viewranger or Outdooractive? – Rucksack Rosie

I too purchased the OS base maps for ViewRanger and also have credits to buy routes. This I think gives me a 1 year premium subscription. I’ve done something, although God knows what, which has syncronised my VR and Outdooractive accounts and seems to have given me a Pro subscription on Outdooractive, including the OS maps, I’m assuming

ViewRanger alternative for windows phone – Windows Central

Thanks Gomezz but I didn’t quiet comprehend, by OS maps did you mean the Operating System maps on the windows phone? or Ordnance Survey maps of the UK? Also I needed a program with the capabilities of ViewRanger to run on my Lumia 925. Thanks again.

Skills guide: Modernise your mountain navigation – Alex Roddie

The OS Maps web app overview screen, showing planned routes Planning with OS Maps. I do all my UK walk planning on the Ordnance Survey web app. My OS Maps subscription gives me access not only to as many printed maps as I can use, but also complete digital mapping of the entire country at 1:50,000 and 1:25,000 scales.. It’s easy to pan to and fro, zoom in and out, and after a bit of practice

Navmii vs OS Map finder vs Memory Map vs OS Maps vs

The maps are not always cheap. There are a few free maps but decent maps like OS are a lot more expensive than the prices others have quoted above. There are clearly cheaper alternatives but I wanted a navigation app that had full functionality on the iPad and viewranger is very good in this respect.

Death of Viewranger – How do I? – Geocaching Forums

The Viewranger OS mapping app has been our constant companion for eleven years of GeoCaching. Apart from the obvious benefit of immediately displaying location on any previously downloaded Ordnance Survey map, individual POIs could be added and displayed while on the trail, Co-ords of any chosen type would be displayed in realtime, plus straight line distance between POIs could also be displayed.

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UKC Forums – OS maps app – UK Climbing

The app is free, but it costs about the same as the OS app to subscribe and make the OS maps available on there. I find Viewranger much better than OS themselves for planning and tracking routes, unlike the OS’s own app the maps on the Viewranger app are bang up to date, and the app seems to be more reliable.

Navigational Skills 14 – What's the Best OS Mapping for

5 – GPS Features. Backcountry Navigator, OS Mapfinder and Viewranger twice. Backcountry Navigator .. Provides a basic android built in – small and difficult to read. Does all the basics. There’s a compass built into the map page. OS Mapfinder – Logs the route, time and distance but that’s it.

Using Viewranger App | BushcraftUK Community

Viewranger free base map running on Samsung galaxy A70. If that’s relevant. Does anyone use it with just the base map or do you but the OS maps for where you go? Basically how to use it to it’s best in the UK? If after any advice from people in here and I still don’t get in with it I’ll have to buy a dedicated GPS instead.

UKH Forums – Viewranger vs Memory Map – UK Hillwalking

I’ve been using ViewRanger for over 6 years and find it indispensable. It’s been great for hiking, scrambing, road cycling and when drive, e.g. when trying get to a new crag. I’ve bought loads of OS Maps at 1:50,000 and 1:25,000 over the years. It’s easy to use because I’ve been using OS mapping since I was a kid.

Viewranger on iPhone – GPS – Geocaching Forums

Next step then – something with decent maps – OS maps. I found Viewranger which allows me to download 1:50 000 and 1:25:000 OS maps for the whole of GB and 1:50 000 for most of Ireland (big chunks of the north not yet supported but that seems to be a common problem with OS style maps?).

ViewRanger vs Garmin – I was wrong | Alex Roddie

You can add any maps you like to ViewRanger, over an internet connection. If you want to add 1:25,000 map tiles, you can do so affordably. 1:25,000 OS mapping is very expensive on Garmin. Because the eTrex is completely offline, there’s no way of getting the GPX file out of it and onto the web (or wherever) unless you can plug it in to a

The Best Apps For Walkers, Hikers And Bikers | Campfire

Viewranger. Viewranger is a very highly thought of UK-based app that uses OS, trail guides and other reliable sources and has a professional feel to it. It proved to be so good. In fact, it’s used by search and rescue teams. You have to buy area maps, and the Lake District, for example, costs around £25. There are worldwide map options too.

Ordnance Survey Maps – Gaia GPS

Another hand up for UK OS map! Would rather not switch to ViewRanger so hoping Gaia can figure this one out. 0. Comment actions Permalink. philip 15:02; I am one of countless Viewranger users looking for an alternative now it is being run down by the far inferior Outdooractive. This is an open door for Gaia.

Download ViewRanger for Android – Free – 10.11.72

1/4. ViewRanger by Augmentra is a smartphone digital orientation mobile app. It’s all about exploring nature, with features such as hiking trail sharing and data gathering. The app helps you to relive your most cherished memories from each trek. The straightforward tool comes with offline functionalities for adventurers who tend to lose signal.

Maps for BuddyBeacon – os.wordpress.org

Maps for BuddyBeacon is a plugin that allows you to display map tracks over a set time period or live via ViewRanger’s BuddyBeacon capability. The markers are shown on a Google Map, with an optional info box displaying map title, date range and distance covered. Info Windows provide information for each beacon (date, altitude, longitude and

ViewRanger alternative for windows phone

1 Attachment (s) Re: ViewRanger alternative for windows phone. Try GeoGPS it is the closes map ulitity to Viewranger. Attachment 81814. 11-01-2014, 09:34 AM. cwglindn. Re: ViewRanger alternative for windows phone. I “heard” you can run viewranger on windowsphone with bluestacks. I have not tried it yet, but I will eventually get around to it.

Walk this way: augmented reality maps for the

Merging reality with an OS map is not just a map fan’s dream, but capable of making a map nerd – and a tech nerd – out of the most Luddite rambler. ViewRanger, £25 a year, viewranger.com

ViewRanger Shop

Accepted Payment Methods Site Map; Terms & Conditions; Contact Us; Returns Policy; (c) ViewRanger

ViewRanger APK – Download for Android

Free Worldwide Maps: Street maps, aerial and satellite images, and terrain maps. Navigate trails and view track stats on your wrist with OS Wear enabled smartwatches. Record a new track and pause or stop an existing track recording. View heading, bearing, lat/long and altitude data. ViewRanger is also optimized for the Casio PRO TREK smart watch.

OS Maps on 6X possible ? – fēnix 6 series – Wearables

I don’t believe that Garmin now support OS maps on any Fenix series devices. If you use the Maps tab in the Garmin site for the Fenix 6 Pro series devices you will see they only offer the TopoActive/Pro maps, these are based on OSM data and are dynamic vector maps. The OS maps are raster (like a scanned/digitized paper map, and a fixed resolution).

ViewRanger – Free Android app | AppBrain

The maps we are offering depend on the region of the maps you made one-off payments for in ViewRanger. The maps will be from the same map data provider or, where necessary, from an alternative map data provider depending on the map region. >> OS WEAR by Google • Navigate trails and view track stats on your wrist with OS Wear enabled

Viewranger Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of

I have bought tiles from OS Ireland covering all the parts of Ireland where I walk. under the proposed merger of viewranger with outdoor active I will loose all of the map tiles which I already bought (which has to be theft!) and will be required to pay €30 per annum to access the maps which I already own and paid for.

Getting started – Outdooractive (UK)

Basics of the Outdooractive app for ViewRanger users. FAQs (EN) FAQs (DE) FAQs (FR) FAQs (ES) FAQs (IT) Community guide to Outdooractive app.

Viewranger RIP : UKhiking

Viewranger RIP . I haven’t hiked since autumn 2021 and so was planning some walks for over the next month or so. I went to download the required GPX files and realised the View Ranger app was no more! It’s replacement, Outdoor Active, is looking for a subscription fee in order so save the maps for offline use – an absolute must for me

Amazon.com: OnePlus Watch | Midnight Black | 4GB : Electronics

Wear OS has maps and outdoor apps such as Viewranger compatibility, which is greaton paper. Buy a 250£ Wear OS watch and you will notice that if using Maps with screen and GPS ON, you will have like 2 hours of battery from 100% to flat. Very good investment indeed 4. NFC pay is (not) a real loss on OP.

Baixando ALTLAS Trails Maps Hike_v2.2.5_apkpure.com.apk

Baixando ALTLAS Trails Maps Hike_v2.2.5_apkpure.com.apk (18.6 MB) Como instalar o arquivo XAPK / APK This release comes in several variants, See available APKs

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